Under the Blue Moon

Under the Blue Moon

By:  Yukiro  Completed
Language: English
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Book 2 in the Under the Moon Series: Zach is a young adult werewolf who had lost almost his entire family when he was still a child, only he and his mother escaped the Hunters that had tracked them down and slaughtered them all. They managed to find a safe place to live with a large group of other supernatural beings but it was never the same as being part of a pack. According to his mother, somewhere out there is his destined mate and wanting to find a new pack to live with, Zach goes off in search of them. Rem is a young adult whose family's bloodline has always been Hunters. He is brash, stubborn, often gets himself into trouble and can generally rub people the wrong way with his smart- attitude. Very few people see his softer side. So what happens when your destined mate is the one meant to hunt you down and kill you? Well, Zach is about to find out! Part 2 of Under the Pale Moon but featuring different characters and can be read as a stand-alone story.

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115 chapters
My name is Zach and I was born to a small but healthy pack of werewolves in one of the rural towns of England. We mostly kept to ourselves but of course, there was always the stigma that followed our kind around.My mother, though human, was the destined mate to my father, the alpha of the pack. They had their fair share of issues when it came to people accepting them being together but otherwise, they were happy.That makes me half-blooded though my wolf side is as active as any pure-blood could ever be. Though, unlike the tales that claim we werewolves are savage beasts that only transform during a full moon, we're actually not like that at all. At least, I'm not like that so I assume that to be true for all of my kind.Sadly, not everyone trusts or cares for werewolves and the same was true for my family. I was only a child when it all happened and I only have vague memories of it all truth be told. Well, one day a group of Hunters had found out that my pack
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Busses are Nightmares
The bus was hot and extremely uncomfortable in the summer heat and I wondered why I had travelled during the day when the night would have been much cooler. I sighed out my nose heavily and then looked out the window. My reflection peered back at me, and my hazel eyes looked exhausted. The bags under my eyes were a clear tale of how long I had been travelling and for how long I had been awake.I glanced at my phone to check the time; it was almost three in the afternoon. I would arrive at my next location soon. I had already visited several large cities in England, including the one closest to where we lived, and I still had found no one whose scent stuck out to me as being my promised soul mate.I was wondering if I would ever find them. For all I knew, they could live all the way over in Australia and I’d never know it.Read more
Not your Typical Tourist
After a nice cold shower and a quick meal at the restaurant, I took a stroll around the area near the hotel. I had booked to see one of the musical shows tomorrow, but tonight I was free to explore and enjoy the sights and sounds of the afternoon atmosphere. It was still busy and crowded, but at least I didn’t need to catch any further busses or trains to rush to my next spot.To my surprise, there weren’t as many Hunters in the area as I thought there might be. Or at least, I hadn’t run into any. There were quite a few people that didn’t quite smell human, but so far many of them didn’t seem phased by my presence there. I wondered if maybe people were simply used to seeing werewolf tourists in the area, or if they were just too busy rushing to their next destination that they just hadn’t noticed me.I shrugged it off and continued to wander along the streets. I had to admit; it was all rather overwhelming; I h
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Not Lion Tonight
The night passed by uneventfully. The loud drunkards had thankfully gone by the time my ride on the London Eye ended, and I made my way back over the river. I headed back to my hotel room and laid down on the bed to watch some TV. Nothing too interesting was on, but it made for a relaxing evening. I wondered if it was worth going out again after a nap.I didn’t want to overwork myself trying to find my mate, and even if I didn’t meet them in person, their scent would have lingered around long enough to know they had been around either way. I realised I would need a lot of rest after a long day of travelling and not to mention all the sightseeing I planned for tomorrow.I turned off the tv and got changed into something more comfortable for the night. I then headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed. As a werewolf, I had more stamina than a human, but I soon realised just how tired I actually was. It had been a long day, even if I ha
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Young Kids Today
At the half-time break for the show, I left to grab myself another drink and to stretch my legs a little. The theatre was as jam-packed as I knew it would have been. Not that I had been paying too much attention, but I knew my mate was not here tonight despite the crowds.However, what I did smell was a few other werewolves, a few vampires - which you can tell by their life-less smell which very few can pick up on, and of course, a few other scents that I wasn’t too sure on. However, I assumed they were other supernatural beings. I prayed none were Hunters.I heard an announcement shortly after the quick break that the show would resume soon, so I quickly made my way back to my balcony seating area. I looked out over the edge to the swarming mass below. That was when I felt something that made my skin crawl.Someone was watching me. I scanned the area, but I saw nothing unusual. Had I imagined it? I furrowed my brows in deep thought,
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Something Familiar but Different
The oldest one of the bunch, a man who looked old enough to be my great grandfather, was lazily swinging a leg over the wall of the park. One of the youngest was crouching down on top of the streetlight, as though something like that was as natural as the moon at night. The others were here and there, some on the ground, some on lampposts, and others on the wall. If a Hunter saw them, they would easily know they were not human.I counted at least ten of them, and I knew right away that they outnumbered me. I knew that even one of these people could easily overpower me if they were looking for a fight. So far, their only actions had been to intimidate me unseen until I had been alone.“What do you want?” I asked, turning my full attention to the oldest. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure what they were, but I hoped he was the leader of the group and was the one I needed to address. I prayed to the Goddess that I was right. I tried to h
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The Up's and Down's
After the little game of tag between me and the two hunters, I realised I had left behind my mother’s gift I had just brought. It was back at the area where I had run into that group of golden-eyed people. I sighed and wondered if I should try to loop around and try to head back to the area. I hoped it might still be there, seeing how late in the morning it was.I couldn’t transform back into my human form, with no clothes to put on, and I wasn’t sure if it was safe for me to just wander around in my wolf form. I was a bigger target in this form than I ever would be in my human form. Luckily for me, there were enough back allies and things around that I could easily navigate without too much risk of running into people.The only downside was the smell most of these places had. Sick from drunkards, piss and other scents were often overpowering. Even to where I might smell nothing else there and that anything else could include Hu
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To the Wolves
As the Hunter turned the corner, he paused and looked at me. I could see the smug look on his face as he looked me up and down. I wanted to bite his face clean off, but I had to keep my cool. There was no use in gaining even more attention than I already gathered.The fur on my tail was standing on end. This Hunter made me anxious. So far, he hadn’t pulled a gun on me, which was a good sign that I could carry out my escape plan without him shooting at me and potentially hurting or killing me before I could get far in my escape.“Oi, Jones! Come ‘ere! We got ourselves a little mongrel!” The Hunter called out to one of his friends. I seethed at the insult. It was always the same kinds, and I loathed it. Though what had given me away?As this ‘Jones’ person joined his friend, they both let out a laugh. “Shit man, when I heard the guy’s account of his size, I was expecting some actual wolf but al
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Day of Rest
After finally getting back to the hotel and crashing out almost instantly, I awoke to the sound of the late morning sounds. Last night almost didn’t feel real to me. Today I had plans to do a bit more sightseeing and other more relaxed activities. I hoped that the Hunters would have given up their search for me, but part of me doubted it.After showering, dressing for the day, and grabbing something to eat in the hotel, I was ready for one last day as a tourist. This time, I was more cautious about my surroundings and who took notice of me. I visited several famous statues, fountains and other landmarks around the area and visited some excellent restaurants too.The day passed by quickly, and I was thankful that the Hunters didn’t seem to be around during the day. Or I assumed not. It made sense; it was far too busy during the day to actively hunt d
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Land of the Dragon
The journey into Wales had been far less stuffy and hot than my trip into London. I was rather thankful for a bit more space on the bus this time around. I had stretched my legs in the aisle for most of the journey, as no one had sat next to me. What was even more surprising to me was that I had even got a nap in for a couple of hours, so by the time we had arrived in the city; I was well-rested.The hotel I was staying at was a short walk from where the trains and buses came and went. The area itself was rather open and even had a pub which also worked as a restaurant right near the corner of the street. My mother had been right, Cardiff was not as large seeming as London had been, but it was still quite busy for the late afternoon hours.I looked at my phone to check the location of my hotel and nodded. Luckily, it wasn’t far away at all and I could easily walk there from where I had arrived. With a small smile to myself, I headed to the
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