By:  Mictecacihuatl  Ongoing
Language: English
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The moon goddess gave us a gift, a whole lot of us were blessed with wolf‘s, receiving it due our ancestors good deeds, as the tale tells and is known. But the one gift we all have is life and to live it one must do whatever it takes, so she rebelled. Until a question arose, how will Serena live without him, yes a male, her mate? A woman who is strong headed, kind but stubborn and who her entire life wished to never have a mate despite having seen one of the most beautiful and loving relationship of her parents. She doesn’t know what the future holds for her, but the one thing she does know is when she does something she does it with all her heart.

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3 chapters
Chapter 1
Running so fast, the trees were almost a blur.  She looked down to see the green grass beneath her paws, the soft dewy spikes teasing. Serena came to a halt at the edge of the lake, peering through her wolf’s eyes at the image that formed in the water body. A beautiful raven wolf stood there proudly, body larger than normal wolves and Serena knew that it was larger than the werewolf’s one too but who cares, at least she doesn’t.  She sometimes believed that it was probably due to the fact that the moon goddess understood her desire to never be with a male and made her strong enough to go against one. If only she knew.Looking up, she realized that it was starting to get dark and she must return home. Serena or rather Aria her wolf ran back home and saw that the door was opened by her brother as he stood there at the doorway talking to probably one of his admirers, not intention of sounding jealous or whatever. Who would be jealous of being hounded
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Chapter 2
The pale crescent moon shone in brightly in the night sky. It was middle of the night and wind was blowing gently caressing the creatures still out and awake. It was not same for all though, some were deep asleep peacefully tucked in each their own bed and some lay wide awake.Serena woke up in the middle of the night again, another one of her nightmares. She never seems to remember them and it was not odd because honestly people just do not remember all of their dreams. Since, trying to go back to sleep was futile Serena got off her bed to freshen up. She came and sat down on her bed in workout clothes with a novel in her hand. Only a few pages were left of the novel since it has been a few days since she has been reading this one. By the time she completed the novel, it was already 4 in the morning and it was time to head out for her run. She continued to think about the ending as she ran. The women in the novel, Emma had fell in love with the man Aabel, the man broke her h
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Chaoter 3
Serena was lying on her stomach on her bed, with another novel in her hand. This novel was a supernatural one, to imagine humans come so close to stating facts about them, she wondered if some of them actually knew, after all, if there is smoke there had to be a fire. Suddenly the phone beside her started ringing pulling Serena out of her reverie and she picked up the phone to look at who was calling her in the morning and only to find it was Kylie calling her, Serena continued to pick up the call and before she can even mutter a single word. Kylie from the other end ordered   “Get your wolf ass over to the café in an hour, I will meet you there, don’t be late, bye.” And she hung up on her face. Serena can’t believe Kylie didn’t even bother to check if she was on the other end, wow. It was a good thing Kylie had been smart enough to give Serena an hour as she was feeling lazy today and did not want to leave the bed. She got dressed in a
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