Under the Pale Moon

Under the Pale Moon

By:  Yukiro  Completed
Language: English
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Book 1 in the Under the Moon Series: Kayden has just finished celebrating his eighteenth birthday with his friends in one of the most popular clubs in town. During his journey home, he runs into a strange man named Rakesh who seems to know Kayden's father. His parents had gone missing when Kayden was a child. Though handsome enough, something about Rakesh really irks Kayden. Perhaps it's all the nonsense he and his grandparents keep going on about, or maybe it is just Rakesh's smug smirk that ticks him off? But whatever the reasons, Gods, Spirits... Vampires? Who believes in those old myths? Not Kayden!

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Welcome to Adulthood Kiddo!
I had turned eighteen today and had spent most of the daylight hours with my grandmother and grandfather. They had taken me in when I was very young after my parents had vanished into the unknown. Their bodies were never found and had been assumed dead, though my grandparents would often say that those two were harder to kill than a cockroach.My family is a little strange, but I love them even so.After birthday celebrations with my family, my friends and I had decided to go to one of the local clubs to enjoy the first night of officially being an adult - being the youngest in the group, we had elected to hold off on any club-going until I was able to legally drink and with growing up in the United
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The First Meeting
I took a deep breath in when those inhuman silver eyes stared into mine and that man gave me a cocky little smirk. I could already tell that I wasn't going to like this person, but it was late and I wanted to get home already but they were right there in front of me, almost blocking my path forward. I tried to sidestep around him but like a fluid stream, he easily matched whatever movement I made to keep me blocked from my path.“Excuse me,” I said, growing just a bit frustrated with the man in front of me. “I'd like to get by,” I added, giving one more attempt. This time, he seemed to allow me to pass, that was until he grabbed my wrist. It wasn't a rough action but it did surprise me.Finally, he spoke in English, his voice as smooth and rich as chocolate, “you look much like Doriano when he was your age.”
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Vampires Aren't Real
The morning sunshine came through the small gaps in my curtains, easily stirring me awake. The memories of last night felt like little more than a foggy haze for the first few moments as I looked at the clock to see what the time was: the dial read eight-thirty. Still fairly early for a day where I did not need to do anything. Then slowly I remembered meeting Rakesh.My grandparents would be up by now, so I slowly got out of bed, showered and dressed without much fanfare. Of course, I wanted answers, but part of me felt utterly anxious about bringing up the subject. Slowly, I made my way into the kitchen where they were having a cup of coffee. They were a wonderful couple, being in their seventies but still spry enough to take care of themselves.“Look what the cat dragged in honey,” came the fond taunting of my grandmother as she spotted me
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Ancient One
Afternoon crept up on me like a shadowy thief in the night. I had tried to search for Rakesh in the area I had last seen him in but had no success. My grandparents warned me that I'd not find him and even if I did, it wouldn't be during the day time but I refused to listen like a stubborn child.I fell back onto my bed with a small sigh of defeat. They did not chide me or comment on me returning empty-handed. I figured they were happy with the results even if they didn't voice them. I held my mobile above my head and began to browse my social media page to see what my friends were up to.I must have fallen asleep as I woke to a light tap. I wasn't sure what it was at first, thinking it was my phone v
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Hunter Blood
The tension in the room could be cut with a knife, that is how thick it was. Rakesh sat on the sofa next to me while my grandparents stood across from us. It had taken some begging on Rakesh's part to convince my grandfather to let him into the house to talk things over. Of course, my wanting to know the truth helped smooth things over as well.“It was supposed to be a quick trip,” Rakesh was trying to explain in that slightly off northern English accent he had. “Things just got more complicated than I expected. I tried to break them free, but I can't do so on my own.”“So they're alive still?” I asked him, shooting a glance at my grandparents. They glanced back at
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Do I Stay or Do I Go now?
It was a strange night and in the end, Rakesh and my grandparents left the option to me if I wanted to go with the man or if I would rather not and stay here instead. I told them I'd figure it out tomorrow and give them my reply after thinking it over.I wanted to find my parents, naturally, but my grandparents did not trust Rakesh and truth be told, I didn't fully trust him either. He was hiding something from me, but I couldn't quite place what that something was.In the end, the morning came far too quickly. Rakesh said he would return by sundown and although I said I'd probably have my answer before then, he refused to come before that moment. Part of me wondered if maybe he really was a vampire.I spent most of the morning spending time with my grandparents. They had tried to discourage my going, but I had already made my choice. They understood, even if they didn't agree with my decision and as a way of support they offered up a silver choker t
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The Hotel
I wondered where the end of the journey would be. Rakesh had only told me not to pack too much or else I would be tied down and that should I need anything, he would buy it for me. I wondered how he had the money for something like that but he just assured me that it was of little concern."Are we going to be walking all night?" I complained, I was exhausted and tired. I wasn't used to being out all night. I wasn't an early bird, but neither was I a night owl.Rakesh seemed to mull this over before he looked at me. "I prefer to travel by night, it is quieter," he said with a tilt of his head."And not because you'll turn to dust?" I asked harshly. I didn't mean to come across that way, but I was tired and cranky."I won't turn to dust, though I might burn harshly," Rakesh replied with a small smile to me. His skin was fairly pale, I noticed. I wondered if he had a skin condition. I knew there was one that some people had which caused them
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Snack Time
Rakesh had vanished before I had even gotten out of the shower, it seemed. I wasn't sure what to make of it when I noticed he was gone. I was too tired to try and follow, however, and part of me feared what I might find if I did. Instead, I went to bed and fell asleep.It was still fairly dark when I heard the hotel room door open. I groped for my phone and looked at the time. It was almost dawn. I grumbled and placed the phone back down. "You were out all night?" I asked, my head only just peeking out from the blankets.Me being awake must have surprised Rakesh as he stopped mid-sneak and looked at me with an innocent little gaze. He nodded once then casually moved over to my bed. "You should wear the choker at night," he replied, dodging my question. His fingers patting the blanket where my neck was.I frowned at him and rolled my eyes. "You know I do not believe the whole 'you are a vampire thing' right?" I scoffed at him.He smirked an
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The Notebook
After a little more sleep, I was up and dressed just in time for room service to bring breakfast. A full English breakfast which I wolfed down hungrily. I left the tray just outside of the door and then lazed about on the bed for a while longer, looking over my grandfather's notebook for lack of anything better to do. I could have put the tv on, but I knew there wouldn't be anything of interest on there.I glanced over at Rakesh who was sleeping peacefully, then to the closed curtains. I was half tempted to see what would happen if I opened them, even for a little bit. Then out of curiosity, I flipped the page to the notes on vampires. Some of it felt like it had come out of a movie or book but other bits were a surprise to me. For example, it was a lie that vampires couldn't be near garlic and that this was a lie told by them to prove they were not vampires. This apparently came about due to the odd vampire who, in their human lives, was allergic to garlic and not becaus
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Like Grandfather like Grandson
I spent the rest of the day wandering around the hotel and enjoying the time away from home. We weren't that far from where I lived, but it was somewhere new and I wanted to enjoy it. I did not have any prior engagements since I had finished school and although I was hoping to find a job soon, it wasn't like my grandparents needed the money or demanded I do so. They seemed to have an endless amount of funds somehow.It was getting close to the evening when I made my way back to the room. Rakesh was only just now stirring awake but hadn't quite roused himself just yet. I made sure not to disturb him too much and moved to the curtains. I gathered it would be fine to open them now, seeing as the sun was no longer on this side of the room. He grumbled in retaliation which caused me to let out a little laugh. He was like a kid being woken up for school."Rise and shine sleeping beauty," I teased him gently.He huffed
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