Complicated Love

Complicated Love

By:  mrs geeky  Ongoing
Language: English
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Elena is married to someone named Daren, whom she has only known for a few days. Daren disappeared after the wedding ceremony. Elena must accept the harsh reality if her marriage is just a scandal made by her younger sister. Chloe has her own grudge against Elena. It's not enough that Elena, who has fallen in love with Daren, has to experience a complicated love affair. Coupled with the presence of Adam which made Elena even more confused. Their love relationship is so complicated. You can't even imagine it, because you will only be imagined if you read it. Happy reading, hope to be entertained.

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    3 chapters
    In a ballroom of a five-star hotel, you can see magnificent and luxurious decorations with white nuances.  Tonight there will be an engagement party for the Dawson family's daughter.              The Dawson family is the number one richest family in N Country. No wonder an engagement party could be this grand.              The Dawsons are getting ready in a room they have rented, hiring a professional makeup artist for this.  As well as using well-known designers for the dresses they are wearing tonight.  As with the decorations, their dresses are all white too.              Chloe was sitting at the dressing table with the makeup artist who was tidying her hair.  While his older sister, Elana, sat not far behind him.  The two eyes met each other in the make-up mirror.  The gazes of shade, peace and affection that Elena gave
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    Chapter 1
    Today coincides with one month of the failure of Chloe and Alex's engagement event.  Although Elena lives with Chloe, during that time Elena never met Chloe. Chloe was deliberately shutting herself down because she was so embarrassed.  Apart from that he also didn't want to meet his older sister.  He locked himself in a room and would come out of the room after Elena left. Elena is very worried about her little sister's situation, but what can she do.  Chloe cannot be touched by Elena, even Chloe never thought that Elena existed. For Chloe, Elena is an obstacle to her happiness in this world.  Chloe thinks Albert and Beatrix's love is only given to Elena alone, while she is only a stepchild.  Chloe's thinking was too far away.  It is true that Elena is a favorite child, but it is all for many reasons.  One of them is because Elena is a diligent and obedient child. Elena this morning has to go
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    Chapter 2
    Elena finished holding a meeting with her co-workers at a restaurant that is quite famous in the city.  The cooperation contract is going well and it is certain that the company Elena leads will cooperate with the company from the neighbor. Because the clock showed lunch, Elena and Sarah did not immediately leave the restaurant.  They decided to have lunch at the restaurant. Sarah is Elena's personal assistant.  He has been with Elena for almost 3 years.  They are quite close, like best friends.  The joys and sorrows they go through together, so that both of them know each other's secrets.  Be it weaknesses or strengths. Sarah is no less beautiful than Elena, it's just that Elena's body is very slender with blonde hair, blue eyes and an oval face.  Meanwhile, Sarah has a pretty body with blonde hair and black eyes.  His face was just as oval and had one mole on his face. They were busy chatting w
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