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She was a slave, everyone's plaything, had no parents, and the pack that she grew up in now treated her like she did not belong. But that all changed on her twenty-first birthday when the truth about her identity was revealed, soon after the revelation she left the pack, leaving everyone shocked and the alpha that enslaved her for the past ten years now turned the world upside down looking for her.

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50 chapters
“Get the hell off my couch!” he roared as he came in and found her seated on his leather couch. He has sent her a message to meet him in his office when he found her seated on the couch. “That is pure leather and you sit your dirty self on it! Who gave you the right?” she lowered her head as tears tickled her eyes, her hands trembled in fear.“No one alpha.” She answered as she kneeled in front of his desk. “The audacity you have for a slave is too much.” He walked around her and sat on his chair. Just everything about her rubbed him the wrong way. “Am hungry.” Yet he did not want her to leave his side and everything he wanted, it should be her who does it.She sent a text to one of the omegas of the pack to bring food up for the alpha. “Have you gone deaf, I said I am hungry!” he said getting angry once again. “I sent a text to an ome
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Chapter 1
“Sweetheart, please stop eating soil, it’s not good for the baby” alpha Damian of the Golden Mood pack said to his mate, Luna Kendra. She was four months pregnant and one of her cravings was soil, especially after it rained she would go out looking for it and eat it. “I know, but I can’t help it, your pup wants it.” She answered then pouted like a teenager.Damien shook his head helplessly. “Come, let’s go back.” He helped her up and they went back to the packhouse. “I will be going for my meeting in a few minutes, don’t eat any more soil while I am away.” He told her as they got inside the packhouse going to the kitchen. “Okay,” she said knowing every well that she will go back and get more the moment he leaves.“Am serious Kendra, no more eating soil, also the war might be over but we still don’t know what will happen, it&rs
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Chapter 2
Months passed and still, no one came forward to claim the baby, Kendra gave birth to her own baby girl and named her Sandy. They were happy and things with the war seemed to have been resolve for now. The council still existed and everything was back to normal. Except for the baby that no one seemed to know anything about.“She is going to grow up to be a beautiful girl,” Damien commented looking at Shannon playing with Austin. Kendra looked at her kids and smiled. “Yes, she is, she is well behaved too,” Kendra said. “That she is, never gave us any problems.” Damien said. “mm.” that was all the answers Kendra gave.Damien knew that something was bothering her. “What is on your mind?” he asked. “Just that I don’t understand this, I mean how can someone just leave a baby in a cave without care like that?&rdquo
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Chapter 3
Years passed and the children grew. No one ever came forward to claim Shannon, so Kendra and Damien raised her with their children, Austin and Sandy. They grew up very close as siblings even though Austin was older than the two girls, he was very protective of them and loved them.When Austin turned eighteen alpha Damien and Luna Kendra decided to step down giving the alpha position to their son Austin. The alpha stayed for two years in the pack monitoring Austin and making sure that he had all the support he needed in his first years as alpha. After the two years passed, they decided to travel the world and enjoy their lives leaving the children behind.Sandy shifted when she turned eighteen but Shannon did not, Sandy had her wolf and started talking to her after she shifted. Shannon however never shifted and had no wolf. She was a human in a Lycan world but she was never treated differently as she was the alpha’s daughter, so she never felt any different from h
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Chapter 4
Shannon My head felt like it was going to split in half or like someone was busy hammering at it making it hurt so much. My eyes were heavy with tears that I refused to let fall, Austin will not make me cry not again, he has made me cry enough, not again, I refuse. I walked slowly to my room balancing with the wall so that I don’t fall.For once I am grateful that he had my room on the same floor as his and his office. Only his room and mine are on this floor. Beta Eliot is staying on the third floor right below us, when I got to my room I pushed the door open, my eyes were beginning to blur and I know it is due to the blood loss.I can feel the back of my head getting wet going all the way to my neck and I know it is not sweat making me wet but blood coming from the fresh wound on my head. I walked all the way to the bathroom then open the small cabinet that is there with all the different pain medication that aunt Nancy gets me
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Chapter 5
ShannonWhen I was done getting ready, I dragged my feet going downstairs, I went outside and found annoying Rosy standing next to the car taking pictures and pouting her red lips that look like those of a seductive vixen. She did not look like one, she is one. Sandy was sitting in the car glued to her phone.I think she felt my presence or caught my scent because she lifted her head and looked in my direction. “Finally! Now we can leave.” She threw her hands in the air dramatically when she said that. I ignored her of course, her friend, no not her friend but the girl who is keeping her close to get into her brother’s pants shoved me aside and got into the car banging the door.I sighed, it is going to be a long day, I can feel it. I got into the passenger seat and the warrior started the car then we drove off. I laid back on the seat and closed my eyes bocking out the conversation between the two. I must have fallen
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Chapter 6
AustinI was sitting in my meeting, I went with my beta Eliot, while I was concentrating on the plan the alpha was telling us about to prevent rogues from coming into our pack lands my phone vibrated in my pocket. I took it out and I saw that it is the warrior I sent to the mall with Shannon.My heart rate picked up pace when I saw that it was him, usually, he waits until they are back to report things to me, so you can Imagine the worry when I saw his message now. I quickly clicked on it and it opened. My eyes darkened when I saw the contents of the message, it was pictures of Shannon with the beta of the Devil pack.What the fuck is she doing with my enemy? I keep the bloody slave occupied with enough work so that she does not have time for boyfriends and when she is not working, she is with me. When the hell did she get time to find a boyfriend, she even looks so cozy with the son of a bitch.I tried to calm myself but each ti
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Chapter 7
AustinI sat in my office thinking about this issue with Shannon and that damned Lucas. He knows who she is, and he approached her on purpose, to piss me off and its working. I stood up and poured myself a glass of whiskey hoping it will calm me down. I poured the first shot and downed it in one go then poured another but before I could down it as well my beta spoke.“Wow! are you trying to kill yourself or what?” he asked, and I lowered the glass in my hand then turned to look at him. His standing in the doorway giving me a complicated look. “Am not trying to kill myself, I am just frustrated.” I tell him then took a seat, he comes in and seats in front of me.“Is it the thing that made you want to come back early from the meeting that is frustrating you?” he asked concerned, I sighed. “Yes.” I told him honestly and he nods. “What is it Austin?” Eliot and I grew up together as
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Chapter 8
ShannonAustin came into the car then started it and we drove off, I kept quiet and looked out the window. The trees looked like they were moving back as we drove forward, I wished that I was like those tress, moving back to a place I was once happy, I place where I was not a slave and Austin was my brother.‘Goddess, is it because I am human? Is that why you don’t answer my prayers? Because you are a Goddess of the supernatural not humans?’ I asked the Moon Goddess, I was not expecting an answer because she never answers me. Let me try God one last time, he is the God humans worship so, he should be helping me because i am human too.‘Dear God, it is I, Shannon, your child I believe, well I am not sure but please help me out. I don’t want much, I just want for my brother to stop hating me so much, I don’t want to leave the pack because this the only home I know. I just want things to go back to norma
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Chapter 9
ShannonI could feel Lucas’s eyes on me but I kept mine on my hands, on the outside am calm and collected but on the inside, I am falling apart. One mistake from Lucas and I am done for. I can’t even imagine the punishment Austin is going to give me should Lucas say something stupid. “Are you going to answer me beta Lucas?” Austin probes some more.Lucas averts his eyes from me then looks at Austin and smiles. “Well, what I was going to say is, long time no see old friend, it’s been what, six years?” I found myself releasing a breath I was holding; he may just have saved me this time but I want these two days to be over so that we can go back. “We are not friends beta Lucas and we never will be,” Austin says and Lucas nods.“I thought that we had moved on from things of the past, we are old now, we can’t keep grudges from when we were in school,&
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