When it Rains

When it Rains

By:  Anne Rajput  Ongoing
Language: English
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When it rains is a story of two individuals who, although were happy in their lives; but weren't living, written in a lucid English style; the story tells a journey of Surya and Sonia-of how they struggled in their careers and families, but still managed to get what their heart weeps for. it is a story of a young couple who did a fatal mistake of falling in love when they were 'expected' to focus on paving their way to get a 'life'. It is a story of you and me, and all the others whoever dares to watch dreams and stay persistent to achieve it. it is a story of young blossoming love and their daring of harboring it. Surya is a teenage boy who was rejoicing his junior college days with his childhood buddies and ever so supporting parents. he was intelligent, smart, creative and full of life and love, but unknowingly he made a dreadful mistake-a mistake that could either pave his way to heaven or hell. he did the mistake of falling in love with a girl, who even though wanted to, but could not reciprocate his love. --------- "Is loving someone a crime, Sonia?" Surya asked, his eyes shimmering various emotions. some of them were readable, others weren't. "No! but loving a wrong person is."

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12 chapters
Anne—Ear deafening thunders roared in the hollow grey sky as the wind shushed through the city, creating a sensation down my spine. The city was calm, unusually, wavering the title of being one of the 'busiest' for the moment while the breeze was chilly and soothing, for some reason, that had been brought straight from the Atlantic Ocean making the atmosphere turn all the more exotic.Almost immediately, I spotted a young couple, maybe in their late teens or early twenties under an oak tree, standing tall across the road of my office building. The boy smiled at the girl while the girl blushed under his loving gaze. She was shivering for to the cold water cascading down her body. As if on the cue, the boy inched closer to the girl and closer till there was no space between them
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July 1, 2010The warning bell rang off as students hurried through the corridors to their respective classrooms.As per our plan we all met at our usual hangout spot and together decided head towards the café but unfortunately it couldn't happen as Rohan being the lazy ass in the group took the perfect opportunity to sleep on my couch. His mouth was open and he was snoring loudly. He was the perfect replica of a sleeping pig at that moment. We threw him a disgusting glance nevertheless continued chatting, waiting for Ayaan to arrive."Get up you ugly pig" Mihir kicked his ass that made him fall on the floor with a thump."Huh!! What the fuck dude!" Rohan yelled whilst rubbing his butt."Are you getting up or should I call Saloni ?" Said Harsh as he threatened Rohan And that dear ladies and gentleman lead to a never ending argument like always the bickering started.Confused? Are we? Then let me tell you about that s
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I was on my way back to reach my destination where Sonia was waiting for me. The drive was barely ten minutes away and then the rain started with loud roar of thunders."God! Only that was remaining" I cursed under my breath and speed up my bike to reach soon. By the time I reached there, I was completely soaked in the rainwater. My clothes were dripping water and I was shivering with cold. I parked my bike at the corner of the road and glanced around for a familiar pink glasses and a cute face. Then I saw her standing under a tree holding my file to her chest tightly like it's the most important thing on the planet, the ever so charming Sonia my cutie pie. She was looking so hot and so cute at the same time. standing under that tall banyan tree Her eyes were searching something or someone and that something was probably me. She was shivering with cold as she had become parti
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It had been three days since I last saw that heavenly beauty with pink glasses. And that night included in one of the best night of my life. After walking her home, not home to be exact but a corner before home because of her 'super strict' parents , I came back to my bike and received a call from my dad."The whether is very bad so you shouldn't go there it can become dangerous" were his exact words. So I again took a U-Turn and got back to my home. That day I had to take to much U-Turns but I was very glad that I forgot my file in that cafe. At least it allowed me to share exact twenty five minutes with a certain beauty I was dying to be with. I could still remember the night like it all happened yesterday. I was still not over by her mesmerizing beauty. Her slow calculated steps, Her drenched costume, her nervousness and that scared look on her face due to thunders. Everything was so beautiful. She was like a blooming flower
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After one monthI was lying on the green grass of the backyard of my house. It was a small garden with a flower bed in one corner, a swing in another and at front of it was a small coffee table in a small hut type structure. I was enjoying the cool monsoon breeze. It was all just so relaxing. Listening to the birds chirping in the sky was an experience of a life time.The last month had been a golden period of my life.Sonia and I got a little bit closer and shared a moment or too during our school. Although there were not much difference but At least things were improving. And that alone thought was enough to send me on cloud nine.My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the song on my iPod. I felt like the song was made for me as I sang along the lyrics.Read more
"Actually dad I am kind of confused I don't know how to explain it you both but I am just feeling this sudden pull towards her whenever I see her. It's like she is always with me everywhere. Dad, Mom I just want to see her smiling face . I want to be the reason behind her smile. She never leaves my brain. she is always there, her thoughts , her small gesture everything about her feel special , so special. I always thought that I observe her because she is my competitor but now a days it's more than that . Now I actually realise that she was never my competitor instead it's about her attitude or I don't know what but dad I am feeling helpless and it's just frustrating me. And surprisingly this frustration is making me happy and restless at the same time. " I tried my level best to explain them what was I feeling. It was all just so confusing yet beautiful at the same time.I looked at them andMy mom and dad seems to be in deep thought. They might be thinking that I
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The next dayRiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg!!!My alarm clock went off and I jumped out of my bed. That was the best sleep I'd had so far in that month. The previous night after realising my feelings towards her I actually felt content and relieved.As like an ideal best friend Ayaan supported me and he was genuinely happy for me later we celebrated my happiness with our group and partied till late in a club. Though it was Ayaan's idea to express his joy. The boys agreed and that led us to party hard till 1:00 in a local club near Palasiya. I didn't deny I was too happy to do or say anything. They even started to address her as 'bhabhi' and began to plan the ways to attract her towards me because according to them ....I was a sincere boy and couldn't manage to date a girl without their help.the fact that they had accepted her sent me on cloud nine.after our little celebration of love
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As planned I went to my class room and sat beside sonia on which she gave a confused look and the girls started to gossip.Man!! Can't they focus on their own work for once."Umm Hii" I said initiating a conversation. 'Damn it's really much more difficult than I thought it would be. May be the boys were right. ' I thought.She looked up from her book and nodded her head in acknowledged.God!! Her doe eyes.  Man!! they were mesmerising beautiful.She had a thick layer of khol applied in her eyes. She always did that. It was her regular make up just a thick layer of khol.Which actually complimented her big brown-black eyes. Her eyes and her hair colour were same as her eyes brownish.Her brown butt length hairs were always tied up in high pony tail and her sharp features , her fair complexion completed her look. Over all she was beautiful and admirable." how are you are?"I asked, not wanting to end our con
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On Friday I woke up early in the morning with excitement in my heart. That was the first time I was to meet her outside our school for very first time. Though the reason was not romantic nevertheless I was yet very excited about our meet.'Maybe I could go little bit closer to her today' I thought.With happy and excited mood I went to my school and as usual sat on my new seat that was with sonia in first row.My friends were happy with my blooming friendship with sonia. I was happy too. But the people who were more happy than me was my parents.  Mom even told me to invite sonia at home but I refused.  we weren't that close."Hii" said a polite voice bringing me out of my thought and a natural smile made its way on my face as I knew who she was.I look up and saw my pink glass cutie pie standing at front of our bench.' Our bench' it sounded so good to say.I wanted to share everything with her.She put her b
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" because my parents" she mumbled lowering her head." your parents? " I asked and raised my left eyebrow." Surya my parents are so strict about such stuff if they will ever find me hanging out with any of my guy friend papa will surely kill me." She said looking scared.'Again her parents' I didn't know why but I was fuming in anger.She couldn't spend 15 minutes more with me because her parents are damn too strict.The thought was boiling my blood." then why did you come with me for studies?"I asked as calm as possible." Because it's the matter of studies beside they don't know that I am here with a boy for study they thought I would be by myself only. " she stated still looking at the ground."So you lied to your parents because of me." I asked somewhat hoping it to be true." no I didn't lie, I just didn't spill truth." She clarified." I think I should leave surya, it's my time to head cafe see you tom
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