Unwanted Mate

Unwanted Mate

By:  MishaK  Completed
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A TORMENT OF LIFETIME The Lykae General Tova Lermont leaves the kingdom of Renada to find peace from the torment of unrequited love. Tova’s policy was simple—never love a woman. Too many had tried to ensnare him because of his wealth and skills as a healer, but after his experience, he decides to stay single. VIVACIOUS REDHEAD Desperate to survive her impending poverty, Alyssa, born out of wedlock to the witch queen and a human, takes Fenris, assistant of the most popular healer in the Lore as her hostage. When she realizes that the Lykae is too powerful for her to retain as a hostage, she tries a new way to keep him – seduction. What happens when the truth emerges that it is Tova and not Fenris whom she had captured? What happens when he realizes that she is more than meets the eye, reminding him of the past he tried hard to bury? Join Tova and Alyssa in this fun, heart-wrenching roller coaster of emotions.

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59 Chapters
Alyssa fluttered open her eyes to find that it was dark on the outside. For how long was she unconscious? The hearth in the corner of a small room was the only source of warmth and light. Slowly, she turned her head and found old Coira, her childhood nanny, sitting on a chair next to her bed, her head bent forward in sleep. A look of surprise crossed her face. How did Coira find her? She tried to get up, and as soon as she did that, Coira woke up.  “Don’t move!” Coira chided. Read more
Pushed to the Corner
Two months later.  It was just another day and Alyssa was preparing a potion for a customer who had paid in advance. Smell of various herbs that hung with a clip on a line near the window along with dried bat wings wafted through the shop. Her apron was stained green and red. She turned to pick another herb from a bottle on the right shelf, pushed a strand of hair behind her
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Alyssa had bound the healer’s hands and feet. The unconscious man was naked when she had pulled him out of the water. She had found his breeches and made him wear it, wincing every second as her blood heated by his nakedness. Right now he was thrown across the saddle, his foot and hand tied beneath the belly of the horse to secure him from falling. She was racing her horse through the forest in order to reach her makeshift log cabin. It was the wee hours of the morning. The first rays of sun weren’t out. She was sure that the men in his camp must have been still sleeping. And her cabin was pretty far. It would take her an hour to reach. “Ugh!” she hated the fact that her witchery rarely ever worked. She would have created a portal otherwise. As the horse raced, she looked at the healer’s assistant who was hauled across the horse. A very fine man. She envied him. She would have been
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Vulnerable Position
As soon as she reached there, her maid, Coira, and Benny helped her to get him in the house. Coira was all wide eyed at the Lykae. “He is a pleasure to look at, Alyssa!” she said. “Ye should seduce him to marry ya lass! He will start earnin’ good once his training with Tova is over.” Coira was swooning over him already, the lines on her face easing out. The old woman was a human and loved Alyssa ever since the witch queen had given her to be her nursemaid. The queen had handed little Alyssa to Coira when she was barely a week old. “Look at how handsome he is. I am sure he must be pretty well-hung!” Coira winked and Alyssa became scarlet red. “Coira!” She scowled at her nanny. “Ye know why he is ‘ere! So let’s just stay focused. Help me tie him!” Read more
“How do you expect our tiny Alyssa to fight against a hulk like you?” said Benny, which added to his jealousy. He would rip his right hand first. He grated, “Why have you kidnapped me?” He took a step closer. Her smell was intoxicating. His mind immediately wandered to the wild white flowers that splashed in the valley, which surrounded his establishment. His gaze traveled to her lips and sent his mind to the gutters. He imagined that wrapped around— Alyssa took a step back and Benny took a step closer to her grabbing the spear tightly. It was so easy for Tova to pluck this girl from here and carry her all the way to Renada and have her for himself. At this point of time, he was driven by a mad yearning to hold her, feel her, and smell her and simply bury himself in he
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Alyssa’s place was so small that he… loved it. He found it cozy. Her bathroom was so small and her tub even smaller. He spent a good one-hour smelling all her soaps and perfumes, committing them to his memory, learning her. He came out in Benny’s clothes, and Alyssa stifled a laugh for they were short on his sleeves and ankles. But when she looked at his neatly shaved face and hair combed back to perfection, she noticed his true manly features. That square jaw line was supposed to be… nibbled at.  Since that was the best room the cottage had, Alyssa had to give it to him. “Knock it when you want to come out,” she said before locking it. Though she had locked it from the outside to prevent him from escaping, she knew that the strength, which Lykaes possessed, was beyond comparison. They could lift trains and trucks like toys. They could raze a bui
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The Deal
Benny was extra cautious. He was keeping a keen eye on him. What if the Lykae decided to run? This was their last chance to have a better life. Alyssa was planning on leaving Wizard Kingdom, Yezia forever after this, and he was going to be with her, and so would his mother, Coira. So close to her and not touching was like a torture. Her body’s heat seemed to touch him, burning his skin, searing it. Her wild blossomy scent maddened him and his wolf clamored him again. His claws increased in length and he concealed them behind his back. The girl had changed into a blue drape skirt and a white cotton shirt with strings tied over her breasts… loosely. Her huge breasts were bouncing with step and he feared, no, hoped that they spilled out of the dress. He bit a groan in his throat. Never had a woman ever affected him to this level. In order to distract himself he said, “Tell me about yo
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That’s One Less Of Twenty
“Perfect in the art of seduction?” For the past one year, he was least interested in seducing women. He just wasn’t interested in showing his affection to any woman. In fact he never needed to seduce a woman. They were available at the drop of a hat. Some of them had tried to cling to him to the extent that he could nauseate. He kissed her on an impulse. “Yes, you seem so good with it!” Tova’s face lit up with a half smile, not because she praised him, but because she liked it, and he smelled a hint of jealousy. “But Fenris, you should know that this is a simple trade, okay? I am invulnerable.” She would never let this go out of control. “I accept your terms, Alyssa,” he said as if he acc
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You Have To Go
Tova left to take a bath. He went to her room and was surrounded by her smell. While taking a bath, he was just three strokes away from ejaculating. Alyssa was arranging the plates on the table for dinner after taking a bath. Fenris’s kiss lingered over her lips and her lips would break into a smile every now and then.  Benny walked over to her and in a low voice said, “It is getting dangerous as hell. We need to move out as soon as possible. Maybe in two days give or take.” She tensed. She wondered if she had to move fast. Over the dinner, things cozied up and while she remained quiet, Tova came to know that Coira was a human and Benny was her son. His father abandoned them soon after he was born. Coira was taking care of A
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I Like Him
She didn’t take her nightdress out and ran cold water in the shower. When she stepped in it, she felt… comforted. As water sluiced over her, she thought how much her life planned out. Fenris was part of her plan—to learn and then disappear in the Lore. She cringed at the thought that Izhal and Auria were after her. She didn’t know where her mother was, because if she were there, then Izhal wouldn’t have dared to come after her. Her situation was grim and she didn’t want Fenris to be a part of it. The man was teaching her a lot of valuable stuff and she couldn’t be more thankful to him. “Let me get a towel for you,” his voice interrupted her thoughts. “Just don’t trip inside when I am gone.” She chuckled. When he came back two
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