A miracle that changed my life

A miracle that changed my life

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Khushi Bansal is a girl with a golden heart and eyes full of aspiration. She is sweet, caring and puts her family's interest before herself. This is the reason why she let go of her dreams and agrees to meet a guy for an arranged marriage. Greek godly looks, loving parents and flourishing career; Aditya Aggarwal has it all. A meeting with sweet and strong-willed Khushi leaves him wondering whether he has something missing in his life. This is a story celebrating the love between two people who are chasing their joys, sorrow and a well deserved happily ever after, thereby leaving us all with the hope that there is a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

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92 chapters
Author's Note
This book is a work of fiction. Names of persons, organisations and characters are a product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or places or persons is entirely coincidental and fictional. I would welcome all sorts of feedback but please don't use disrespectful and derogatory terms if you don't like the book.Plagiarism is a conscience killer. If you try to steal someone's work, your conscience bites at you. I would just ask you to not steal my work because I have devoted hours to it.I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.❤K
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Khushi Maybe I have always been an introvert, that's why nobody thinks I could achieve great things. Or maybe because I do not have the best of health, my parents do not trust me to take care of myself. I have not known how to be independent yet because I have grown up in a cocoon. My parents have always cherished me and kept me in a bubble, wary of the outside world. But there are things that they don't know about me, they don't know I was bullied as a child, they don't know I have anxiety issues and I have been on medication for a few years. I don't think I have the courage to tell them either, not because they wouldn't understand but because they would blame themselves for my miseries. Because of my closed up nature, I have never been able to tell them what I want in life and if I do tell them, I never fought with them fiercely for my dreams. And that is precisely the reason my dreams remained unfulfilled. I got a job in a job in a multi-national company on a biggie post and quit
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KHUSHI It had been a week that I had the job conversation with my father, everything remained just the same. My routine followed the same every day. I got up, ate breakfast, faked a smile, read books, ate lunch, faked a laugh, watched movies I already watched a thousand times before, ate my dinner and slept again. One or two days, I even went to my family's restaurant to pass time. My parents were trying really hard to make me laugh and smile. They knew I was upset but they still wouldn't leave their overprotection. It was just a regular day, everyone was home early. After freshening up, Papa called me to the living room to discuss something. He had this habit of taking all the major decisions of the family after discussing it with all of us, which I loved about him. As I went outside, I saw mum, bhai and bhabhi waiting too. "Khushi, I want to discuss something really important with you." He said to me in a serious tone. I nodded at him and sat attentively. Maybe he was going to say
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ADITYA I was driven to the office by Sean, who has worked for the company as security personnel for a few years. I reached the office on time. I don't like tardiness and to expect punctuality from my employees, I need to be punctual too. The receptionist greeted me with a professional smile. I nodded at her and went to the elevator, pressing the button for my floor. Some employees lining outside the other elevators greeted me. Due to security and privacy issues, we have separate elevators for employees since the very beginning. After I reached my floor, employees started greeting me. I nodded with a poker face and walked towards the other end of the hall where my cabin was. My secretary, Lucy greeted me with her bright smile. She is my favourite person in the office and the only woman who is immune to my charms. Well, obviously because she is my mother's age. "Good morning, Lucy. How are you doing?" She smiled in response. "Very well, Aditya. Your meeting has been postponed for an
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Khushi Sunday came unusually fast and I was dreading every second of it. The guy and his family were supposed to arrive at lunchtime. I knew nothing about him. I refused to know anything about him when my family tried to tell me because I wanted to say no to him. Bhabhi was in full-on teasing mode even though she was the one who didn't want me to be married so early in the first place. Suddenly her behaviour changed drastically as if she knew that this one was going to be the guy for me. Weird! Everyone had been pestering me a lot these days even my brother, I just preferred to ignore my crazy family. My uncle and his family were invited to the meeting too. In our family, it is considered respectful to invite elders for marriage meetings. My uncle is a bit strict but he is sweet nevertheless. He has two kids, a boy and a girl. His son, Sanchit is pursuing his studies while his daughter, Srishti is already married for two years now. I am not close to any of my cousins but we share a
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Aditya She is beautiful. Like so so beautiful. Her photo didn't do any justice to her. She is a hundred times more beautiful than her picture. Her dark chocolate hair was long and flowy, her skin seemed so flawless, her lips were plump and kissable and her eyes were a pool of emotions. She tried to hide her emotions but she was like an open book for me. Probably, others wouldn't be able to look at her and tell what she was thinking but I could and that too easily. I didn't know why. I felt like I was seeing the girl of my dreams in front of me. When she came into the room with her head hung down, I just waited patiently for her to look up so that I could catch a glimpse of the face I saw only in a picture. And when she looked up with so much confidence, my world stopped right there. She is worth the wait. I felt like the two meetings I had before, disappeared right in front of me. I was completely distracted while talking to her family. All I wanted was to hear her voice; I wanted h
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Khushi I don't know how and why but I genuinely liked him. His thoughts are as good as his looks. I could see it in his eyes that he respected women a lot. I liked the fact that he was genuinely showing interest to know me. He didn't laugh at my stupidities rather he was listening to me attentively the whole time. And the way he called me beautiful, felt endearing. For the first time in my life, I felt happy getting a compliment. While I was lost in the Aditya land, bhabhi came to my room to ask about the details and my decision. "So how was it and what do you think about him?" She asked grinning. "First you tell. Did you and bhai liked him?" I asked trying to control my excitement over my feelings. "Yes. Ashish was all praises about him. I also like that he is polite and respectful." After she answered, I jumped up excitedly and twirled her along with me. She started to giggle at my enthusiasm. "Bhabhiiiii, I found him so amazing," I replied excitedly. "Wow wow slow do
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Aditya Igot so happy when bhabhi came outside and told everyone that Khushi is okay with the alliance. But deep within my heart, I was hoping that she took the decision because she genuinely liked me as a person, not because she wanted to make her parents happy. Everyone was busy talking about dates and preparations but my eyes were fixated on her room door. I wanted to talk to her so badly. Mom looked at me and raised a brow. "Eager to meet her again, I see." She commented. My hand went to rub the back of my neck nervously. Wow, I caught her nervous habit too. "I am happy that you like her," I responded to her with a smile. As per both our families' traditions, every ritual related to the wedding was going to have an auspicious timing told by the priest so everyone agreed to do that first. After some time, we decided to take our leave. I kept looking at Khushi's room waiting for her to come. Her bhabhi went to bring her outside. She met my parents with a smile. A comment fr
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Khushi After Aditya and his family left, everyone in my family circled me to ask about Aditya. All of a sudden, I became everyone's target. They were laughing at me because I was blushing so much. After dinner, I escaped my crazy family and ran away to my room. I was sprawled on my bed, grinning like an idiot, thinking about Aditya when my phone pinged with a notification. As I opened it, my face brightened because it was a message from Aditya. I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Aww! He is taking the initiative to start our conversation. I didn't want to look desperate so I decide to reply to him after 2 minutes. I had never conversed with boys over the phone before. I used to talk to boys in college but they were just classmates, not even friends. This is new for me, it made me terrified and excited at the same time. Like never having a boyfriend before and suddenly now I have a fiancé. Although I am confused now whether he is my boyfriend or my fiancé. "Hey." I texted b
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Aditya I couldn't believe this, it has been only one day and we both were so comfortable already. I never knew I could talk to a girl about my strange habits and embarrassing moments. The girls I dated before, usually talked about themselves, no one ever made an effort to know me. Suddenly I was questioning my past choices, what kind of circle I was into. With only one conversation with Khushi and I already know that she will be the only person in my life who would ever get to know me completely. Because with her, neither do I have to think about what to say next nor do I feel like hiding anything. I am sure about one thing now and that is my life wouldn't be boring with her. And the thing that touched me the most is that she didn't search for me online. I don't know why but when she said "it didn't feel right", my feelings for her intensified. I crave to know every single thing about her. I wish to know her from deep within. I want her to share her deepest darkest fears with me. I
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