BARA : Love and Revenge

BARA : Love and Revenge

By:  Riska Vianka  Ongoing
Language: English
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Bara Mahendra is a student who is famous for being very handsome and twisted. He is the sole heir of the Pelangi Group which has many branches in Indonesian cities. Even his charm is able to turn off some women. But he is too difficult to conquer a student named Renata who is famous as a celebrity. Can Bara Mahendra conquer the girl of his dreams?

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4 chapters
Chapter 1 : Who he?
A yellow Lamborghini luxury car entered the Ciputra Surabaya campus area. Several female students began to gather and whisper about the figure in the Lamborghini luxury car. The gaze of one of the students named Aneta who is the most popular student on campus. She was wearing quite a dapper outfit. She even wanted to know who was behind the yellow Lamborghini.Natasha started to wood the bicycle. She was singing with her favorite song. She entered the campus area. She is a typical cheerful girl. She is a student of the Faculty of Business Management. In fact, she is considered one of the students who have extraordinary potential. She entered the University of Ciputra Surabaya due to a scholarship. She is a student figure who has passion in life.Aneta just depends on her parents who are super rich. One of Anita's parents is a government official. In fact, she always gets what she wants. She has a best friend named Bianca.A student who uses a yellow Lamborghini car. He was seen wearin
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Chapter 2: You are too cold!
Natasha went on a bike ride to her house. Then she stopped her bicycle on the street when she saw an old granny who was about to cross a very busy street. Then she immediately approached the grandmothers. “Grandma, let Natasha help to cross," said Natasha looking at the old granny's face which had wrinkles on her face. The grandmother began to nod in agreement with Natasha's words. Then suddenly Natasha began to help the grandmother to cross the city streets which were very crowded. " Thank you," said the grandmother when she reached the side of the road. Meanwhile, Natasha returns to her bicycle to go home. She suddenly remembered her long-dead grandmother. Natasha was back on her bike singing so very, very cheerfully. She couldn't wait to get home soon. She felt her body so very very tired. She even endured the pain on her knee which was slightly bruised from her carelessness earlier. * At the coffee shop owned by the Bara family, it was very crowded. Some of the visitors hav
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Chapter 3: Past trauma
At home, Bara looks really miss her mother. But he will never be able to meet his mother. Because his mother will never come back in the life of Bara and his father. Behind the door, Anton looks at his son from afar. He felt that Bara really needed a mother figure. But he was deeply traumatized by a woman who had left him guilt-free. In fact, he was already looking for the woman who was his legal wife. Like lost to the earth. "Eliza, why are you so brave with me and your own son? What's wrong with me and your son?" asked Anton in his small heart. He seemed to choose to be an idiot instead of having to find a replacement for Elisa. He chose to live together by asking only. He is also only focused on his work. Anton also hopes that one day Bara will find a good woman unlike her mother. He hopes that Barang finds his true love unlike him. Then Anton started to move away from Bara's room. He would head to his study to check some of his work in the office. He didn't even have a moment
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Chapter 4: You stay here!
“Eliza!” Anton started shouting to stop the footsteps of Eliza who was carrying a trolley case. "What do you want from me, Anton? It's useless you can't give me what I want. We are not on the same frequency anymore. It's better if we both live together. Divorce me!" said Eliza when she stopped her footsteps. Ordinary would not want to live life again with Anton. "Eliza, don't you care about our child?" Anton tried to resuscitate Eliza at that time. You become parents don't be selfish like this Eliza! He's your son too. Our baby!" "I don't care. It's a child isn't it. I don't even want to have children now. Take care of the child alone. Let me get out of here!" Eliza began to affirm her words while glaring at Anton. me again, Anton! We're done!" "El, you have to listen to me. You can't do this too selfishly," said Anton looking at Eliza's face. “You said I was too selfish?” Eliza tries to repeat Anton's words." You are selfish. You didn't even give me a chance to expand my career
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