Chosen by the Dragon

Chosen by the Dragon

By:  Lady Tamia  Completed
Language: English
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For the first time in years, the imperial second prince was home, and it was on the week of the imperial dragon celebrations. To celebrate the event and the return of the prince. The king opened the doors to everyone in the kingdom to come and celebrate in the imperial arena. An orphan girl, last of her tribe, an excellent singer and dancer. Saw this as an opportunity for her to show people what she can do, she applied to be one of the dancers on the day. On the day, her turn came and as usual, she got lost in the music and dance that she only opened her eyes when a cold air fanned her face. The ice dragon was in front of her and she froze.

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    48 chapters
    “Did you hear?” her eyes glittered with excitement. “Hear what Dona?” I asked my friend who squealed like a pig next to me and I shook my head. This friend of mine a bubble of happiness. “The second prince is home!” she tells me, my friend here always dreamed of being a princess, well at least a concubine to the prince since they hardly take wives but have many concubines.“Well, I get your excitement my friend I do, but you won’t even get to see the prince so…” I shrug and she stomps her feet like a five-year-old. “I will see the prince this time, when he first came, we were only kids but now we are old enough to work at the imperial palace as maids, that way we will get to see both princes all the time. Isn’t great!” Oh, gods of our land, I should have known she had a plan to see the prince.“You have a good plan but…” she cuts me short before I could finish. “No b
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    Chapter 1
    A week later, the day of the imperial dragon, the mood in the city was a joyous one. Everyone excited about the day ahead, it was not every day the imperial king opens the palace gates for everyone, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and no one wanted to miss it. The imperial city has been under the imperial king’s rule for hundreds of years, the people were happy with his ruling, well even if they were not happy, they had no say in it.The imperial family was rich and had all the gold in the world. No one could just say anything and live to tell the tale. There were ministers who were responsible in taking care of different parts or areas of the imperial city, their development and job creation. Businesses and the flow of the economy. Some of these ministers did not look after the areas and used the money they got from the imperial king for their own selfish reasons.Which is why some of the places in the imperial city were in the worst states ever and th
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    Chapter 2
    The festivities continued, time for Tina to sing and dance came. By that time the second prince was already fed up with all of it. He did not want any of this but the king insisted and he had no choice but to agree. He wanted nothing more than to be in his castle outside the city with his dragon, Milo. But instead, he was stuck here with all these people and this noise.When Tina took the stage, there was a lot of noise in the arena with people talking and laughing, that is not what she wanted, she wanted to be heard, for people to stop what they were doing and listen. Or else how was she going to be noticed by the person who will give her a job if he could not hear her? So, she thought of a song that was going to catch the people’s attention.She thought of a song her mother used to sing to her growing up, it was not a song that people knew because it was from her tribe. She started singing low then got higher and higher with each note. People stopped talking an
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    Chapter 3
    By the time the festivities ended Tina was freezing in the cell, the cell was big with high windows that had bars on them preventing people from breaking out. The cell was all concrete and it was cold. There were no blankets just a concrete bed looking thing that she sat on, which was not helping as the cold penetrated her flesh, it also did not help that she was wearing thin layers of fabric and the cold air that was coming from the dragon that was watching her through the window.She did not know why the dragon took her but judging from where she was, she assumed that this will not end well. She tried cracking her skull trying to figure out what she did wrong, but she could not figure it out. She feared what will happen to her, the second prince left the arena when hours pass, and he could not see his companion.He went around looking for him and saw his wing on the west side of the palace. He walked to it and saw that it was looking into a window. “What is so
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    Chapter 4
    Tina followed the prince outside and when they got there he turned a corner. He walked until he turned another corner, she was afraid that he was taking her back to the cells as this looked exactly like the way they came when he took her from the cells. Or maybe it was not but they all looked the same to her, they turned again and came to what looked like a field right behind the palace.The grey ice dragon was there, she stopped walking looking at it. Was he going to feed her to the dragon? Her heart started beating fast in her chest. “I don’t have all day you know.” He spoke without even looking at her and she started walking again. The dragon turned to look their way, when he got to it he bushed its scales and it lowered itself allowing him to go up.She stood there afraid to go near. “I hate repeating myself, come.” He beckoned with his hand and she went. He extended his hand to her and she took it then he pulled her up. By then her he
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    Chapter 5
    That night Tina went to bed without seeing the prince, she waited for him for a while until she fell asleep and when she woke up she was in her bed. She went and took water to bath then went to get warm water for the prince to bathe as well just like the maiden told her. When she got to the prince's room she knocked but there was no answer, she slowly pushed the door and it opened.The prince was still asleep in his bed, she went in and closed the door quietly then went and prepared his bath adding some scented leaves just like how her mother would prepare her bath. Those leave soothes the body and made one relax. As soon as the leaves soaked in warm water they released a nice calming fragrance. When she was done she went to the door about to leave.“That smells good.” He told her, he has been awake since she opened the door, he was a light sleeper, a person that was always ready for anything, that is how it was out there in the war. One cant sleep like a l
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    Chapter 6
    Pablo was sitting with his father and his brother Felix in the meeting chamber. They were having a light conversation before the meeting starts, the ministers were not all there yet. “So, son, how is the chosen maiden?” asked the king looking at his son with loving eyes. “She is alright.” Answered Pablo indifferently. “Alright, did you figure out why she was chosen yet?” asked the king once again. Felix was already annoyed by this conversation.“There is nothing special about her father, the beast is probably tired of its master not having a woman by his side,” Felix stated but before the king could answer the ministers started coming in. they bowed respectfully to the royal family before taking their seats. “I guess since we are all here the meeting can start, the second prince here is the one that called this meeting, and I will give him the floor to state his business.” The king told everyone.“There
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    Chapter 7
    Tina was shocked to see the mighty prince in this state and wondered what might have happened to get him this way. She slowly put down the nightgown the maiden had just brought for her and turned to look at him pacing in front of her door. “Would you like to come in my prince?” she asked him and watched as he stopped pacing and look at her.“Yes, yes I would like to.” He said then went inside and sat on the chair next to her bed. She sat on the bed and looked at him. “What can I be of service my prince?” she asked him careful of her words, she did not know the kind of person he was and did not to be so free around him. “Do you know anything about kids, I mean old children and some young, like my brother’s children?” he asked not even knowing what he was asking.Tina sighed looking at how bothered he seemed. “Yes, my prince I do. I grew up in an orphanage so, I think that I have some idea of what you are talkin
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    Chapter 8
    When morning came Tina opened her eyes and stretched. She scanned her surroundings and was shocked to find out that she was in her room. She did not remember leaving the hall and coming back here. All she remembered was resting on the couch then nothing, she tried to think but could not recall what had happened to her. However, she was relieved to see that she was still dressed.She got out of bed and went to the kitchen to get bathing water for the prince. She then went back and brought it to his room. She tiptoed around preparing his bath, not forgetting the leaves she always put in it. The scent filled the room then she left after putting on the fire to make the room warm, it was very cold this morning, and thought that she would have frozen to death if she has slept the whole night in the hall.She internally thanked whoever brought her back to her room as she walked back to the kitchen to get his food. When she came back, she could hear the water splashing so, she
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    Chapter 9
    “Stupid filth!” Tina shrunk moving backward, she was scared of what these women will do. “Am sorry the prince is the one who asked me to organize this, I never meant any harm to the princesses.” The poor girl tried to defend herself but the look she got from the concubines told her that they did not care who asked her and that all they cared about was teaching her a lesson.“You should have told us what he was planning, or were you in on the whole thing, is this some kind of plan to wipe out our children?” Tina trembled when she heard that, she could have sworn that the prince had no such intentions. Before she could open her mouth to say something more another slap landed on her cheek making her head turn to the side.Gods! It hurt so bad, “You think just because you are the first maid the second prince has you are special?” spat the concubine but did not give her a chance to respond as another pulled her hair roughly, i
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