By:  Alina Steven  Ongoing
Language: English
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Born and raised in abject poverty, all Vanessa Ryan ever wanted was to give a better life to her two younger sisters and her father and that was what made her accept Padma's proposal to marry her son, Yuvraj Singh. But not in her wildest imagination did she foresee that would be the worst decision of her life. After being tortured and abused beyond words by the man that was supposed to love and protect her, when Vanessa was given a chance to live again, she was torn between realizing her dream to give her family a better life or let the pain from her past drown her into self destruct. Read as Vanessa journeyed through life, motherhood, friendship and love. Would she ever be whole again after all life threw to her?

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5 chapters
Chapter 1
   Vanessa felt a hand moving on her body,She jerked up from her sleep and saw her husband Yuvraj.He'd this evil glint in his eyes that told her she was in for another torture,But today isn't Wednesday,Why today?She asked herself."Get off your clothes now." He ordered her,Like a frightened kitten,Vanessa began to unclad herself while her husband stood and watched her in disgust. After going stark naked,She gave her back to him and rested her head between her hands then shut her eyes,allowing him to do whatever he wants to do.For closely one hour,Yuvraj slammed his whole length into her,Rough,hard and fast he thrusted,Pulling her hair while he rammed himself into her,She just accepted his torture and sobbed in pain,He didn't mind that. When he was done,He got down from the bed and did his clothes,The last t
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Chapter 2
 When Vanessa came down for breakfast,Yuvraj was already at the table and Mollie was working her magic,Making sure everything was set,She came and pulled out a seat while Mollie served her,"Anyone in?" Padma's voice called from outside,"Yes mom." Yuvraj replied her as she opened the door to the dining room. "Woah,I smell something nice here." Padma said and she brought out a seat,"Good morning mom." Yuvraj greeted,"Good morning." Vanessa mumbled from where she was,"Hey sweety,How're you doing?" Padma asked referring to Vanessa. Taking time to answer,Yuvraj kicked her from behind the table and she jerked,"I'm fine mom,How's dad?" She asked her and immediately her hard went down again as she focused into her breakfast,Padma found her behavior unusual but didn't want to talk much about it now. Soon Mollie ser
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Chapter 3
After crying for some few minutes,Vanessa had a quick shower and came out of the bathroom.She took some painkillers,gulped it down with a glass of water then went to get dressed.She'd on a simple blue gown and her flip-flops slippers,Then applied some lotion to her skin.Vanessa wasn't the vain type unlike Yuvraj,So she bothered not about suntanning or adding,She goes with whatever changes she sees.     When she came downstairs,The dining was set,Scrambled Egg,Bacon and toast.Molli had also prepared Scampi Sauce and Chicken Fillets too.Padma was having some discussions with Yuvraj,"Good morning mom." Vanessa greeted her,Padma looked up,"Hey sweetie,How're you doing?" She asked having one of those her heartwarming smile. Most times Vanessa wishes Padma was her biological mother,Padma's very nice
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Chapter 4
 Vanessa woke up in the hospital,First she was relieved she didn't die in that bathtub,All thanks to Mollie.Secondmy, she was contemplating on whether to tell Padma what happened.The honest but silly fact was that she loves Yuvraj,She loves him and was really hoping he would one find,change and love her back.She really wished that day would come when he wouldn't remind her how she's black and no fit for him or how her afro disgust him or how ugly she's and probably stop comparing her to those female models he works with.She just wish someday,The both of them would be like other couples,Like Padma and her husband or like Rajveer and his wife Nandi or like Ranveer and Lily,She really look forward to that day. The door opened and Padma walked in,She'd a big visible frown on her face,This was almost the first time Vanessa saw her frown,She sat beside Vanessa
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Chapter 5
   Standing in front of her new apartment,Vanessa smiled.This was the first time in months she was actually smiling apart from Mollie's jokes that she crack most times.It's been almost one week she moved into the apartment and she loves it.It's a two bed room apartment and true to Padma's words,It was wonderfully furnished.She'd just gone to get some groceries in the grocery shop down the street when her phone rang,It was Padma. "Hey mom." She said said as she accepted the call,"Hey sweetie how're doing?" She asked her,"I'm fine,Just went out to get groceries." She told Padma,"So how do you like the place?" Padma asked,"Well it's wonderful and serene,I love it,Thanks Padma." Vanessa thanked her. "Yuvraj's back." Padma announced,Vanessa stiffened,"You don't have to worry,He doesn't know where you're
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