The Silver Necklace

The Silver Necklace

By:  Mother of Dragon.  Ongoing
Language: English
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Life is so full of mysteries that each day, we uncover a tiny piece of them. The gifts it offers... the wonders of nature, the cryptic knowledge of time, the breathtaking view of the ocean and all of its divine beauty that unfolds beneath it. But not all that glitters is gold. All that is sometimes good, is also bad and dangerous to us, at one point in time. Raya Soldiers, a remarkable selfless young girl soon finds out about a mysterious piece of ornament, not the kind that was pretty and shinny and would make you the picture of loveliness at the dance party-it was similar to those kind that changed the entire life of a person. A simple gift you might say, but what happens when a simple gift turns out to be a hard nut to crack? This tale uncovers the true meaning to friendship, love, true strength and compassion. Sharpens the blurry image of the lives of three friends, redefines the reality they'd all chosen to abandon. And if all fables truly taught us a lesson, these three friends could manage to reshape their destinies. Discover how the true meaning of loyalty and affection is being tested. Magic does not truly means a princess finding her true love, or the hero slaying the dragon. Sometimes, it simply means a princess finding the strength to survive on her own and the hero, learning to ride the dragon rather than slaying it. Life, as you know it, is about to change. Prepare to journey through a whole-fantastic-new-world!

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"It is a unique mystery of some supreme beings very powerful than anyone can ever imagine, bestowed unto men to heal and reshape destinies. It is the greatest thing mankind will ever set their eyes upon, and will forever be grateful for till eternity." A scrawny old man recited as the other faces in the room, listened in silence. Perhaps patiently waiting for him to land with his wondrous statement, because they were truly nice and warmth and full of love and affection."All that boring talk for nothing!?" (Perhaps not.) The finest and only woman among them barked out in her tiny high pitched voice, sadly, it didn't come out as a powerful angry tone she might had been expecting but rather an annoying little squeak that hurt the ears of any man on the planet. "The necklace is still swung across your filthy neck Raymond!." Her big nose wrinkled in anger, making her resemble one of the seven dwarves in snow white, except, what was the difference anywa
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