Mysterious Badboy

Mysterious Badboy

By:  Faith Isabella  Ongoing
Language: English
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”Be my boyfriend and I'll do everything you want me to do” She voiced against his hand chest. The Young man who looked like he is just 19 slammed her against the wall. His psychic was strong and seductive, he looked at like he was going to devour her. ”Anything? Even if it's the most despicable thing anyone has ever asked?” He pronounced into her ear like a whisper ready to devour the lady in front of him. Lesley Ann found herself wrapped in the hands of a mysterious man who happened to be transferred to her school. In order to save herself from bullies and shame, she ran to his arm and said; "Yes, anything even the most despicable thought that could ever creep in a man's heart”. — This man was not only mysterious, he also had a terrifying reason for accepting her.

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5 chapters
Chapter 01:
1.  Dark and stormy was the sky, the night breeze howled with rustling leaves in the air. The floor shook with Camile's footstep, her hair dangled behind her as she ran through the desolated street. She prayed in her heart; ”Someone, anyone, please save me” Cried her heart. She looked back and the silhouette had gone.  With a deep breath, she bent over to catch her breath which seemed to have been lost. ”Tired!” The voice suddenly shook her off her feet, she landed on her butt and crawled back slowly on the grazed street. Terror on her face as she finally saw him, it's him, it's the mysterious man again.  The figure was dressed in an overall black, His jean, kneel length top and black boots are all in black He bent to her level with a stick of cigarette in his thin lips. ”W
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Chapter 2:
2.   Lesley's eyes flung open at the sound of the horrible alarming sound, she sat up sluggish and rubbed her eyes.It took a while for her to remember the most stupid thing she had done the day before. Her eyes widened at herself in the mirror and she held her hand in horror.”I didn't ask that guy to be my boyfriend! And? I even promised to do anything?!” She yelled and almost hit her head.She bit her lower lips in fear. Of course, any man would take advantage of her stupidity. Though the guy had left her yesterday without kissing her, she knows he was going to do something worse than that.She gasps at the horrible thought that had crept into her heart then clutched her hand to her chest like the guy was right in her presence taking her clothes off.After long minutes of overthinking, she finally decided to avoid him in school as much as possible.She
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Chapter 03
3.   With a sharp turn, she gazed at him unbelievably. Why would he think so low of her? She thought. With an eye roll, she turned her back at him and begin to walk away without giving him a response. Ethan watched her retreating figure, Lesley Ann had always loved him, he knows that. He thought he could play with her feelings cause she's vulnerable. At the garden that day, she had told him she was still a virgin and she would want him to take her virginity. He videotaped her words and posted them for familiarity and Fame. Indeed, Lesley Ann is a straight-A student with no form of immoralities in her beautiful self. She had built herself that way because of her mother, who died by murder. Shaking his thoughts off, he walked back to the darkroom he came from, after what he did to Leslie, his past mistakes came flooding. »»
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Chapter 04:
4.   Lesley Ann couldn't sleep, she turned her back and looked at the ceiling, she kept thinking about what Riven Newman had said to her.Riven was clearly a strange man, whoever would transfer at the last year of high school? She shouldn't have warm up to me, but, he had saved her a couple of times already.If he was going to harm her, would he do graceful things to her? Thinking about this, her eyes slowly drifted to sleep, hoping for a brand new day.•••   The next morning, Lesley had gotten to school late cause of her sleepless night. She smiled at the beautiful flowers planted at the entrance of the school, her mother had always loved flowers, each day, those flowers reminded her about her mother.”Are you going in without me today?” Tell familiar voice sounded behind her ears. Her heart hitched but she had no optio
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Chapter 05
   Opening her eyes, she felt a hand caressing her face — the cheek Celina had slashed. She opened her eyes slowly only to realize she's in a hospital ward. Meanwhile, Riven was sitting beside, his hand still on her face. He smiled as soon as their eyes met. Riven, as usual, had an all-black attire, with his chiseled jaw and foreign green eyes made him look perfect. ”Who did this to you?” He questioned without frowning though his voice sounded with a hint of anger. His hand moved from her face to her tummy, then he held her hand which made her feel comfortable. ”You don't have to tell me” He added then smiled. She scrunched her nose and sat up, looking at the strange guy. He smiled and quickly pulled her in a hug, she loved the affection he shows her. Slowly, he smiled at her face and caress her che
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