The CEO's Pretend Wife

The CEO's Pretend Wife

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"Tall with broad shoulders and muscles that stood out from a well-fitted white shirt worn with suit trousers, sleeves rolled up, two buttons left undone—so fucking hot. Sigh!" Ruhi's eyes went wide in awe as they scanned him. Rafael was used to getting this kind of response from every woman he met. Nothing about her caught his eye. He didn't care to look at her for more than a moment but didn't think any less of her for eye-fucking him for a good thirty seconds. _____******_____ Ruhi Bakul is a confident, independent woman who is content with her life, a decent job, and a long-distance boyfriend. Rafael Fernando Carvalho is your typical cold, aloof CEO known for his good looks and intelligence, besides being the sole heir of his dad's multibillion-dollar diamond business. Just hearing the name Ruhi annoys him because his dad has suddenly arranged for him to marry her, a complete stranger, while he had a hot girlfriend already. How does he take it when Ruhi runs away from the wedding by faking a kidnapping scene? Being the billionaire's wife has its perks, but Rafael's past comes with many secrets, some of which can endanger Ruhi's life____******____ This couple is in for a lot of fun, love, and romance besides the ever-lurking dangers trying to separate them.

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123 chapters
Chapter 1
Greece Rafael walked into his secluded beachfront villa after a day packed with meetings. This was his fourteenth time visiting Greece, and the paradisiacal, rugged Greek islands left him gasping in disbelief every single time. Of the six thousand islands and islets out there, he had twelve favorites. This time, he took his girlfriend along to the sleepy little Chios with its untouched shorelines and charming backcountry patched with olive groves and fig fields. Alisha was sprawled out on their suite bed, waiting for him. Her heavy breasts were straining against the soft, bright red lingerie. When she saw his eyes roam on her barely covered sexy body, she leaned in towards him, giving him a clear view of her perfect, inviting duo. She ran her hands down her front and looked at him with those bewitching eyes. He was tired and needed a massage, but she had ignited a fire within him which could only be quenched when he sucked&n
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Chapter 2
A few days earlier in a small college town in Florida Ruhi's brand new Mini Cooper roared to a stop at her friend Lisa's home. She wanted to show off her car to her friend and grab breakfast from their favorite restaurant. She had plans to head out to Atlanta to meet her long distance boyfriend, Dhruv, for the winter break. "Ta-da! How do you like it? 300 horsepower, fully loaded, all-wheel drive."  "Wow! Looks fantastic, Ruhi. Suits your personality." Lisa marveled at the tiny, flashy car. "I know, right! I just went to test drive, but they had it in this brilliant metallic red. I can't take my eyes off it even after two days. Ready to roll?" "Yep, gimme a second. I'll give some dry treats to Romeo and be back. He has been giving me the evil eye all day today." She took quick, long strides and disappeared. Romeo is Lisa's handsome little cat. Ruhi has known Lisa&nbs
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Chapter 3
Dhruv kept Ruhi busy on the call when she stopped for breaks and to fill up gas in the car. Usually, when flying to meet him, she couldn't get out of the airport fast enough to run to him. But as she drove to the parking lot of his condo, she gave in to the temptation of looking Rafael up before walking to the main door.  It was chilly in Atlanta at 55F. She went back into the car and spelled Rafael's long name in the search bar. Her heart jumped out of her chest when she saw his picture. The same hazel brown eyes, shrewd and sparkling with the sort of gaze that can make people forget to breathe and a lot more. Memories of her trip to his dad's summer home thirteen years ago flooded her. She was twelve, and he was sixteen. Rafael's dad owned a place in Coonoor, a beautiful Indian town high up in the mountains called the Nilgiris or the Blue Mountains. Ruhi's family visited Coonoor when her dad wanted to complete a
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Chapter 4
December 31st AM | Sausalito, California "Ahh! This tiny town is like magic..." Ruhi jumped in excitement as they got off the ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito. "Look at how the homes are clinging to the steep hillside! The skyline, the waterfront, wow!" She turned around in a full circle in awe. "I'm in love with California!!" She hugged Dhruv. "Correction: Northern California," Dhruv said, "I hate LA and anything SoCal."  Ruhi had no idea what he meant. She visited a few places in the US but lived only in one place all four years. She did her MBA and stayed in the same town for work. "Thank you for getting a job here. Now I'm convinced I should also apply for something and move." "Ask your soon-to-be fake husband to hire you in one of his companies. Your current boss will throw you out for missing work for so many days anyway." Ruhi suddenly got nervous when Dhruv brought u
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Chapter 5
"Ruhi! Hold on, what's the matter with you?" Dhruv caught Ruhi by the elbow just as she got into the elevator to go down the building."Nothing, we had plans to leave after dinner.""Yeah, but that was because we didn't expect him to ask us to stay back. Getting into that place for NYE needs reservations made months ahead. And the table we sat at, with the bay views and complimentary champagne, they charge over a hundred dollars to reserve that.""So what, Dhruv? I'm not interested in the bay views or champagne. I want to get out of here." She stepped out of the elevator and exited through the main door."Why are you yelling at me? And why are you so bothered by what that asshole said?""I think we should break up.""What? Ruhi, you didn't sip a drop of alcohol and are still talking nonsense.""I'm being serious. I can't do this anymore.""Is it because I stared at Alisha? I'm really sorry, Ruhi. It was only for a second, and i
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Chapter 6
Rafael stepped out of his car and so did five armed bodyguards from the two black cars that were following him."Ruhi, enough with your tantrums! I haven't complained even one bit about this morning." He followed her as she click-clacked her heels extra hard against the concrete floor when she heard the word 'tantrum'. She spun around when he caught up to her."I wish you complained. Instead of saying one or two classic jerk lines and be done with it, you are acting passive aggressive ever since the phone call. Is it my fault if you can't use those big eyes of yours with extra-long eyelashes to find me at the mall entrance? I was starving and was about to eat lunch when you called, but you talk like only your time is precious. I got time off from work after one year of slogging and guess how I'm spending it?""Don't blame me for your problems since you were born, Ruhi. We could have reached the lawyer's office by now if you didn't enjoy listening to yoursel
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Chapter 7
"Miss Ruhi Bakul, I believe this is a forced marriage on top of being a secret contract one?" Eddy Emhoff smirked at Ruhi."Yes??" She raised her eyebrow at him. Rafael's lawyer friend appeared pretty sarcastic and mean to her."Why would it matter if the wedding happens in San Francisco or Siberia? It's fake.""It's still a wedding, and my first one. I even know the color of the saree I want to wear. In my mind, I have planned it many, many years ago. Also, there is this sacred banyan tree in my hometown that every newly married couple visits for blessings. I have to take my husband there too, fake or real. I made a promise.""You made a promise to the tree?" Eddy mocked her and looked at Rafael with a 'She's a nutcase' expression."Yes, I did. Don't make fun of the tree."Rafael couldn't believe his ears. He took the paperweight from the loosely stacked contract papers, aimed it at her head, and did a mock throw when she was
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Chapter 8
Rafael tapped Eddy's office door with a key card when Emma got up from her desk and rushed to him."Oh, Mr. Carvalho. You didn't have to do it." She fidgeted with her fingers nervously and looked at the signed and stapled bunch of papers."I want you to make two copies of these and have them sent over to me." He handed her the contract."One copy for me too." Ruhi chimed in."Ignore her. She won't be getting a copy.""Why n--" She swallowed the lump in her throat when Rafael glared at her the way his dad typically does—the kind of look that turns legs to jelly.He gave Emma the key card back and grabbed Ruhi by the arm. He pulled her roughly out toward the elevator. Ruhi was shocked at his sudden change of demeanor."Rafael?!" She protested against his steely grip."Stop saying my name. And stop talking." He pushed the elevator button to reach the lobby."So you were just playing nice until---"<
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Chapter 9
After sucking the air out of Ruhi's lungs, Rafael let her go. Her face was on fire from the rush of blood and the realization of what just happened. Even though she was twenty-five and considered herself an independent woman, she panicked about her parents' reaction when she saw the reporters continue clicking pictures. Her entire family, extended relatives included, were going to brand her a shameless woman with no values or self-control.And Dhruv will probably say the same and break up with her."What did we do?" She whispered to Rafael in a panic. "What did YOU do?""I was left with no choice but to shut your mouth." His voice was husky but irritated."I have a boyfriend! What am I---""They don't need to know that. You have no filters or tact." He ignored the crowd and picked her up in his arms. With the intimate contact and his pleasant perfume, it took all of her willpower to not nuzzle his neck and take i
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Chapter 10
Dhruv got ready for his first day of work at the new company. He was over six feet tall and sleeping on the couch left him feeling sore and grumpy when he woke up. Ruhi was sleeping peacefully in his bed. He avoided looking at her and went about his morning business as quietly as possible.He wanted to stay mad at her, and he was sure he would forget all about their fight and forgive her if he looked at that innocent face. She looked the most innocent when she was quiet and sleeping. It's a whole different story once she wakes up and starts talking.He was conflicted between waking her up and showing her his new business casual attire versus ignoring her. It will only hurt her and make her cry. Maybe she was telling the truth, he wondered.He always felt he didn't deserve her because his physical needs were stronger than his feelings for her, and he did not have the patience to wait for them to get married to have sex.She called herse
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