Love After Married

Love After Married

By:  _belummandi  Ongoing
Language: Bahasa_indonesia
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Cinta Berawal dari Terpaksa English Version Kendra has become interested in Alyssa because she has seduced Lisa's lips by mistake. Ken did everything he could to make her fall into his arms. Though it was kind of dirty, buying Lisa from her stepmother. Rosa sold her stepdaughter Lisa to Ken a handsome young CEO who controlled the economy in the country. Lisa eventually had to marry Ken and sign a contract that was merely a contract to keep her from leaving him. Will Lisa be happy with this wedding? Or even hate Ken ?

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13 chapters
Chapter 1
Aroma tumisan bumbu merasuk dan menusuk rongga hidung. Siapapun yang menciumnya pasti akan merasakan terganggu akan aroma tumisan bumbu tersebut.Alyssa atau lebih akrab dipanggil Lisa itu tengah asyik memasak di dapur, bahkan aroma bumbu yang menyengat itu sama sekali tidak terganggu akan hal tersebut. Wajar saja, setiap hari ia melakukan pekerjaan ini. Sampai aroma–aroma yang menganggu sudah enggan masuk ke hidung Lisa.Bumbu tersebut aromanya sedikit menyengat dan menganggu hidung, membuat orang yang menciumnyaakan bersin–bersin.“Hacin.. Hacin… Hacin..”“Hacin…”“Lisa !!”Perempuan yang sedang menonton TV tersebut beranjak. Wajahnya sudah memerah karena geram, sementara hidungnya juga ikut memerah karena terlalu keras menguceknya.Perempuan tersebut tidak tinggal diam, dia menghampiri Lisa yang sedang memasak. Ia sengaja menunjukkan wajah semurka mungkin
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Chapter 2
21 years passed. Now Lisa has grown into a beautiful, simple, hardworking girl. There was no happiness in him, especially after his father was gone. He suffered more.Just remembered what Rosa said 21 years ago. "Let's treat the child together. I will love him like my own. "It was all bullshit. The fact that Rosa had been living all her life as a double life. He was always kind to Lisa in front of han and bad when he was behind han. Like the stepmother in the story.Like Caroline said, Lisa's gonna be a strong kid. Lisa was able to stand still for the suffering and torture provided by Rosa. Elga too, for Rosa, had always instilled a sense of hatred in her. No wonder Elga is as ruthless as Rosa, who was as good as torturing Lisa.Elga continued her studies at the best universities, while Rosa always forbade Lisa to continue."Don't expect you to go to college like Elga. Your brain won't be able to afford higher education, better off working and making a lo
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Chapter 3
After all the housework was done and had surely made breakfast for Elga and Rosa. Lisa's getting ready to go to work. She worked in a restaurant as a waiter.Lisa is a lively, lively girl. No wonder wily and the restaurant butler, mira liked Lisa very much. Though some did not like him, he still did not care."It is not important to mind the affairs of others. All that matters is that I do a good job and earn money for dad's treatment." A thought he always had in him.Lisa is much more likely on foot, although the distance is considerable, but all in an effort to save her expenses. The principle is, while you're still walking, why not?"Morning Lisa," lamented Mira.With her irritable face, Lisa only glanced at her mira. "Morning, early start."Before Mira got her back, Lisa passed over to the staff mess. "It's a kid's habit,"  says Mira.Only Mira was close to Lisa. Others, reluctantly. For some reason, it might be the same with elga. The
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Chapter 4
Ken left the restaurant because he had to finish some work that was delayed on his own. That's where the brave new Lisa shows up in front of her friends. He's trying to keep his cool so that nobody suspects him.Some documents have been waving for it. His work has been piling up on his desk.The laptop's screen is already lit up with a lot of paperwork to be studied and signed.Ken smiled to himself and thought of the girl he was kissing at the restaurant. Ken hasn't been able to forget it.The kiss washed him too far and made him feel a very rapid heartbeat.The document he was supposed to study was going back and forth, while the pen he was holding was played with his right hand.Ken was really stuck with the girl's lips. Made him daydream and smile himself.Meanwhile a handsome man in a shirtload of black suits walked into Ken's room.The guy just shook his head at Ken's performance."Fly on your fly"The guy accidentall
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Chapter 5
It's getting late. Ken will return to the mansion soon. The mansion with many sophisticated facilities and many servants and bodyguards in it.Ken lives with Zae. Although they are not related by blood, Ken has taken zae as his family.Juwita is Ken's mama. He's out of the country for business purposes right now. If Juwita ever returned home, she'd make a stop at her own home.Juwita's house is not too big like Ken's. Only one floor and a building where he collected his rare plants. Juwita is a passion for gardening.Ken dragged his lazy legs to the third floor. The master suite was on the third floor. The second floor was a living room and some of the guest rooms. The lower floors are only filled with servants and bodyguards.Ken dropped his body on his expensive, soft bed. His body was still dressed in his shirt with his suit, but Ken shut his eyes immediately.Unlike Ken, who arrived at the mansion immediately fell down. Zae's still a caterpill
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Chapter 6
Days are fleeting. Now the sun has revealed itself. Oh, how lovely. Good morning world of deceit. Have a good day and be generous with all your affairs in order. Ken wiggled from his sleep, a mattress that was super comfortable and soft enough to make him sleep through the night. It's customary, Ken should be up by six in the morning. Manual alarms always wake him up. The middle-aged man always came at six in the morning to awaken his master, carrying a warm cup of tea. The middle-aged man was uncle li, he was the butler of the mansion and the personal attendant who took care of everything Ken had to do from getting up and going back to sleep.Ken sat on the sofa observing the bright morning. Sip its warm tea slowly while enjoying the melodious singing of birds. Waiting for uncle Li to prepare a warm water for him to soak. Soaking in the morning was the right choice for her this time. Because he hasn't had time to take a b
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Chapter 7
The sun is rising from the eastern horizon. It was Ken's most awaited morning. Where he will execute his plan immediately. All the plans have been made with Zae, he planned them out carefully. He thought it best to pick up lisa sooner, as he wanted to make her his wife. Mrs. Alyssa Wilson. Ken's wealth is without a doubt, he owns most of the country's economy. Even his laws are obsolete. The law is just a tool for a powerful person to act asa tyrant. As per Ken's orders, Zae and jony went to Lisa's house according to Ken's plan. Jony held the wheel, while Zae sat next to jony and Ken sat in the back all alone. Add the other two patrol cars to the front and back of Ken's car, isn't it amazing?Not a word came out of each one's mouth. Ken turned his face to the side, zae was still busy his work on the ipad and the jony felt uneasy. "May Lisa  always be in god's care," mental jony is full of hope. (chanting) Zae's hear
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Chapter 8
The day quickly passed, and now night gave way to dawn. The sky and the surroundings were still dark, and Lisa soon moved from her bed. A floor bed with a thin blanket. His operation is still the same as before. Doing homework then cooking and going to work. A college thing? Do not expect, Rosa will never allow her education to be higher than Elga. Lisa just opened the door for them. She had been confronted by elga and Rosa at the door, where they stood up to each other on the roof and occasionally smiled cunningly."Deg."At that moment lisa's heart almost fell out of place. His hands and feet were trembling, a stream of cold sweat nearly shot out of his forehead. "Are they going to scold me because I left early yesterday and came home at night but didn't bring any money," Lisa thought. Your guess is wrong, Lisa. Yet, she smiled over her shoulder. "My sister Lisa, why are you up so early," she said, stunned. "It is bet
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Chapter 9
"I'm sorry, kid," Rosa knelt in front of Lisa. "I have forbidden them to ask of you and offer Elga. But they still want you." Rosa's still convinced Lisa. Lisa's heart is breaking. Tears couldn't be overcome, tears began to break. "Come on, mom," take Lisa. "No need to get on your knees to beg because Lisa's going with them." Said Lisa.Rosa's spirits galled, and she quickly woke up and hugged lisa tightly. Her smile is surprisingly cunning. "I promise, as soon as I have the money, I'll make it up to you." Rosa re-convinced Lisa. After he finished seducing Lisa with his 1,000 seduction and crocodile tears. Now Rosa managed to get Lisa in front of Zae. Zae sat on the sofa in the living room, accompanied by two bodyguards standing behind him and Elga. Though there was Elga, she was reluctant to speak. To him Elga is a mere fool who has no importance.Meanwhile the other two bodyguards stood in front of Lisa's house. Lisa's house already
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Chapter 10
While Ken was in the mansion accidentally ahead of Zae's car. He's getting his black tux ready. The black look in her eyes also reflects happiness. Lisa had descended with Zae, greeted by several servants who were ready to take her to her room. Lisa doesn't know what Zae's plan is yet. But in her heart she kept praying that everything would be all right. Arriving at the mansion. Zae's still cold to Lisa. He speaks only when it is necessary. Like getting Lisa out of the car. "Go down! Young master is waiting for you." That's a word from Zae's mouth, and he didn't even look at Lisa.While Ken was in the mansion accidentally ahead of Zae's car. He's getting his black tux ready. The black look in her eyes also reflects happiness. Lisa was down with Ken, greeted by several servants who were ready to take her to her room. Lisa doesn't know what Xae's plan is yet.Lisa knew all of Zae's plans because Zae was the only one Lisa recognized. Ken,
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