Kidnapping The Kidnapper

Kidnapping The Kidnapper

By:  Solome  Ongoing
Language: English
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A story in which two girls almost get kidnapped, tricked with their favorite boy-band. After a while of being deluded, the girls' sight opens and they see through the nice boy that offers to take them to a One Direction concert, but thanks to the karate skills one the girls has, she manages to kidnap their kidnapper. What happens when she starts feeling sympathy for the kidnapper that she kidnapped? Will he show her his true self or fool her into believing he's a good person?

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Chapter 1
      The weather is nice today. The sun beaming through the thick clouds that are emitting a cool breeze. Heaven and Skylar walk through the park that is filled with couples and children, enjoying the nice weather. Heaven and Skylar decided they wouldn't stay at home today, so they grabbed their jackets, determined to take a walk in the park. Heaven and Skylar tend to be lazy on their time off school. Nothing productive happens in their free time. Every day is the same for them. Especially that it's summer and school is currently closed. Their days include waking up, eating breakfast, watching tv for a whole day, occasionally getting up to get snacks or lunch -which usually consists of either Pizza or Chinese. If their parents were at home, their days would've normally comprised doing chores, reading, studying, or going grocery shopping with their mother. This summer, their parents are on a business trip and Skylar and Heaven are excited to have the whole house to th
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