The Ugly Heiress

The Ugly Heiress

By:  Stella Farfalla  Ongoing
Language: English
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Layla Wilson was just your ordinary girl. Newly graduate and Hired as a Junior Accounting Analyst of Liason Accounting Firm, one of the top company in this Industry. Due to the untimely death of her father her family was on the verge of collapse. For money, she needs to agree with Anton Chavez, play the role of his fiancee and live as his wife for 2 years or maybe more. She can't believe that a face like hers totally resembled an Heiress with a very hot and good looking fiancé. Will she be able to control her heart while playing the role of his wife until the real one comes back?

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1 chapters
  "They say you’re ugly..." Arthur said. He just got back from a client's company celebration. Layla was not able to accompany him since she has an important appointment. Layla clears her throat. She's not a beauty of high society’s standards but she always believed that beauty is not just always about a pretty face. "You drink a lot?" Layla opens the door to let him in. "Yeah...I guess I'm drunk." Arthur swayed as he walks towards the stairs. Layla walks behind him as they ascend. She wants to support him but until now after two months of marriage, slight physical contact is still awkward although he already kiss her one time during the wedding. She suddenly felt hot at the memory of his lips.  Layla thought Arthur was going inside their room right away. She was caught off guard when he suddenly turns around instead of opening the door. There's only an inch between them. "Goodness you scared me!" Layla exclaimed.Read more Protection Status