His Majesty & Daughters Of The Seven Sins

His Majesty & Daughters Of The Seven Sins

By:  DestinyNdi  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I love you, Athalia!" Lucien said in said voice under the heavy rain shower. "I hate you!" Athalia retorted, letting tears slip from her beautiful violet eyes. Lucien cringed to her words. "Please, Athalia, I am sorry—" "I will never forgive you for what you have done! Never!" Out of nowhere, Athalia pulled out a dagger, pointing it at her chest. "I regret you! Lucien Creed! I regret with all my living being sharing a bed with the murder of my family!" "Athalia please—" before he could step forward to hold her, she plunged the blade into her ribcage. ••• Athalia Peel, a simple girl from a simple family—but her life turns upside down when an a bounty is put on her head for a crime she didn't commit. Fortunately unfortunately, Athalia lands in the hands of one of the best hunters in the kingdoms— Lucien Creed. A narcissistic deranged dragon prince that changes the poor girl's forever.

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5 chapters
The rains of the middle East belt of the Thembelo Empire poured heavily, bartering the stoney grounds and leafless trees.The sounds of rushing town flocks'' feet hastened, with the roaring thunder behind the clouds. The wooden doors to small buildings banged shut—horses neighed as they were pulled to their stable by their coaches men.The wind blew harder, pushing down the cross sign on the top of the church building in a far distance. Terror flushed into the hearts of the villagers. It was confirmed—the weather was caused by a diabolic presence. They locked their doors in fear of the unknown.As the storm only worsened in passing seconds; the galloping sounds horse shoes echoed under the shower. A couple was seated on the horse, with the man as the rider; clutched unto the already soaked cloth over their heads, with a baby's cry echoing.The woman tightened on her baby. "Faster, Malik! They are getting close"."Don't worry, Betty. I know a sh
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Nineteen years later."Ouch!" Owen, the ten years old boy groaned, sucking on his reddened thumb he had accidentally stroke on a rock.His pants were folded from the bottom up to his knees, letting the water of the passive small stream touch his skin. His little toes played on the small colorful pebbles that settled in the water.Owen sighed, pushing his brown coily hair back. He pushed his fingers back into the water, running his hands over the river stones in search of a specific one.After a few failures, his brows quirked. "Ah ha! Got it!" He picked out a small round stone, mixed with lined colours of light purple and ocean blue. He smiled in success, jumping out of the water.He rushed to his hide bag that laid on the grass—hastily throwing the rock into the collection of other different colorful rocks. Hanging the bag over his shoulder, he clipped it shut, shooting his eyes around the grassy valley."Good! No one saw me!" He got on his heels
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"Father! Father!" Owen badged into their house, rushing for the kitchen. "Father! I have great news!""What is it, son?" A man of his late thirties stepped out of the small kitchen, wiping his hands."Great news, father! Athalia is embedding the royal clothings for the princess's wedding!""Really!?" He quirked, looking up at his smiling daughter. She nodded. He cooed, "Oh come here my child!" He opened his arms, welcoming Athalia. Owen joined in on the hug, smiling widely. They squeezed themselves harder."Simpson, I can see you only encourage this girl to go in the wrong direction", an old feminine voice echoed by the kitchen door.The trio separated. Their father, Simpson, rolled his eyes to the door. "Don't start again, mother!"The grey woman hissed, dressed in her usual floppy plains clothes. She scrunched her face, "What did I say wrong! Huh? Encouraging a nineteen years old girl that is ripe for marriage to get deeper into her embedding
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At the castle of the kingdom of Werleria, a sliver and gold carriage rode into the royal gates, having the massive wooden doors pull open.The moonlight bounced off of the shining metal of the carriage, having the letter 'LyD' carved on it. The wheels pulled to a stop as guards from all around the palace line up around the carriage."Her majesty has arrived!" A servant by the door announced into the long candle lit corridor. Another servant nodded, rushing into the royal dining to announce."Her majesty has arrived!"They gasped, rushing from their position into the castle welcoming hall. One of the maids shouted to the kitchen servants. "Her majesty has arrived!" The maids displaced, running to the welcoming hall.As all the maids gathered at the welcome hall—footsteps echoed from the steps outside. All the servants fell on their knees, bowing their heads to the floor.Majestically, a long slender beauty walked in, holding her head up high with h
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In the dry rocky lands of Thembelo, Lamia padded on the dust streets of one of the smallest villages.With the sky completely dark with no cloud in the sky, the street was empty and the lanterns hung on the small houses were all out.Lamia strode forward, hiding her face under her black hood. She continued to walk forward, following a particular scent in the air. She finally halted at a certain small house that had a room with its lantern still burning.She took a long sniff of the air, exhaling with a wide smile. "Ah yes... Children!"Tiptoeing closer to the door, Lamia sighted the four children that laid on the mats on the floor—three boys, and the youngest being a girl. All looked between the age of nine to twelve. Her smile widened, "Just how I like it".She continued to watch the innocent bloods sleep soundly, when the door inside their room opened. A blonde short woman walked in, cooing at the sleeping children."That must be their mother",
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