The Resmar Murders (Complete

The Resmar Murders (Complete

By:  ResaD  Ongoing
Language: English
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Detective Sam Johnson and his partner Detective Hank Harvey are two of the best homicide detectives on the force; their specialty, in fact, lies in figuring out serial cases. But when a couple of cases start landing on their desks pertaining to a bunch of college kids, their minds come up with nothing. Start adding in the fact that a muscle relaxer seems to be the only drug in the victim’s systems, it’s even more of a mind scratcher to them. They can’t phantom why a killer would want someone to be alert enough for the kill, unless the killer is just that sick and twisted. Can the cops crack the case fast enough that the smaller town of Resmar can sleep peacefully again? Can they figure out the motive fast enough to give the residents a piece of mind? Can they stop the killer before the death count reaches double digits?

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28 chapters
Chapter 1
“911, what’s your emergency please?” “Erm, I’m not sure how to say this but…um...I…er…think I’ve discovered a body.” “Okay, transferring your call to the police department.”  Within minutes the call handler had taken the details and dispatched a patrol car to the scene.  But, what she didn’t know at that point of time was that this would not be the last call of this nature. ----                 “Johnson here.”                 “Hey Sam, its Hank.  Look partner, I got something you have got to see.”                  “Where are you Hank?”                 “C
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Chapter 2
"Well it’s not much but it’s a start!" exclaimed Hank, with maybe even a slight hint of a smile beginning to crack on that otherwise icy cold stare of his. "We need to contact every medical centre and drug outlet in the area and find out where this stuff came from."  Hank was just about to pour himself a coffee when Sam made the breakthrough they were looking for."Hold on just a moment.  Apparently," he said, "the local hospital down at Johnsons Cross reported a load of the stuff missing a few months ago."  Sam looked over some paperwork that had landed on his desk that morning.  Hank glanced at his partner, the glint in his eye whenever there was something good to track."Well, well, well, we best get down there and have a chat with them then," Hank said, putting the coffee pot back in its place before he could pour a single drop. -----"It wasn't so much of it going missing," said the registrar, whose tag r
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Chapter 3
When they arrived at the scene Barry was on the phone; he waved them over but gestured that he didn't want to be interrupted.  They had a good look around at the scene while they waited for Barry to finish his call.  They carefully walked around the perimeter and then over to the body, examining it without moving the zipper down.  He grabbed a pair of gloves and slipped one on. "Now what is that?" Hank asked curiously, his eye catching something unusual.  He moved in closer to the victim’s bloodied head, the only part visible from the partially closed body bag.  “Someone pass me a pair of tweezers," he called out.  The instrument was handed to him and he dug in to the side of the victim’s head, the opposite side to which most of the injuries had occurred and eventually removed something white from her hair.  "Well now that seems to be a finger nail," he said excitedly. "We can get DNA from this! If this belongs to our killer," he ru
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Chapter 4
The two guys made their way up into the security office to enquire about obtaining the footage. "Six months ago?  No, that would be too long ago," the guy behind the desk told them, shaking his head but not really glancing at them.  "They use a rotation system with four drives and each one gets changed every month.  They keep three in storage while the fourth gets wiped, ready for re-use so three months is as far back as we could take it."  Damn just when things were starting to pick up, another dead end.   They were just about to leave when a young lad looked up from his computer, "six months ago did you say?  I'd have to check with IT, but I think that was when they were updating the whole system."  Both detectives glanced at each other before looking at the guy. "Ok and how would that help?" Sam asked. "Well if I remember correctly, there was a problem installing the new computers and there was about a week betwee
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Chapter 5
Michael was horrified and full of apologies as he looked between the two detectives and then down at the photos in his hand, the question ringing in his ears about whom the lady was.  "I can't believe I'd forgotten that, again, I am so sorry!  That is Lea, my assistant; she had only just started then and I was showing her the ropes." Hank waved off the man’s apologies, they had heard enough of them.  “It’s okay, easily done.  Now did you leave her unattended at any point?" Michael began to blush as he recalled that night, knowing this might not be good.  "Actually yes," he answered, "I had only just come back to work from a motorcycle accident, and if the truth be known, I had returned a little early.  Climbing up and down the truck had become very painful, so I took a little rest for a few minutes while she finished off.  But I swear there were only three or four packages left.  Must have only been five minutes at the most and
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Chapter 6
The detectives looked around the crumbling apartment building as they walked up to the front door, their eyes catching a multitude of issues.  Hank lifted a brow as Sam knocked on a door that was barely hanging on by the latches.  They smiled as a young woman opened the door. "Lea Pittman?" Sam asked, taking in the woman behind the door. "Yes, can I help you?"  She gave them a quick look over before her brows crinkled in confusion. "Detectives Johnson and Harvey, may we have a word with you please?" "Oh well, I’m sorry, I'm just on my way out and don’t have time…” she trailed off as Hank interrupted her. "I'm afraid it is rather important.” "Oh well…" she started but got interrupted again from Hank. "We won't keep you any longer than we need to; we promise." "Well I guess you best come in then." "Thank you ma’am,” Hank said as they followed her into the dingy and small apartment.  "We wanted
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Chapter 7
Hank took a sip of his morning coffee, and as he placed the cup back on his desk, he spotted the smiling figure of junior detective Barry who was looking rather pleased with himself, walking over to his desk, "good morning Barry." "It certainly could be sir." "Ok," Hank chuckled, nodding his head for Barry to go on, but getting nothing. "I’ll bite, is there a specific reason for all this sudden optimism?" "Well, last night a couple of guys on the night-shift apprehended a 23 year old named Larry Fisher.  Originally they stopped him for some rather erratic driving but immediately smelled alcohol on his breath. They, of course, gave him a breathalyzer which he then promptly failed so they brought him in, gave him a blood test, and chucked him in one of the cells to sleep it off."  Hank glanced over at Sam, and Sam, feeling Hank’s eyes on him, only gave him a slight shrug, his attention more on the file in his hands.   “And?” Hank waved hi
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Chapter 8
Three more days had passed by and no more bodies had been discovered and although everyone was happy about that, the fact that this had coincided with the detainment of the drunk driver Larry had not gone unnoticed by neither Hank nor Sam.  And now that he had been released on bail, pending a court hearing, they were apprehensive, to say the least. Unfortunately, just a few small hours after Larry's release, forensics had returned with the details of the footprint found at the scene of the third victim.  It would have been a very simple test to have compared his footwear against the details now being added to the file they were building on the mystery attacker.  However, any potential match would have given them cause to investigate even further on Larry but sadly he was now amongst the public again and they would need a specific reason to speak to him or to bring him back in.  Although, neither Hank nor Sam however could shake feeling that it wouldn't be
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Chapter 9
The scene was much less chaotic than previous ones, mainly due to the fact that paramedics had taken control of the casualty and no one else could get in close.  At first glance it appeared to be another female victim but in truth was hard to tell as an oxygen mask had been placed over the mouth and nose and it was covering most of the face.  As well as the head had been taped up into a neck brace, obscuring even more view. The body was covered by a hospital issue blanket and paramedics were busy putting the straps on to enable them to lift the victim into the waiting ambulance. A quick look around the scene though told them this was fresh, even the blood on the tree was still wet.  Barry could be seen sitting on a park bench along with another officer and a young woman, clearly shaken by what was happening. Barry spotted them and made his way over. "Morning guys, sorry about the early call but not quite the night I had planned either," he said, slight
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Chapter 10
"So in summary," Sam said as he moved to the white board and started listing out the victims names, as well as some of the facts of the cases and, “there is not much the victims have in common as they are all stemming from various areas throughout their college career, but the one main solo fact is that they are college students, which links them.  So, let’s list some attributes about them and their career paths. "Like victim number one, David Norville, was aiming for the legal system.  Hadn't made his mind up which profession; however looking at his grades, there wouldn't have been short of offers.  And he would probably have been in a position to pick and choose the best position at the time,” Sam said as he wrote on the board under his name. “Victim two, Travis Petersen, was a totally different story.  He was struggling with grades and even hired a personal tutor to help him out,” Hank offered as he tapped his pen against the desk, watching the
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