The CEO's Pretend Lover

The CEO's Pretend Lover

By:  Maria Warren  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rachel is at the top of her game. She's CEO of her company, she's got a steady boyfriend and about to launch a virtual reality world for Clevania. Then everything falls apart. Her boyfriend tries to propose to her, her game gets a world-stopping bug, and there's someone in her very own company leaking information, information that can get her and her best friend killed. Now Rachel will have to track the spy down using wits, looks, and the fact that no man has ever said no to her. But will it be enough to stop this stranger's grudge and the hell he's about to unleash, or is Rachel willing to risk everything she's worked so hard for over something as strange as love?

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2 Chapters
The cake was a marvel to behold. Four layers containing chocolate, vanilla, smores, and even Oreos were dusted with gold leaf and a pretty glass of champagne nestled right beside it.The only true problem with it was the icing on top. The icing spelled out to ask a question Rachel never thought she'd ever have to deal with in her entire life.Will You Marry Me?Across from her Jace shifted in his seat. His black tux made his golden hair stand out even more than it normally did. He leaned closer to her as his eyes searched hers."What's this?" Rachel demanded once she could form words again."A cake," Jace replied with a bit of a smile. "Your favorite flavors all together. Nakuni helped me so there will be no misfortunes, like last time."She would have preferred choking on an eggshell again compared to this situation. "Jace, I'm fine with marrying you in-game, I get benefits from that. What made you ever think I wanted to get marrie
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Rachel's heels clicked as she roamed down the hall and she made a bee-line for a certain office. Slamming the door open she caught her so-called assistant on his couch hunched over a tablet and poring over the figures displayed. His eyes flickered over to her and he nodded in greeting."Where were you last night?" Rachel demanded through grit teeth."Excuse me?" He uncoiled like a snake and set the digital device as he stood to full height. "Miss Cerna I'm not sure what has gotten into your mind-""Enough," Rachel snapped as she held up a hand. "I had a call last night from one of our employees desperately afraid that everyone around her had quit. So where were you, Ven?"He gestured to his office. "I was right here. I was choosing to use my time to try to find the origin of the bug and deal with it. As I recall you had some appointment set with that," he paused as he shuddered, "date of yours. I only assumed that was a more important venture than the bus
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