The Heart of Death

The Heart of Death

By:  Josev Quadra  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kazuto is a man-made human aka homunculus created by the genius scientist Ai Mizuno. Born because of the greed and longing of a corrupted father Masaki Toushiro, for his deceased son. He was treated like Masaki's own son until his treatment for the homunculus is beyond human morals. Ai Mizuno decides to send Kazuto away to a small city called Ikebukuro to hides him away from his treacherous father. The emotionless Kazuto has yet to know what human emotions are, like a newborn baby with a body of a twenty years old man. In that fateful city, he met a handsome man who claims to be the informant that was sent by Professor Mizuno. Cain Lockhart charms the homunculus so that he obliges to his schemes, oblivious that the sly man before him had a hidden agenda for himself. With no one to depend on, the homunculus can only depend on the informant and the painter Shinzou, who is a relative to Professor Mizuno Ai

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17 chapters
Chapter 1: The Scarlet Killer
“Your job here is done, Kazuto” a manly voice whispered next to the young man. His scarlet eyes shine in the darkness, the bloodstained katana he holds never lost its way. The stench of death he leaves on his awakening is thick. They are in an underground tunnel, a subway train tunnel pursuing an enemy. The old bearded man behind the white-haired young man pointed toward the exasperated woman in front of them.“Kazuto kill her” the man ordered. “Don’t let any witness escape”.The young man with the name Kazuto nod as his scarlet eyes grow in the darkness. With a slice of his blade, he sends a wave of wind to the woman who escapes with her tail between her leg. Her head falls on the hard concrete, her body, and her head was torn apart with a swift of Kazuto’s blad
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Chapter 2: The Miracle Boy
The nameless Homonculus was born under the Virgo star, in a tube full of waters and chemicals. The young man opened his eyes in complete darkness. After he opened his eyes, all of a sudden he hears a ruckus outside the glass tube he stays in. It’s a young woman in her twenties, a silky blonde-haired woman with amber eyes.  She’s awestruck as she sees the young man awake in the tube, he was slowly pulled out from the tube. Still stark naked, the proud man came toward the newborn Homonculus they created. The man was none other than Masaki, enchanted by his beauty and the smoothness of his skin, the man gulps. “From now on, your name is Kazuto” Masaki added. After that he was taken away to a certain chamber, the hatchling has yet to learn how to fun
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Chapter 3: The Runaway
It has been a month, it passed away, the old man looked at his son in a way that was different from before. He gives Kazuto more workloads to reduce the time he spends with Professor Mizuno. She senses what Masaki is planning to do and thus tries her best to find the time to talk to Kazuto.  However, he’s slow on the intake; the homunculus just follows whatever his father orders him to do. Professor Mizuno bit her lips as she sees Masaki’s actions toward his son, Mizuno calls her son to arrange a meeting behind Masaki’s back. Kazuto glances at the professor, wanting to talk to her but he keeps being distracted by his father. His father keeps assigning him some task that requires him to kill people on the spot. Masaki smiles at her satisfyingly, knowing that the woman knows what she’s up to. Kazuto smiles
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Chapter 4: Cain Lockhart
Kazuto blinks his eyes as he is awakened in a motel room, his head feels like spinning. The young man looked at the piece of paper on the nightstand, it’s paper with writing on it. Something was written on it, instructing the man to get dressed and go to the city where the paper instructed. Kazuto doesn’t remember what happens before, but all he knew that he has to follow the instruction on the paper. The young man dresses up, he prepares his suitcase that is already displayed next to his bed. It was written by none other than Professor Mizuno, he knows her handwriting pretty well. The young man then went off from the motel, with cash in his hand. He paid the motel counter with the cash the Professor prepared. He was later instructed to get on a subway train toward Ikebukuro. In his head, the professor must have sent him
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Chapter 5: Clueless Homunculus
Inside the apartment is nothing but an empty room, the room is not that big. The size of the apartment is studio-sized, while the living room space is minimalist. The kitchen is right next to the dusty grey couch. Kazuto enters the dusty room, finding any sign whether there’s a sign of someone used to live here. Sitting on the grey couch is a small wide table with a LED television. Kazuto explores the room next to the living room. Inside the small room, there’s nothing but dust and boxes inside. Unpacking the boxes, he finds several books and decorations in the card boxes. He’s unsure of what he needs to do with the boxes, regardless he’s clueless about what he wants to do. Just when he’s about to unpack the whole thing, there’s a soft knock on the door. Kazuto warily walk to the entrance, peeking
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Chapter 6: The Scarlet Suit
It was another day for the homunculus to survive, his stomach is growling in hunger as he looks inside the fridge. It’s nothing but an empty fridge on display. He needs to buy something to eat, but as far as he concerns the Homunculus is just a few years old, unable to do chores by himself since he used to be pampered by his so-called father. The only thing he could make was a tepid coffee that Mizuno taught him, he likes the americano particularly. Iced americano particularly feels fresh for the homunculus to drink, he finds it strange afterward that he’s unable to sleep after drinking that delicious drink. He’s unknown to the liquids substances and the caffeine he chugged on for years affects his sleeping schedule. Mizuno once scolded him for being addicted to the caffeine, but it was too late for Kazuto since he&
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Chapter 7: The Lost Painter
Shinzou is painting in his bedroom, fully focusing his attention on the canvas in front of him. He was never been a science whiz himself so unlike his mother; the man doesn’t care about her mother’s job as a scientist. Even if she urges him to embrace his bloodline, the only thing he feels for science is hatred since her fascination toward science makes her stray from him. She never comes to see him amidst her projects, her fascination turns into an addiction that makes the whole family become a mess soon after. Divorced and taken by the mother, Shinzou regrets the decision since he was left behind in the house to look after himself. Her mother is preoccupied with her job, barely shows her presence to the lonely child. The luxurious apartment they purchased isn’t exactly heavenly to him now that he knew something wa
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Chapter 8: Ikebukuro Ordeal
Hunger takes over his senses when the man can feel his stomach grumbling due to hunger. The last thing the homunculus remembered was the familiar face of the crimson tuxedo informant entering his view. After hours has passed, the fatigue and hunger took a toll on his entire body. He’s hungry for a soul to devour. However, the informant's images keep popping into his brain. Blossoming into the homunculus gray-colored brain. Sadly enough, his quiet time didn’t last that long. The sound of footsteps resonates in the hallway, alerting the homunculus about the presence of strangers gathering in front of his apartment. Kazuto goes into his bedroom, uncertain about what he should do next. He remembered the words from the professor were not to attract attention. However, he was beyond hungry at that point. He’s starved for human souls, and the berating sound of a metal baseball bat irritates Kazuto’s ears. His scarlet pupils shine in the darkness, an entity whispering inside his mind for
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Chapter 9: The Street Cleaners
“I love you, Kazuto” the woman spoke in the boy’s mind. Kazuto who passed out earlier was immediately awakened by the voice of Professor Mizuno. He gasped when he saw the men in his house were all bathed in crimson liquid. The homunculus touched them, but none of them move from the floor. Their eyes are peeled open as if horrified by something that just occurred. Kazuto knew that it was her doing, the Goddess of Death made her movement. He was hungry for souls, but now he no longer feels that hunger. He can surmise that the Goddess of Death has satiated their hunger. Each of the men's chest and arteries are ripped brutally, his room is the perfect crime scene for a slaughterhouse.Kazuto still remembers the professor's messages, and that is not to cause any scene. However, he already causes a huge scene in the apartment he’s going to stay in. He’s quite surprised that no one has entered the apartment to report the violence and murder he committed. It was an old apartment, but there
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Chapter 10: The Death Weakness
The cleaners manage to clean Kazuto’s apartment, and no blood is to be spotted in that apartment. They clean the apartment, spotless from the red liquid and any corpses. The kids did their job well, Shu can sense the money will flow into his account. He had to divide the money amongst them.Even though Shu hates Cain’s guts, he saves them from starvation and abandonment. He only wants to return the favor to Cain, even if Cain never asked for anything back. However, it was personal for Shu. The teenager dislikes being in a debt, to someone else. However, it was his first time seeing Cain taking interest in a puny-looking human.The white-haired young man looks as if he’s an ill man waiting for someone to pick him up. He’s certainly not the sharpest man for following Cain. The informant smells bad news, nothing about Cain is sincere and genuine. He lies as he breathes, the ultimate trickster that will never cease to disturb your day if you possess something he wants to have.“Is that gu
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