Mr. Meyer

Mr. Meyer

By:  Melanie Fraser  Ongoing
Language: English
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For me life means freedom, is what my mother always taught me, but also told me these phrases before dying "Every champion comes his rival"Of course I ignored him, no one on this earth is able to force me to do the will of him ... that until Yazahib Meyer arrived. A man: possessive, controller, jealous, sexy and cute in his way.Can I resist your magnetism, possessiveness and control of it? Or was that rival just came from which my mother always spoke?I do not know the answer to those questions, what I do know is that I will never bend before anyone, not even before the sexiest and dominant man in history.All copyright reserved.

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50 Chapters
Here I am finishing work to go back to my aunt's house, a month has passed since mother died, I no longer have anything to fight for, losing her has hurt me a lot, she was my only family in all my life. Alone, I'm counting on my aunt and that's it. My job at the bar is bugging me, men who just want to get on with me, an asshole boss who only sees me as a potential to give him more money, I hate millionaires, they are arrogant and they think they are the best in the world, fuck them all.My days are basically based on missing my mother, working, and seeing how my dream of being an Architect is getting further away every day."Thinking again?" Nicole, my aunt and my life saver right now, smiles at me, I dry my hands that are wet from the ice of the beers and I shake my head after a sigh.“I'm just getting fed up with my life, I'm tired of trying and seeing how I fail over and over again, this time I was supposed to be able to go to university in the USA, but here
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Chapter 1
A year has passed since I escaped from the idiots who wanted to kidnap me, nothing was easy at the beginning nor is it currently, but I have the best friend a person can have. Simone is a love, I adore him with all my soul. He helped me when I had nothing and now that I work for my expenses, he also helps me to have more income, I adore him.“Darling,” I hear his soft voice, I'm not going to lie, having 2 jobs and studying at night is not easy, but I want to achieve what I promised my aunt, she doesn't know anything about what happened to me when I first arrived, it's better this way, “honey, you must get up and eat, you're slowly killing yourself,” I turn to lie on my back, I open my eyes with effort, I’m dying of exhaustion.“Kill me and end my suffering please honey, my bed embraces me and is losing me between its soft and silky sheets, it is tormenting me while whispering in my ear, ‘you are mine Daniel, only mine&rsqu
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Chapter 2
It's been days since that uncomfortable situation between that billionaire and I happened, I can't get him out of my head and now I only know how to watch him on TV, he goes out everywhere and he is a pretentious cretin, I can't bear to see him.On the other hand, there is my almost ex-best friend, I am very angry with him, if he had not trusted that man who recommended the house, I would not be with the image of that body of Greek God and his extremely erect and large cock. Whenever I think of that man and his gaze, I warm up and my knees shake, I don't want to think about him anymore.“Teddy, darling I don't want you to be mad at me anymore,” my Darling who has been apologizing to me these 2 days and has not been successful approaches me, “I already told you, the boy had no idea that his friend was there, he was supposed to be in a meeting at that time.” I sigh and look at my best friend, “well, he wasn't in the meeting
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Chapter 3
Troubled by that kiss and by knowing that that imposing man will not leave me alone, I arrive at my apartment, upon entering I see my Darling sitting on the sofa."Teddy, you're back!" He smiles excitedly, but I don't look at him, I walk by."I'm going to the bathroom" is the only thing I can manage to say, my heart is really racing, my lips still have the sensation of that indecent and scandalous kiss that that man gave me and I responded like a fool "control yourself Daniel!" I scold, “that man is a billionaire who thinks he owns the world… and you don't like him, you don't like him!” I try to convince myself. My body is hot and my head just spins and always stops in one place, thinking about that arrogant and pretentious man who thinks he can do whatever he wants.Determined to forget the kiss and the feeling I had when he hugged me I go to the bathroom, it is not worth thinking about it. Like never before I feel weak and tem
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Chapter 4
It's Monday morning, I'm going to the office, my boss asks to see me, for the first time I'm not late, I haven't been able to sleep well. Mr. Meyer does not leave my head, he stays in my thoughts, his possessive attitude always leaves me thinking more and more, those fleshy and sensual lips, that strong and chunky body, those subtle and maddening caresses, rather, I am lost to that man! I hate myself for being so weak with him, I have always taken care of men like that and suddenly Yazahib Meyer comes to leave my head confused.I have talked to my friend and asked him not to tell Yazahib anything about me, to try to help me hide from that man, but my friend's response was a great truth. That man is powerful and things always go the way he wants, Yazahib made it clear to me, he always gets what he wants and now he is very interested in me, a situation that worries me, he thinks I am the same as other women who die to be with him, but I'm not like that, I'm a virgin a
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Chapter 5
At the end of breakfast, I go to work, Patricia guides me to our boss's room, when I enter, my mouth opens exaggeratedly. The room is huge and majestic, it is painted in a dark tone, I can assure that the tone is gray, the bed is huge, it has a shelf that covers the entire wall full of books, the bedside table is black and it has a lamp with chocolate mahogany designs, it also has visible comfortable sofas in black, the windows are huge and the whole place is perfect.I let myself admire the place and I start to clean, seeing the messy bed I frown, he was with that woman here and then he kissed me. Furious, I remove the sheets and curse when I feel the smell of his perfume, it is delicious and manly, that smell awakens the sensation of my body and transports me to those thoughts that I should not have, that man is a shameless man who only wants to take advantage of me.After cleaning the room to get out of there and no longer think about that scoundrel m
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Chapter 6
A week has passed since that I have been with Mr. Meyer, he refuses to accept the relationship he has with the woman, but I really ignore him, I do not want to know anything about that man, he will not take me for a fool. Yazahib, on the other hand, is the same jealous, possessive and controlling from days ago, but I can't stand it anymore, I want to run away, I want to get away from him as much as I can, but he just couldn't, I must take care of my work, I can't lose it.My best friend is encouraging me, he is advising me to give Yazahib a chance, but I can't, not when he walks past that woman who is very rude and thinks she owns him. I've never liked someone so badly before, I just can't tolerate that woman, she's bad."Change that gesture, teddy, you can't leave work, besides, today is Friday and you have the whole weekend to rest from Yazahib, well, although he said he will go to the bar ..." I look at my friend and I almost want to cry.“Why me? Why d
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Chapter 7
After having breakfast between talks with Yazahib and Patricia I get up to clean the dishes. Yazahib wanted to refuse, but I did not allow it, I must help the woman, I do not want to be a burden to anyone.After having breakfast between talks with Yazahib and Patricia, I get up to clean the dishes, Yazahib wanted to refuse, but I don't allow it, I must help the woman, I don't want to be a burden to anyone.After cleaning the dishes, I talk to Patricia while Yazahib is taking care of his work. He is always keep busy talking on the cell phone or checking the computer to answer emails, I don't know why he stayed home if he was going to pay more attention to his work."Calm pretty," Patricia smiles at me, "he is always busy that way, but you must be patient, give him time to get used to sharing his time between his work and you." She tries to calm me down, but I don't really want to listen to her. I want his attention, I want him to be with me and not in front of th
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Chapter 8
Sitting at the table, Yazahib looks at me with eyes filled with desire, I feel nervous at that look.  Patricia cooked us really delicious delicacies. All the food that Patricia made was fantastic, but it was better to enjoy it with the imposing man who never stops looking at me as if I were morbid personified."Yazahib, if you keep looking at me like that, I won't know how to act," I look at the glass to escape his lustful gaze that gives me heat. "You should hide it a bit more." I smile without looking at him."Do you think I can hide this? I already told you, since I saw you moving your hips to the rhythm of the music, I went crazy for you,” I look up and see him looking directly into my eyes."Are you sure you don't love me just for having safe sex?" His gaze changes, now it's serious and inflexible. He didn't like my question.“I've told you a thousand times, Dani, I love you, if I'm with you it's to fuck, but also to love y
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Chapter 9
It has been two weeks since I gave myself to Yazahib. Two weeks in which he is jealous and I want to dominate myself. We argue a lot about his possessiveness, he really is very controlling, but still I love him like I have never loved anyone.My best friend helped me get a pill to avoid getting pregnant. Now I am taking care of myself behind Yazahib's back to avoid getting pregnant. My friend reproaches me and disagrees with what I do, but I can't have a baby, not so soon. I can keep it from Yazahib and when it's safe we'll have a baby.Everything in the university is going well, I still have my good grades. Same at work.  Even if Yazahib wants me to quit, I don't.  I like my job and I will never quit.  Yazahib has not been to the bar because of his work, he has been very busy and that has given me the opportunity to dance freely."Teddy, come here" my Darling calls me "look where you came from," he says excitedly. "I walk up t
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