sugar is sweet

sugar is sweet

By:  陈雪莹  Ongoing
Language: English
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1 chapters
Chapter 1
At nine o'clock in the evening, in riverside city!A long-distance passenger car was driving at a constant speed on the urban road. When passing a busy street, a young man suddenly jumped out of the roof. His hair was messy. He was wearing a white washed gray shirt and a shabby jeans. He had his trousers cut off from his knees and carried an old backpack in his hand.All the passers-by were shocked by the young man who jumped out of the car. Even a few cars were forced to stop. Everyone was wondering if the non mainstream people in the countryside had no money to hide on the roof of the car?Standing in the middle of the road, lin feng didn't seem to notice the cars coming and going at his position at all. He just looked around and grinned, "you're awesome. Thousands of kilometers from the land of YN province to the river didn't cost me a penny!"As he spoke, Evan burst into laughter. He seemed to be very proud that he didn't spend a penny to come to the Shangjia
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