My Fair Lady Pirate

My Fair Lady Pirate

By:  Kiera Barker  Ongoing
Language: English
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Candice was born an orphan and adopted by the ton. She knew who her real parents were and longe to meet her surviving father. A pirate on the high seas, Matthew Ashwood searched for his beloved daughter all over the world, praying she lived. When they are reunited, father and daughter are more alike than her adopted father likes. Josh grows weary when she leaves with him for the summer and returns changed, but if only he knew why. Drake Garrett and his father called an island home. A family of pirates and pirates for friends. When his father's friend comes home with his long-lost daughter, his heart stops. Her smile alone seems to break every one of his defenses and falls for her. To his surprise, this high-born lady falls for him in return. News from home snaps them both to reality and dread sets in as they fear they will never see each other again. Can Drake get past his bitterness and convince her to stay with him or will he watch her sail away knowing he'll never see her again? Will Candice's choose to remain a lady and keep the high born lifestyle or will a pirate's life be enough for her? Then again, why must she choose between them and be a lady pirate?

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17 chapters
A Precious Child
The night was dark and it was one of the worst storms anyone could remember. The gunshots could be heard for miles and the orange glow from the fires could be seen three towns over. In her heart, she knew it was Matthew. Trina laid on the bed, moments away from giving birth and she faced one of the windows. She cried as the contractions got worse and she about to bring his child into the world. When the midwife told her it was time to push, she screamed Matthew's name and the door burst open as he came through it. He slide next to her on the bed and held her hand as she pushed until they heard the baby's cries. Her most loyal lady's maid, Olivia, washed and cleaned the child and then handed her over to Trina. She smiled at her and then handed her up to Matthew. The joy of seeing his daughter was short-lived as they heard the front door slam open and the guards running through the downstairs. He handed the baby over to Olivia and bent down to Trina."When it is safe for me aga
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A New Life
As they rode to the estate, Josh wasn't sure who was more excited between the two of them. As excitement and amazement crossed her face at seeing everything for the first time, he was happy to have shown it to her. She pointed out all the little houses and other estates and the inns along the way and he was happy to explain and answer all her questions. They rode for two hours until the estate came into view and he laughed as her eyes got wide at seeing it. While her eyes went from one thing to another trying to see the whole thing, Josh only saw one thing, his step-mother's carriage. She was in amazement that this would be her home and then she heard him groan. She turned and saw the scowl on his face and grew curious."Everything okay?""My dragon of step-mother is here. N doubt sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.""That's not very nice.""If you lived with her and knew the type of woman she is, you'd agree.""What are you going to do?"Read more
Forever Friend
Candy was with Peter in the stables and even though she was excited walking up, the minute she stepped inside, she froze. They were so big and so loud, she was terrified and didn't want to go in. Peter grinned at noticing her freeze and knelt down to her side."When my father brought me in here for the first time, I was a year younger than you. I was scared out of my life. Seeing something so big, loud, and powerful made me want to run and hide and never come back.""How did you...?""My father took me by the hand and told me he wouldn't let anything hurt me. They are stabled and can't touch you. Then, he should me the fowls and the ponies. In fact, there is a new fowl, but I don't think Lord Josh would want you to see it.""Why is that?""I don't think she's going to make it.""Make it?""She's going to die, Candice.""Why?""Her mother died. She had no one to take care of her.""Can I see her?""Candice?"
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Her New Father
Josh took Candice into the house to show her around. She needed to pick a room inside this large house. After she saw the parlor, the study, the drawing-room, the dining room, the kitchens, the main hall, and the ballroom on the main floor and second floor, he took her to the third floor where the bedrooms were. He opened the door and showed her his room and she saw all the other seven rooms up there. After seeing all the rooms she could choose from, she chose the room across from his. It was a large room with a four-poster bed and a fireplace. It had double french doors that led to a balcony and it overlooked the gardens and she could see the stables from there. By the time Olivia got there, Candice was settled into her room. Olivia told her it was a very nice room. Candice asked Josh if Olivia could stay and Josh agreed to make Olivia and Candice feel better and at home. Olivia took the room next to Candice. It was a small room with a large window, a good-sized bed, n
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A New Start
The next few weeks were filled with questions and lessons from Candice. She had lessons from Peter about Snowflake and when she wasn't with Snowflake and Peter, she was constantly asking Josh questions about people they met and things that were expected of her as his daughter. As a lady, she worked very hard to achieve what she needed to be welcomed by the ton. For seven years, Candice did everything she needed to. Spending time with Peter and Snowflake was always her favorite thing to do. At almost thirteen, she started noticing things more. One of which made her annoyed because it was still being kept a secret from her. Candice went down and saw Brooke, her maid, and Alfred, her husband and the cook. Brooke noted her riding outfit and handed her a basket for a picnic while she was out with Peter. When she got to the stables, she saw Peter had both horses saddled and ready to go. After they left, Peter noticed her mood and asked."Candy, what is it?""Wha
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Always Her Mother
Olivia woke first and stretched as she got up and walked to the curtains and pulled them open. She panicked at seeing how late in the day it had gotten. She rushed over to Josh and proceeded to wake him up."Josh, you have got to get up. It's almost the afternoon.""She probably already knows, Liv.""She's twelve. She doesn't need to know of such things.""We've been doing it for three years, Liv. I don't think it's still a secret to anyone.""Josh, I'm serious.""Alright. I'm up."Olivia rolled her eyes and got dressed and rushed down the stairs. Josh got up and started to get dressed but jumped when Olivia came crashing back into the room."She's gone. All of them are gone.""My carriage?""Gone as well.""They probably went into town. We can just meet them there. If I know Candice, she'll be at the inn for lunch."When they went into town, the dressmaker said Candice was there not long ago and tha
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The Dinner
When the night of the dinner arrived, Olivia was so nervous. She didn't realize just how nervous until the Fredrick, the butler, announced that they guests had arrived. She took a deep breath and went out to the hall with Candice as Josh introduced everyone.She remembered David and his wife Cynthia and their children. Their daughter, Gisabelle, was here with her husband Rick and their son Tony. Behind them, was David's sons, Arnold and George. After David and his family went and sat down, she met Marshall and his wife, Jessica and their kids. There was their son Mark with his wife Maria and their two daughters Annie and Belle. She then met Marshall's daughter Josel and her husband James and their son Ryan. After them, was Marshall's other daughter Sandy with her husband Frankie and their twin sons, Guy and Jules. Marshall's other son, Tristan, was their with his wife Annette and their daughter Hope. Marshall's other daughter was Ellie. She was there with her husband, Jason.
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Nothing's Perfect
Over the next three months, most of the women in the family were kept busy planning Olivia and Josh's wedding. Candice had laughed at Olivia a few times for complaining about not being allowed to sew her own dress. Cynthia refused and had another seamstress brought in from London to do the dress. The guys had contractors and gardeners brought in to arrange part of the property for the wedding and the reception. The inn was informed about the wedding and the guests they would have to accommodate. On the day of the wedding, everyone's nerves were on edge. Olivia took a deep and Candice grabbed her hand as it was time. Candice cried as they spoke the words that officially made Olivia her mother. At the reception, Candice was told she'd be staying with Marshall and his family while Josh and Olivia were on their honeymoon. Marshall told her she could bring Snowflake and she'd be staying in Sandy's old room. She was thrilled to spend time there and wished Josh and Olivia fare
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An Accidental Wish
Peter was worried sick when she got back, but she just told him she couldn't stay here. They rode all night and ending up staying in an inn for the night. The next morning, they rode home and the butler informed her that Olivia was still with the doctor. Candice arrived and sat with Olivia and smiled and told the baby was safe. Once the doctor cleared her, they rode off back to the house. Candice was still angry so she rode on Snowflake with a pistol between her legs. Olivia and Brooke rode inside the carriage as Peter rode outside with Candice. Olivia made the remark that with a pistol and breeches, she looked just like Matthew. Candice then thought for a minute and asked her."Would you tell me about him? I don't know anything about him.""Of course. Whatever you want to know.""Thanks."Candice wouldn't have to wait long to do anything about Matthew. As they rode home, it started getting dark. They were stopped by highwaymen and held at gu
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A Pirate's Life
Candice could see the ship as they rode up and Matthew himself showed her to his cabin and asked her and Peter to stay in there until they got underway. He told her that he himself would come in to get her. She nodded her head and watched as they loaded Snowflake and brought her down below. She felt the ship move and held onto the table and went to the large window at the back and watched the dock disappear. After a few minutes, Matthew walked in and told Peter if he'd like, the cook was clearing a space down below for him so he could be close to Snowflake. He nodded his head and hugged Candice and she watched him leave. Matthew asked her to sit as he lit more candles. There was a knock on the door and a boy came in with another man and some trays. Once that was done, they left and Candice and Matthew were alone. Candice looked at him and the trays and Matthew laughed."I kind of thought I inturrepted your supper.""Yes. I am hungry.""Perfect."
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