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Oliver is a billionaire kid with an intention of looking after those less privileged He cared less about the riches already payed down and continued in his own path.

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3 chapters
Chapter 1
It all started at Walter street . Oliver cried for help and on one to helped him.At this tragic moment of his life, he could only remember the voice of his father. "No one loves you in Walter except me!" "How on earth would he know that when every one in the neighborhood smiles at us ?"oliver wondered and yet couldn't find a more suitable answer than the tear running down his eyes. It couldn't be very much possible that no one cared. Stilvia a None of the catholic faith who had always love the bond between the two came and pull him out of his tears . Mr Oliver Jayman got married at very tender age due to his enthusiasm and infatuation over I'ell his wife . After seven year of marriage, his wife gave birth to a son who was named after him Oliver jayman the second . In six year time , their love depreciated and more that they couldn't bear to see each others presence .and the had to part ;going their separate ways. Oliver Jayman's death at Walter street was a great wonder to
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Chapter 2
Oliver step out of his room clearlyling the edges of his eyes so he could see  more clear."How was your night?"Miss Stilvia asked smiling at him as dough trying go intimidate him."I slept well thank you " Oliver responded walking faster than she to avoid her."Just sleep Oliver?"Stilvia moving faster towards Oliver and holding his hands.She smiles  slightly ." Did Anything exist between you two?"she asked looking at Oliver's facial reaction which turned out to be unfriendly."What I mean is .. You and Treasure ;how did your discussion go?" Stilvia asked looking down to the earth as if in search for a missing item."Treasure!"Oliver exclaimed turning his full gaze at her.Stilvia, although thinking about Oliver devouring a sister felt tensed as Olivers reaction was the inverse of the sorry face she intended to see."Yes Treasure"she responded ,scratching her head."Did she show you around " she asked, changing the subjec
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Chapter 3
Amanda was very happy to see Oliver . He wasn't much changed except for the fact that he wore dirty pants ( trouser's)."Why are you on dirty pants ?"Amanda asked.   For a moment , Oliver was short of words ."Am still  healing dear .Ever since dad died, am still depressed."Oliver responded giving short glance on her to see if she bought the idea.Immediately Saying this, Amanda held his chin cleaning  the tears which rolled down his eyes  .  After much eye contact , Amanda broke the silence. " I want to know why you look scared? "she asked folding her arms. Oliver felt surprised that Amanda could read him like a book.He threw his gaze away from her and  tried  to look for a possible way of ignoring her.Amanda frowned towards his reaction curving her eyebrows."Are you seeing some other girl?"she asked standing  akimbo style .Oliver stammered knowing how wild she can
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