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#contract marriage #royal prince #forced marriage #playboy love # one-night stand #CEO Romance "Don't you think you're responsible after stealing my first kiss?" he asked mockingly. "It's just a kiss, not virginity moreover you're a boy, why do you care that much for a kiss?" she replied with a shiver. "So you're planning to steal my virginity too?" he asked with a smirk. "No.. no" she replied with a stammering tone. "Then take the responsibility" he said with a straight face. "I hate you you're an emotionless bastard" she screamed while crying. She is hope while he is despair, with two drastically distinct backgrounds and personalities they become one and produce a vivid illustration He is a man of every girl's dream, he is a man of every man's inspiration A perfect role model to a country, whom the country respects he is a royal prince and CEO of a most popular MNC. No one knows his dark side, but the one who know his dark side is a little girl. She loved him from first sight for years, he loved her from first kiss the guy who never let any girl to approach him finally made a girl to stay in his side with force. She is the light in his dark world will she become light in his dark world? or will she also disappear in his dark world? The girl who loved him started disliking for his evil side now it's his turn to lock her with him will she ever know his true side behind his evil side. The marriage with a contract, the life with a lock of hate. She is the one for him, he is one she hate a love story of responsibility and motive destiny's games. NOTE: mature content, violence, drugs etc

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Love knows no status,Love knows no age,Love does not discriminate,Love is not racist, The only thing love cares about is two hearts craving for each other.  "I LOVE YOU" meant that I accepted you for who you are and in no way wish to change you into someone else.It meant I will love and stand by you through thick and thine. ♡♡♡ "I LOVE YOU" meant I accepted your flaws, knew your darkest secrets but in no way ready to judge you for them, asking you to do same in return.♡♡♡The message of the heart is that of love and lingering feelings in the eyes proves it.♡♡♡The message love carries is in the pattern of ;"I love you" Because you’re my happiness. "I love you" And ready to get hurt in your steed.♡♡♡Love can fight with the world, overcoming all fears.A story of an uneven poles, prince of a country, the most popular CEO and a nation's husband destined to be with a little girl from ordinary famil
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☆DON LUCAS ROYECE☆ Male lead  29 years old a royal prince heir of ROYECE royal family and CEO of DLR group of companies 6 feet height quite charming and handsome no girl can escape from his charmhe is the most eligible bachelor in the country whom every girl desires to get in their life every man dreams to become like him but no one knows that he is a royal prince he is a dark beast but for whole world he is gentleman his only friends are dhiren william and liam Smith  ♡VICTORIA ROYECE♡ Side character 46 years oldqueen to ROYECE family mother to Don Lucas Royece she is a powerful lady and gentle woman she is the chairwoman of Royece group of companies  ◇BENJAMIN ROYECE◇ side character  52 years oldfather of Don Lucas royece king of royece family he is the most admirable and powerful man ex chairman of royece group of companies Read more
☆DON LUCAS ROYECE POV☆Hey !  Wanna know more about me keep a deep view into my biography ...It's me DON LUCAS ROYECE aged 29 years old I'm the leagal heir of Great Royece royal family traced its brith in the  Regan dynasty of Y country south sector...since 11 th century BC . I was born in a royal family but inspired myself to be a CEO of our DLR company . Because my sole effort is to build our company to be the icon with world's largest businesses network along with huge number of branching offices across the world. Investment and hard work  for my dream was on my fingertips .Unknowingly as a curse I was born or grown up, lacking of  natural emotions indeed and I couldn't express or experience any feelings like anger, sad , pain ..... Nothing with others or in me , it's doubtful to my self?  I don't know what happened to me but my only focus to fulfill my dream ... So I am striving hard more than my ability.....I tried hard
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♡SRINITHI PARKER POV♡hello world I'm srinithi parker one and only daughter of amara and henry parker I'm the one and only cutie of nightingale street everyone knows me here I'm a half  english and half Bangladeshi girl my mom is a Bangladeshi girl and dad belongs to English so I'm hybrid girl of two cultures heheI love to enjoy each and every second of life because life is too short to taste every bit of emotion everyone says I'm a emotional fool but who cares I love to be myself because in this world only emotions can make us closer to people's heartI love everyone infact I never have someone to call as enemy or I dont have someone to hatemy mom says its because I'm innocent is it  my friends says I'm a kid because my mom feeds the food to me always even now and I can't drink water or something normally from bottle I use sipper due to a incident in childhood no matter how many tease me I c
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◇NO POV◇Don is in deep sleep he started listening the same words "you're a monster why are you alive why didn't you died when you're born you're piece of burden" his whole body is sweating his facial expressions turning dark he is whimpering in some unknown pain he is screaming "no no" suddenly he woke up with heavy gasping he looked at his surroundings started to realize everything was a dream he directly went to gym and started doing pushups his body is well tamed with 8 abs he is not any less to a model he have a Greek god figure after workout for 3 hours he went to shower the cold water that is dripping on his abs turned the cold water into hot boiling water no girl can go away from his freaking hot features he looks extreme hot to make any girl to drool for him but he have no dating history he is the hot topic of the country every girl wish to climb his bed but no girl appears to the world
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♡SRINITHI POV♡the beautiful sleep of mine and most beautiful dream with my prince was totally disturbed by my pets elle and noah still I can't get anger on them as they're my cute and sweet birds tim tim is snuggling into me I caressed his soft head I woke up and rubbed my eyes mom came inside with milk glass I hate it but she made me drink it forcefully my mom is so good but except in this milk situation I hugged her and snuggled she chuckled and said "baby dont you wanna go to college today" I nodded my head and said "I wanna mom because you know right vio and sals wait for me" she smiled and said "then get ready"I nodded my head and took my phone as usual I wished good morning it's my habit I dont know whether they checks or not but for me messaging is a daily habit I got fresh up and came down I seen dad also got ready and came near dinning table while kissing mom's cheek they're the most lovely couple I lo
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◇NO POV◇Anyone will not be blessed with every happiness god makes them to lack atleast onething in their life no matter how rich they're or poor they'reBut some people never understands what they're lacking or never tries to find it in order to fulfill it because according to them they have everythingBut people like these when they meet right situation or right person they'll know what exactly they needAt the sametime our don have everything rich life, powerful family, handsome features according to world and him but the truth is he also lacks something but he never cares about it though one part of his heart tries to remind him what exactly he needs to surviveBut he don't have enough time to think about it according to him everything is winning and gaining profitEven our destiny is quite tricky it makes us to meet someone who is extreme
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♡SRINITHI POV♡I always used to think rich people are merciless and cold hearted but today's scene made me to believe humanity exists still I seen a girl in roadside crying people are just kicking her instead of consoling her what kind of society is this I went to cafe to bring something for that girl I'm in a hurry waiter sister told that a customer went without taking change she showed him to me I followed him to return his money but I seen him giving cookies to the girl I thought he is also some kind of rude man who dont cares about money but he is in a hurry for this girl what a kind man till today I never seen someone sweet like him he went aside oh god is he gone what about this money its okay if destiny makes me to meet him sure I will return this money to him I seen someone beside me its mom she asked "what you're doing here princess" I replied "maa see that little girl for her I came here" mom took her to our home
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◇NO POV◇Violet and salomi never thought about consequences of their momentary aversion for them the problem solved but they don't know that they started the real fight right now eva started hating three of them already but this situation gave rise to poisonous grudge in hershe is eva stele one and only heiress of stele family she is daughter of richest man in the   city born with a golden spoon made her spoiled brat she thought anything can be won by money and power every student of the college envy her beauty and power the only people who goes against her is salomi, violet and srinithi though srinithi never fights with anyone but she becomes centre of attraction in every fight as she gets attention everytime from everyone eva always hated srinithi from the core of her heart though there is no perfect reason for her hatred 20 days passed eva once again came to college she noticed o
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♡SRINTHI POV♡I never thought that I will win campus queen title because as everyone said it belongs to eve stele everytime then who voted to me whatever I need to say to mom she'll be happy more I excitedly ran to cafe mom is busy in making pastries and cookies by seeing me she giggled I smiled wide and showed crown to her she came near me and asked "princess what's this why you thought of buying a crown did you loved it" aww my mom I smiled widely and said "no mom I don't waste money on these items" she asked "then from where you got this"I replied "in our college every year they selects a person as campus queen this year I'm selected as campus queen and they given this crown" I kept that crown on her head and said "my mom is the best queen" she hugged me I can see tears in her eyes I asked "maa why are you crying don't you like it" she said "Tomar jnno garbita princess" (Tomar jnno garbita means proud of y
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