Dragon's Gem

Dragon's Gem

By:  Aman Kaur  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rosalie gets the chance to start over from her abusive past. Moving home to a place she grew up a friend of her dead grandma welcomes her as a baker in her cafe. She soon enjoys waking up and going to work all until a man she though was her friend steps in and almost puts her to stage one again or will he hidden talent help her strive ahead. Asara, powerful and majestic comes to the small town in search of a gem that was taken from his kind years ago. When he bumps into Rosalie his world is turned upside down and he cant get her out of his head. Will who he trully is scare her away? Or when the time comes can he give her up for the gem he has been searching for?

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    33 chapters
    Chapter 1
    Her heart pounded hard in her chest. To say she was scared would be an understatement. Her eyes glancing over the Arrival/Departure board as the customers bustled around collecting there luggage. A few security guards speaking as they watched for suspicious people as the lines up filled for the rental cars.Her mind was  going crazy at the thought of leaving. She was finally getting out and doing something for herself. A dream to leave, to fly but most of all to start fresh. 25 years of her life went into everything that was not her; her abusive relationship, her family who could care less for her and jobs that just brought her down. She needed out, she need a fresh new start.A women whom she never knew called her a week ago to tell her that her grandma on her father's side had passed away. She left a mobile home in her will to her.  The women that passed was actually one of the only family members she talked to. She actually grew up
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    Chapter 2
    The café was in full swing. The waitresses hopped from customer to customer, distributing coffee and baked good. It didn’t help  that the red button up top and short black skirt left nothing to the imagination, as the customers hugged each of the girls tightly. Rosalie was happy she didn’t have to deal with the customers. She saw some of the younger men doing what they could to see under their skirts. Both waitresses had blond hair and picture perfect faces, but one wore more makeup than the other. Their body type were both model skinny.The building was all brick with ‘Mama Chika Cafe' In big black letters. The brick work was a mix of red, rustic red and cream. The window frames were black above the café. They had an old look to them. On the base the large windows were still outlined in black,  but the windows were  much bigger. Large black flower boxes hung under them with pansies and marigolds of multiple colors. There were two larg
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    Chapter 3
    He still couldn’t get that women off his mind. Why was she so different that all of  his attention was on her? He still couldn’t figure it out, even after analyzing everything about that women. He came to the conclusion it was after she bumped into him, but he had bumped into so many people before. Especially women, but this was different.The beautiful spring morning gently hit him, as he stepped out of the airport. Many colored taxi cabs were lined up, anxiously waiting for passengers. Or the ‘poor bastards' as he would put it. He spotted a black Mercedes and knew that was going to be his ride. He didn’t care much for anything  that wasn’t of luxury. He had become accustom to the luxuries of this world and refused nothing but the best. All because he had started at the bottom and worked hard to get where he was. He had to, he had no one to fall back on.“Welcome, Sir,” the short Indian man said. He was very well dressed in a blue button up that was safely set
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    Chapter 4
     The alarmrang much to early for Rosalie as she grumbled. She didn’t want to role out ofthe heaven she was sleeping on. The mattress was newer with memory foam so shecouldn’t feel a spring no mater which way she rolled. The beautiful royalpurple throw was the softest fabric one could imagine as she tucked it underher chin. She just wanted to fall back asleep but knew she had to get to work.Throwing off the blanket she quickly got off the bed and gathered a black pairof leggings and a beautiful royal purple t-shirt from where she laid it on herluggage the night before. A gentle smiled glistened her face as she remembered thefun she had last night.Her cousinand his boyfriend took her out. They had a beautiful supper at a prestige placein the new part o
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    Chapter 5
    “I hope I picked up enough of each.” Brent spoke as he walked in and placed the three boxes on the island. He raced to the nearest grocery store to pick up the fruit. Didn’t help they had to find it in the back on there shipment. Rosalie smiled as she raced over and began checking it.“This is perfect.” Rosalie happily said as she grabbed the top box and raced it over to the strainer she already had in the sink. She began to clean the strawberries.“Boy, need that fry vat filled.” Ryan hollered after he head the water going. That boy would do anything to stay in the baking nock and he knew it. He purposely didn’t fill the vat so he had something for him to do. With that, once he was done, Ryan would see it and get him going on the next endeavor.Rosalie smiled as she carefully cleaned and prepped the fruit for the pies. She did everything just like her grandma taught her. She was so careful for ‘a bruised fruit can wreck an entire pie.’ She smiled as she remembered
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    Chapter 6
    Frustration built up as he slammed the door. Not only did he miss Rosalie but he frightened Rachelle so bad she was shaking. Mama Chika wasn’t afraid of him and demanded that he apologies. Asrar did though he didn’t think it was right but he knew he must have over stepped his strength. It happens time to time due to how much power was behind this human skin. He bought a whole pie in Hope’s to make up for what he did and also he wanted to have more for later.Not only did that frustrate him but his cab took 45 minutes to get to him. To boot the driver had no idea where the hotel was so he took Asrar on a wild goose chase all over town. He played the cab fare but made sure to remember the cab number so he could complain to the company. Avalon watched him from the lobby of the hotel as she quickly rose from the couch. She stepped over pulling her small luggage behind her. She didn’t know how long he wanted her here so she packed a few things just in case.“Sir.” She gently
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    Chapter 7
    Rosalie woke up to her alarm clock with a long stretch. She felt good this morning. Like something special was going to happen. She quickly rose and dressed for her shift before quietly running down the hall. She had made breakfast that night and had her lunch all ready. The fridges bright light caused her to wince a little but she quickly reached for her two chicken caser wraps and the egg sandwich she made last night. Carefully getting them and two bottles of water in her bag she sat at the table and gently ate the sandwich. The mayo was perfect to egg. Though there was spice put in, it wasn’t enough causing a little disappointment. She smiled however for she knew the next time she could add a little more. The day was perfect nothing was going to take it away from her.Carefully cleaning her plate she left it in the rack to dry as she raced for her shoes and jacket. Making sure her keys where in her hands she placed her bag over her shoulder and left. She looked around befor
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    Chapter 8
    “I cant believe you have to be up at 2 in the morning to get to work. I cant even get up at 8 to start my shift for 9.” Avalon gasped as they walked up the staff stairs. Rosalie asked permission before bringing her there but Mama Chika was more then happy.“But I love to bake. It’s been a passion me and my Grandma use to share.” Rosalie smiled happily.“And your amazing at it. My brother bought a whole pie of yours yesterday and I got a piece of it. You can really tell you love baking just from the taste of that pie. Oh and the croissant the morning. I have never tasted anything so perfect.” Avalon boasted causing poor Rosalie to blush.“Thank you.”“Alright so here it is. I want to let you know before you go in he can be very aggressive but I promise you he wont harm you okay. He really likes you Rosalie and he cant stop thinking about you.” Avalon paused at the door before opening it and letting Rosalie walk in. Rosalie did carefully noticing the room was e
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    Chapter 9
    “I’m going to drop you off at home so you can shower okay.” Rosco spoke as they pulled into the mobile park. It took them most the afternoon to pack up. They weren’t bringing everything as there roommates said they would take care off the space till they could live with them again. Two lesbian that made Rosalie very uncomfortable. Poor Rosco was the man in the middle to which he really didn’t like. “I will pick up honey bear and some supper okay.”“Sounds good.” Rosalie smiled. She knew she had about an hour till they got home. It would be plenty of time to meet her dragon knight. It was dark enough out that no one would see him. She prayed he would be there. Rosalie was so excited but she managed to contain it as she got out of the car when Rosco parked at her home. She smiled and waved as she ran up to the house with her bag. She quickly opened the door and waited. She watched Rosco pull out and drive away before she popped her head out the door. Leaving she locked it and ra
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    Chapter 10
    Asrar was up early with excitement. He was going to meet his angel again tonight and he just couldn’t wait. He hoped she got the note Avalon wrote. He tried so many times but it all ended horribly. He crumpled up each and everyone and threw them in the waist bin. His eyes wondered over there to find them gone. He figured the maid had come in and already cleaned them while he was working out. He quickly dressed in suite and tie as he made his way to the kitchen. Avalon was knocking on the door causing him to grumble as he opened it.“Well?” She asked all excited.“We have to meet with Gavin and take a look at the space he has for the restaurant. He also wants to go over the contract.” Asrar grumbled as he walked over to the coffee pot and got it going.“I thought he had finalized it before sending it over. You signed it last night.” Avalon spoke confused.“That’s what I told him but well you know some of these owners.” Asrar growled. He hated them the most, th
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