The Criminal's Rose

The Criminal's Rose

By:  Vrsh  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rose is a girl of innocence. The one who sees good in everyone. Apart from her beauty, her kindness is the quality that attracts the most. But what happens when a handsome criminal with tattoos on his body, whom cannot be trusted, whose aura is dangerous, enters into the her innocent life? Will she not fall for his manipulative words? Or will she get destroyed in the arms of a beast?

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4 chapters
Hit with pot
Rose wet her lips when she felt they were dried up. Though her throat was parched, it was the least thing she cared about as her mind was filled with only one thought. To finish the shitty work soon and go home. It’s already night still she was in her office working along with few of her friends. Her brown eyes were staring at the computer display in front of her while her fingers were on the keyboard typing. Her brown curls started to flow in waves when the cool breeze struck her with a sudden force.There was an utter silence in the room in which she was working except the sounds of clicking mouse and typing keyboard. In addition to them, Rose heard a muffled cry but she didn’t dare to turn her head as she already knew who it was and she was not in the mood for unnecessary drama. Ignoring it, she continued her work but the sound was making her frustrated and her kind heart urged to look at the direction from where the irritable sound was coming.She turne
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What's your name?
Rose drank the water in one go spilling a little on her. She took a deep breath thinking about the incident that made her tremble. She washed her face relaxing a bit then sat on the bed holding her head with her both hands. She cursed herself for thinking to help that girl. Her tiredness, drowsiness replaced with irritation and fear. She then lay on the bed shutting her eyes and drifted into sleep after some time.The next day Rose reached her office still irritated with last night’s incident. Looking at Melisa, her anger grew more. She dropped her bag on the desk in front of Melisa furiously and shouted “What the hell were you doing last night?”Melisa looked at Rose blushing. She replied “I guess you might had known what I was doing, if you had a boyfriend.”“What?” Rose shouted raising her eyebrows. “Whatever the hell you were doing I don’t care. You didn’t lift my call. Your stupid car broke down.&r
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As it’s a weekend, Rose was on her bed feeling a little relaxed as she had no works. She kept listening to the music while thinking about her life. She took a photo of a little boy, who seemed nearly of eleven to thirteen years age, from the table. Looking at the photo, her lips curved up with a smile and she kissed the photo affectionately.When she was in her thoughts, Melisa called her asking her to come to a cafe. At first Rose didn’t accept to go as she wanted to spend her time alone but Melisa wouldn’t leave her till she accepted. After few minutes, she reached the cafe and her eyes widened seeing Melisa along with her friends and boyfriend. Rose thought it was only Melisa, who would be at the cafe but seeing Melisa's friends, Rose was perplexed.“Rose!” Melisa smiled looking at her.Rose sat with them giving a small smile to her friends. Melisa's friends kept talking a lot that was making Rose irritated a bit. It’s not
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Though Rose told Michael to stay away from her, Michael didn’t listen to her. He was the guy, who got everything, he wanted and now he wanted to get close to Rose. He kept following her and got to know about her interests, habits and lot more. He was nearly stunned to realize Rose had no boyfriend but it made him relax a bit as it reduced the work of breaking her relationship with her boyfriend, if she had one. Yes, he would go to any extreme to get what he wanted. He gathered most of the details about her except the reason why she had been visiting the police station. He kept trying to know about that but all his trails had been going in vain.After winning another street race, Michael drove off to his house. While he was on his way, he decided to see Rose. He turned his bike towards Rose’s office. In the middle, he saw her walking on the road towards the police station. He waited for her outside and after few minutes Rose came out of the police station. Michael
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