Desiring Her

Desiring Her

By:  Lin B  Ongoing
Language: English
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First Installment of Girls' Love Series | WARNING: R-18 | Mature Content Lexin Santos is a hot, filthy rich, and dominant gorgeous single mommy. She is the acting president of her family-owned company, Santos Corporation. When she chose to live in a small neighborhood, she was forced to show the goodness of her heart to her single and coffee-shop owner neighbor, Amaia Cruiz who got stunned by her morning fresh face. With their untold past, would they set aside everything and let love overpower the doubts and regrets they have been keeping for years?

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29 Chapters
Desiring Her
    This is a work of fiction. Characters, names, location, incident, places, and businesses that you'll encounter in this story is either a product of the author's imagination or in an unreal manner. Any resemblance of the actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.    Do not distribute, publish, transmit, modify, display, or create derivative works from or exploit the contents of this story in any way. Please obtain permission.    There are explicit contents that are not suitable for the age below eighteen. Reader discretion is advised.
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Chapter 1
Growing up in a religious family has never been easy. I felt like a bird that was unable to fly, wingless trapped in a cage. Controlled like a robot, no freedom at all. With a mother who served in church and a Pastor father, I don't know why I turned out opposite of them.People around me expect me to be religious more than I was. Some even wished for me to follow my parent's steps. And maybe because of their beliefs, and their tightness in securing my holiness, I felt choked, resulting in me to rebel.Are we just born to follow our parents’ steps? If I could just give them signs before they made me, I would tell
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Chapter 2
I have never felt so free until now. The feeling of being freed from the chains that bound me, letting me inhale the smell of freedom was overwhelming. When I was still in my parents' house, I couldn't breathe, it felt as if someone was choking me. But today, those unwanted feelings vanished.
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Chapter 3
"Please fix everything before you leave..." I reminded Lin.After putting myself in shame, I quickly ran and locked myself inside my house. I still can't believe that I got stunned by her! I felt frustrated out of embarrassment that I had to make excuses to leave work early. I shouldn't leave my staff but I felt sick.I admit, alright. She was sexy as hell! But how could she go out wearing that nightgown?! My gay self was awakened because of that! Oh god... The image of her body still lingered in my mind. It was covered but my imagination goes wild. She was beautiful... And now I feel guilty for desiring her. She has a daughter. I still assumed that the guy she was with was her partner. I lazily laid on the long sofa. The thought of her having a partner ruined my mood. She's probably straight. "Shall I remind myself again that I'm not interested?" I spat.She's out of my league. I shouldn't involve myself with women again.
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Chapter 4
If anyone could slap me right now, please, I beg to be slapped! I don't know what was gotten into me but one thing's I'm sure, this wasn't right. Being close to her... to a woman to be specific was the last thing I'd do.After everything that has happened, I'm surprised that I still haven't learned my lesson. Everything was just too fast. At one second, I'm fighting with myself, thinking of the consequences, reminding the inner me about the promises I made to myself then, one moment, I just lose... Like my mind just turned black that I can't seem to think straight. To think that I just met her...I stopped myself from yawning as the end credits crawl on the big screen accompanied by the noise of turning on the light. I squint my eyes, adjusting to the light after being stuck for almost two hours in a dim room. We just finished a movie, it wasn't that interesting. Well, it was Alex's choice so...I mentally shrugged. My eyes went to the table in fron
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Chapter 5
"Lexin..." I called hoarsely.Just one step closer and my legs would give up on me. I tried my best not to fall on the sofa as I thought it would give her an idea. Her deep eyes were just staring at me, sometimes she would lean on, teasing me. Then lean back slowly, wetting her lips. I could smell her sweet breath fanning my face and god knows how I wanted to close my eyes and cherish this moment. But again, I stayed strong. I will not let this walking temptation take over me. Her eyes drop to my lips. "You smell so good..." she mumbled. "I wanna ravish those pink lips of yours if you'd let me." "Are you gay?" I felt nervous! My heart is pounding faster as time passes. I felt anxious, too! She's so close... I haven't brushed my teeth! I probably smell like a pepperoni pizza and she's telling me that I smell so good?! Damn it, Lexin. "Hmm... Are you not?" Her hands went to my chin, caressing it with her thumb. I
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Chapter 6
The hospital was the last place that I'd ever visit yet, I'm here. My stomach seemed to turn upside down to the smell of medicine that I had to cover my nose and mouth to stop myself from throwing up. I don't know what happened but, I'm kinda nervous. Lexin's eyes were puffy as she stared at her daughter. She was holding her hand tightly, the other one was caressing Alex's hair while she was sleeping peacefully in the hospital bed, an IV was attached to her. While we were standing across Alex's bed. "Girl, we should go home," Sid whispered beside me.He followed me instead of going to the party which I appreciated. If ever, I would have gone crazy handling this alone. I mean, Lexin didn't ask for help but, as her neighbor, I should be there with her, right? Especially at times like this. "It's already one in the morning. Your eyes are about to give up, too," he noticed. I blinked numerous times. I have never rea
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Chapter 7
"I wanna try bangs, too." My head snapped in Alex's direction. I was trying to fix my hair in front of my vanity mirror while she sat on the edge of my bed, staring at me. "I can make it happen for you." I chuckled. "But we need your mother's permission, Alex. I don't want her to get mad at our impulsive decision.""Right, pretty..." She nodded."Just call me Tita," I told her. "Tita Aya, I'd love it if you call me Tita Aya." She stood up and ran towards me, then pulled my sleeves. "We must go and ask mommy, Tita Aya." "Alright, love..."I breathed heavily as we went out of my house as I held her hand. I can't help but be conscious of my outfit. I just wore a raw edge denim skirt, picked it for a purpose, and paired it with a black sweater plus white shoes. I dressed like a teenager, but that's how I wanted. Now I wonder what style Lexin likes. "Your legs, Tita.""What about my legs?" I glan
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Chapter 8
I guess I will not really get anything I wanted. I must just give up, even though I still haven't pushed my luck. There are some things that won't work and are not really worth one's effort. Like Lexin... I know in the end we'll not make it even if I try my best to make things work between us. We will only waste time if we spend more on each other. It's better not to continue my obsession with her. The earlier, the better. Things just won't go our way. Whatever we do, it's not worth it in the end. "Take care, everyone!" I smiled at my staff and waved my hand. "You sure you won't go with us, Ms. Aya?" Lin asked as she followed me to my car. They were planning for a girls' night out. Although I often come with them whenever I feel like it, today isn't the right time to celebrate and be with them after knowing about Lexin. It was as if I was struck by a flash of lightning that made my heart numb. An opportuni
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Chapter 9
As of this moment, I totally set aside everything and let my heart take over my self-control. There's nothing wrong with giving in, especially if it's what makes us happy. Just for this once, I will let myself be drowned in an abyss of her beauty.I wanted nothing but satisfaction, and for Lexin to feel bliss even just for tonight. "Just this once..." I kept whispering in her ear as my lips explored her bare neck.Her skin brushing into my lips was enough to convince me to do more, to go down on her, and do things I swear, she will never forget. I guarantee that it's not just her who would leave begging for more after this night. "So, you're leaving tomorrow, hmm?" I let her sneak her hands around my nape as I pinned her against the door. Honestly, I'm nervous. I felt like I would pass out anytime yet, I'm acting like she would lose her voice later because of too much comfort. But that's the least of my concern now. What matters t
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