Afraid Of My Mate

Afraid Of My Mate

By:  Lady Tamia  Completed
Language: English
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She was the daughter of the head warrior of the Blood Moon Pack, and she was one herself. She was a great fighter with speed, skill, and her height helped a lot with defeating her opponent as they always undermined her because of it. But when she turned eighteen, she found herself having to face an opponent she could not defeat, get away from, or get rid of. Her mate. The devil alpha, alpha Luka DeLuca of the Devil Pack.

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100 chapters
“I always told you that there was nothing to fear and that I would never hurt you.” She did not reply. Instead, she kept her eyes fixed on the dense forest that looked like something scary would jump out of it at any moment. He circled his arms around her waist, and she stiffened at the contact, but did not move or push him away. He laid his head on her shoulder and whispered in her ear. “You are mine.” He repeated what he told her when they met the first time. She knew she was his, but wished with all her might that she was not. This man was stiff, ruthless, and the aura that surrounds him is that of death. Maybe being left alone in the mountains to fend for himself for nine years played a part in the person he is. But that did nothing to put her heart at ease. “I can still smell your fear sweetheart and it makes me so mad.” He whispered again tightening his hold on her waist. Her hands trembled as fear increased in her heart and mind. She fel
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Chapter 1
“We are turning eighteen in two weeks and I can’t wait to find my mate.” My friend Lizzy says excitedly, I understand how she feels, and I feel the same way. “Who do you think your mate would be if he is in our pack?” I have been looking at all the unmated wolves in our pack and wondering if my mate was among them. “I really don’t care who he is, as long as he doesn’t reject me then I will be happy.” Rejection is another thing we must consider. In our pack, more and more wolves were rejecting their mates because they, for whatever reason, believe that their mates will weaken them. Yes, we are a pack of warriors, both men and women. Our pack has the best warriors, strong, skilled, and good warriors. But I do not think rejecting our mates strengthens us, in fact, it makes us weaker. I have seen those who rejected their mates, and the rejected looking weaker than they were before. Their fighting skills are no longer the same and they always have t
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Chapter 2
“Get your dogs out of here Zane and try to train them well next time.” The devil alpha says without even looking at us. Alpha Zane gave Aunt Nora a look and she pulled us out of the room closing the door behind us. She drags us all the way to the kitchen before letting go of our arms. “Do you two understand how much trouble you have just put me in?” she asks but none of us answer.I am shaking with fear and Lizzy is no different. She sighs then move to the other side of the counter then open the cupboard and took out two cups. She fills both with water then add sugar. “Here, drink this, it will help with the shock.” She hands us the cups and we took them and drank then gave her the empty cups when we are done.“Come let’s go to the lounge.” We do not say anything but follow her to the lounge and sat. Lizzy is next to me while she is sitting opposite us. “How are you feeling now?” she asked, and I sighed
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Chapter 3
I closed my eyes trying to think about something else other than where I am. I do not want to trigger the devil alpha and my fear of him will be a trigger as he already told me, and I do not want to find out what he will do when he is triggered. I mean the man already said that he does not care if I died, and I do not want to die at least not yet. I have dreams that I still want to fulfil.My mind takes me back to the pack, to Liz and Mason. Our lazy afternoons by the river and our walks to school. I find myself smiling at the memories, then my mind drifts off to my mom, sigh, she is going to be very heartbroken, I just hope that I do not die so that I can see her again and this alpha did not even give me a chance to pack a few things. What the hell am I going to wear when I get there?I do not think that he will be generous enough to buy me clothes while am there. He might just let me stay in these clothes for however long he will keep me. Sigh, I will look like a hom
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Chapter 4
The next morning Zoe woke up early around four in the morning then went out to find somewhere to train. Just because she was here it did not mean she can slack and not train. She is a warrior and warriors trained every day. She found the training grounds easily and was glad there was no one else around. She trained for about an hour then stopped and went back to the room she was given.She showered then went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, there was no one in the kitchen yet so she started on her own. She took out the ingredients and started making the muffins aunt Nora used to make for them. Blueberry and chocolate muffin. Then she made pan cakes, eggs, beacon, toast, sliced cucumber, tomatoes, some fruits then made freshly squeezed orange juice.The two other omegas came in while she was looking for plates to set the huge table. “Sorry we are late, we overslept.” The other one apologized. “Smells so good in here, did you make all th
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Chapter 5
LukaI woke up at four am and went hunting before everyone woke up. But it seemed that I was not the only one, the girl was training. I stood there for a while watching her train. She is good but she could improve on a few things. I got tired of just watching and went to her. “You have speed, but you are not using it well. Come train with me and I will show you.” I said when I got behind her.She stiffened when she heard my voice then turned slowly. She is a short little thing but fierce at the same time. I do not know why she fears me so much and why it makes me angry. She is not the first to fear me and fear fuels me. But her fear makes me sick, it makes me feel like a monster and I never minded that before she came along.“Are you just going to stand there or are we going to train.” I am angry, she is shaking like a leaf being blown by the wind. Why the hell is she so scared of me? I don’t have scars on my face, I am just huge, s
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Chapter 6
LukaAfter breakfast, which was delicious by the way, JP walked me out. We spoke about things that needed to be taken care of in the pack while am away then I shifted into my wolf form and ran into the forest. My wolf is more than happy to be out as he did not get a chance to come out in morning because I was busy training her.His large paws left prints wherever we step, he sniffed the air the let out a howl. After that we started running at high speed, we were both anxious to get there and see the pack. We both missed the pups and our mother. My friend Xander, he was one wolf that accepted me from the moment he saw me, while others wanted me dead.They grew to love me though, trust and depend on me. I had more ways to protect the pack than any of them did and that is because of my human side. Now they do not see my human side as a weakness but a strength. I started to feel the change in the air the closer we got to the mountain and that seemed to fuel my wolf
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Chapter 7
Zoe woke on early as usual and went for a run. When she came back, she went to the training grounds and started training. She spent an hour and a half training. She missed her friends so much, by now Mason would be teasing her and provoking her until she agrees to spar with him. They would go on while Lizzy played the couch, a bias one at that and she would always win. Then go to her home or Lizzy’s for breakfast before going on patrol.Oh, how she missed doing patrols at the borders of her pack, alpha Zane, and how friendly he is. He also missed their cook and her food. She missed everything about her pack and could not wait to go back. this place was draining her energy, but it was better now that the devil alpha was not around, at least the remaining people were not that bad, JP as well was not as bad as she thought he was when she first met him.After training, Zoe went back to the packhouse to take a well-deserved shower then went to the kitchen to start bre
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Chapter 8
A week had passed, and Luka led his family back home to the pack. Zoe was going out the back to throw away the trash when he appeared on the tree lines leading the pack of wolves, fear was the first that crept into her mind and she was paralyzed on the spot. The fear she had was the kind that paralyzed you, the kind that made you forget everything and just succumb to it, and the kind that made you lose all your senses, and the only thing you can focus on is how afraid you are.Today was her birthday and she had asked beta JP if she could go home for the day and spend it with her friends and family. He had promised her after breakfast that he was going to take her home after finishing the paperwork he was busy with and now this man was back. She did not expect him to be back so soon, and she wondered If he would let her go home. Luka smelled the scent of her fear from afar and snapped his head in her direction.But it seemed that there was something more pulling him and
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Chapter 9
Zoe heard footsteps coming towards her room and her beat boomed in her chest. She was scared that Luka has come back once again, she curled herself into a ball burying her head on her chest and when JP walked in, he found her in that position making him feel sorry for her. He stood where he was not wanting to scare her even more than she already was. “Hey Zoe, I thought I was taking you home for your birthday, or did you change your mind?” he asked her hoping that she would respond, and she did.She lifted her head and looked in his direction. “But your alpha said that I couldn’t go.” She told him still with tears running down her cheeks, she did not want to defy him, Goddess knows what he would do if anyone defied him. “He agreed for me to take you there, come on am sure your friends and family are waiting for you.” He smiled at her, she jumped out of bed and swore her shoes. “Am ready.” She wanted to get out of there as
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