Adam & Jenna

Adam & Jenna

By:  Missy Anna  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Gosh! Adam look!" Jenna shouted, trembling at the test pack in her hand. Adam dashed into the bathroom and grabbed the test pack that was in Jenna's hand. He was immediately stunned. "We're dead!" One year ago Adam and Jenna, who were both threatened with an arranged marriage by their parents, agreed to have a contract marriage when they accidentally met in Europe. 30-year-old Adam, who is a candidate for President Director of a leading property company, is threatened with losing his position if he doesn't get married. And 28-year-old Jenna, who is a freelance writer, is also threatened with being married off to an old businessman because of her father's debt that they can't pay. How will the fake marriage without the love continue? Will it have a happy ending? Or will each of them find love outside of their married life?

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6 Chapters
First Meet
In a huff, Jenna put her clothes in the suitcase. She didn't understand her father, who this time has gone too far.   Seriously, Jenna, who was 28 years old, will be matched with an old businessman who has a lot of warts on his face!   Debt is a debt, but why must Jenna be sacrificed? If Jenna wanted to stop the matchmaking, she must have at least 1 billion dollars to pay off her father's debt to the old man.   "Jenna, you don't have any intention of running away, do you?" asked Mr. Johnson, Jenna's father, with a pitiful face.   Jenna stopped packing, then looked up at her father with immeasurable emotion.   "Dad, I've been planning this solo trip from six months ago! Running away? Really?!" Jenna shouted with exasperation.   Mr. Johnson breathed a sigh of relief, he could not bear to match his only daughter with Martin the old fart. But he was threa
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Pepper Spray
It was 9:30 p.m. when Jenna and Adam arrived at the inn that Jenna had booked several months ago.The inn was a recommendation from Jenna's best friend, Gigi.The inn building looked a bit old-fashioned, but it's still sturdy. The walls seemed as if they had just been repainted, Jenna could tell by the distinctive scent of the paint that filled her nasal passages. Behind her, Adam stood with a completely unpleasant face.Jenna pressed the bell on the wall next to the door once, then took a step back and waited for the door to open. A few moments later an old woman with slightly gray hair appeared, she tightened her dark brown wool cardigan against the cold air."Is there a reservation already?" asked the old woman straight away, because she was lazy to linger in the open air.Jenna showed the proof of the order stored in the email on her cellphone. The woman nodded with a smile."Ahhh Canada!
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Be My Wife
Adam covered his face which was really in pain, he ran to the bathroom and washed his face with running water.Jenna frantically began looking for ways to deal with people who had pepper spray on the google search engine.Jeez!The inflammatory effect causes closed eyes, temporary loss of vision, a burning feeling in the lungs, and shortness of breath.First aid: Wash with water, saltwater or compress with milk.Jenna hurriedly ran to get three boxes of milk in her suitcase, then poured them into a container in the bathroom. At that time Adam was grimacing in pain without being able to open his eyes."Let me put this on your face! According to Google, this can help to reduce the effects of inflammation," Jenna said frantically.Adam who wanted to be angry chose to save his anger for later. And let Jenna wipes her face and neck with a towel soaked in milk."Sorry, I completely forgo
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Jenna, who had arrived outside the inn, cursed because she forgot that it was winter and she only wore culottes and crop tops.While cursing her stupidity, she went back into the inn and ran to the third floor."I forgot to wear my coat!" Jenna shouted as she opened the door. Adam was seen calling someone near the window, unaware of Jenna's presence behind him."Easy Mum, just calm down! I can take care of it!""Matthew won't get that chance mum! Just relax okay? All you have to do is put my name in the CEO candidacy and let me do the rest."Adam angrily hung up his phone call and was surprised to find Jenna standing there with her coat in her hand."Since when were you there?" Adam asked as he walked over to Jenna. "Just now. I left my coat behind. I was scream when I entered, didn't you hear my voice?" Jenna said curtly, she was getting ready to leave the room again when Adam held
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Terms & Conditions
The snow started falling hard when Jenna and Adam finished their tour of the Rijksmuseum. They stood in front of the Neo-Renaissance style Rijksmuseum building, waiting for the Uber Car to come to pick them up."Where are you planning to go when you're done with Amsterdam?"Adam asked, breaking the silence between them."Umm, I'm planning to visit Brussels! You?"Jenna asked back.Adam turned his gaze towards a little girl who was dancing under the falling snow gracefully."No plan,"Adam replied briefly.When he decided to travel to Europe, he didn't have a special itinerary. Adam left, fed up with the incessant matchmaking of his mother, who is too afraid that the CEO position will be handed over to Matthew, the son of his father's mistress.So Adam, who already had a Schengen Visa, decided to temporarily escape to Europe. To calm his mind."Oh, do you want to join my itinerary?" Jenna offered with a sweet smile, which was
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What happened in Giethoorn?
This morning Jenna was surprised by a luxury car that Adam had rented for their trip to Giethoorn. She was beyond excited because traveling by train would take a longer distance. Plus she had to transit by bus to get to Giethoorn Village."What do you bring?"asked Adam when he saw Jenna carrying a bag full of snacks and drinks."Snacks, I have to eat something in the car,"Jenna replied casually while stuffing snacks and a small pillow into the back of the car.Adam just looked away, he was ready behind the wheel. Now and then he closes his thick coat because the air outside reaches minus 10 degrees Celsius."Okay, okay!"Jenna exclaimed as she closed the car door. Without answering Adam started the car slowly."Can I turn on some music?"Jenna asked, glancing at the sophisticated music player in the car. Adam furrowed his eyebrows once, agreeing.Jenna was scrolling through the playlists on her
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