Alpha's Bad Romance

Alpha's Bad Romance

By:  MishaK  Completed
Language: English
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Eighteen-year Lyle of the Blood Moon pack was devastated when the man she loved more than her life left her for another woman. Her heart became numb with pain and she grew colder. She vowed never to fall in love. Until... She met her competitor and enemy, the ruthless, dark and mysterious Alpha Ryder of the Silver Moon pack. During the course of events, she has to stick with him in order to stay safe. On a mission of life and death, Ryder finds himself protecting the pup. With a heart made of steel, he resists her attraction. Will Lyle be able to give herself another chance? Will Alpha Ryder get attracted to the pup? With enemies around them, can they deny their natural instincts—or will they succumb to their fate?

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71 Chapters
Smelled Her
Lyle loved her life. She loved being in love.  Blake, the son of Alpha Drake, had been her muse, her object of affection from ever since she could remember. She was waiting for him to ask her to be his mate for she believed that they were marked for destiny. And today he was going to pop the question.  Lyle looked at her reflection in the mirror for the last time with a wide grin and ran fingers in her raven black hair to smoothen them a little more. She was wearing an off the shoulder slate dress, which had ruffles on the sleeves. It was short, just till her thighs and she had let her long black hair cascade down. Her gray eyes gleamed with excitement as she stifled a squeal and then dashed downstairs, taking two steps at a time. Her complexion was ruddy as she impatiently rounded the corridor and entered the kitchen.  Read more
That is Impossible!
Lyle turned sharply to look at what he was staring at. And there was a girl, wearing a red dress, with hair as golden as sunshine. She was staring at him with her two dusty black eyes from the shadows.  Blake staggered forward, leaving Lyle in lurch. He tilted his head to the side and a smile played on his lips. “My mate,” he rasped.  “What?” Lyle snapped. “Are you mad?” she cried. He was supposed to make her wear the ring tonight. “You can’t do this to me Blake!” She said with disbelief. But he wasn’t hearing her.  He took a step forward.  “Stop Blake!” she shouted on the top of her lungs. How could he leave her like this? She had loved him and only him for her whole life.  Graham came from behi
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I Would Have Tossed You Out
Dormant Volcano Calhein, the Slopes of Northern Summit Mission: Nyter flower Day 2 “Are you attracted to me, Alpha Ryder?” Lyle asked the sun-tanned werewolf who was climbing the rope up the rocky cliff, which had almost fifty degrees incline. He was just below her in the group. She was sweating profusely. It was mid-afternoon. The sun was cruel, making the air hot and sultry. There were thorny bushes and few trees with gnarled roots dotting its surface, hardly giving them any relief. They had to find the cave that led to the bed of the volcano where Nyter grew. Since the day they had gathered for the mission, she could feel his eyes boring into her.  “Stop thinking so highly of yourself, pup,” he scoffed and pulled himself up the rope. “I am a hunter and you are not my prey.” His
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Once again Lyle stopped. She turned her head over her shoulder. Masking her apprehension, she said, “I am merely stating a fact. Besides, I am not afraid of you.” That was a big, fat lie. Her heart pounded against her ribcage as if a drummer had gone crazy while drumming. What if he actually attacked her?  “I did hear about how you were thrown out of your pack,” he said in the same feral voice mixed with mockery. “You deserved it. If I knew it earlier, I would have never allowed you to travel with the group.”  Lyle gritted her teeth. Her hand went to the dagger she had strapped on her thigh. “What if I stab you here and leave you to rot?” she scoffed. Amongst all these brutal and savage men, all she had to do was maintain the façade. For the first time she regretted wearing ladies outdoor shorts and a tank top.  Read more
Zap of Electricity
Ryder’s erection was growing painfully. “Stop shaking for god’s sake,” he grated.  Lyle could feel his muscles tightening around her, as his breath fanned her cheek. Unfortunately, she was unable to focus on staying still. The more she shook, the more her body rubbed against him and the more his erection moved. He closed his eyes and just stayed like that for a moment and then in a low dangerous voice said, “Move ahead, else others are going to gain, and we will lose the competition even before we have tried.”  But Lyle closed her eyes, whined a little and then sagged against his chest. She willed herself to stop shaking. Her mouth had become dry and she needed water. “You should have taken the lead,” she said. “And how do I know there aren’t more snakes there?”  Ryder controlled his shallow breath
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You Would Never Know
Lyle’s eyebrows rose so high that they might have met her hairline. She stopped and blinked rapidly before staring at him openly. In a disbelieving voice she said, “You are an antique piece. I have never heard of werewolves living so long.”  He grunted. “The werewolves of Silver Moon pack live longer!” He turned his head over his shoulder and said, “Now keep moving.”  The werewolves of the Silver Moon pack were the only ones who could live longer amongst all of their species. One of the main reasons why they stayed hidden in the deep jungles was to prevent others from conducting research on them and see what it was that made them immortals. Several of his pack’s werewolves went missing only to be found later with mutilated bodies deep in the jungles.  Ryder had tried his best to find out those who
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Primal Desire
Lyle looked like a fresh flower, like the golden Nyter, whose stalks he was holding in his back pocket now. He could feel a strange lure towards her. It was like if he didn’t sense how those lips felt on his, he would remain anxious. He was attracted to her like Icarus to the sun. But Ryder didn’t want this. His mission was to get the flowers for his lover, make her immortal and marry her. He wanted to take her to his pack and have babies with her. He had gone too long without a mate and every night when went to bed, he missed the warmth of his human lover. She had once spent a night with him, in his bedroom, on his bed, but then also she maintained her distance. And after that… she just kept him at a distance. But that experience was enough for him. When he wanted to complete his mission with so much zeal, why was it that he wasn’t able to keep away from this pup? His wolf c
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Even though Lyle smiled on the outside, when he left her, it was like someone had thrown a bucket of ice on her. But she grinned. With one hand she waved towards the exit and said, “I won’t.” Her other hand was behind him.  ‘How will he punish us?’ Grisha asked lasciviously after that hot session.  Lyle rolled her eyes. ‘As if I am interested.’ ‘I am highly interested!’ Grisha exclaimed with a grrrr. ‘Ask him.’ ‘Keep dreaming Grisha.’  Grisha whined and became quiet.  Ryder buttoned his pants, raked his fingers through his hair with a shallow breath and then walked towards the tunnel. He could hear her footsteps behind him as he walked uncomfortably, tryi
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Ryder bolted the iron gate back in its place. His anger was beyond words. The pup stole from him. She took advantage of his weakness. He stopped and stood there for a while grabbing his hair at the mere thought. He let out a haughty air and muttered a curse. “Fuck!” His anger grew and he punched the wall of the cavern. It pulverized under the impact and the splinters flew. He should have left her soon after finding the flowers, but he was distracted by her body, overwhelmed when he touched her and when he smelled her arousal. The smell of her arousal was still in his hands. He closed his eyes and straightened up and then hurried away from the cave silently. The descent back to the ground level was easy and fast. When his gaze went to the horizon, he noticed that it would soon be dusk. The entire area was silent except for an occasional chitter of jungle squirrels and cicadas who were begi
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Rescuing Her
Lyle wanted her mother to stroke her hair. She used to laugh when Mila would try and make hundreds of plaits in her hair on the pretext that she was bonding with her. She recalled the apple and orange trees that her father had planted, which were laden at this time of the year. Her mother was making marmalade for her when she last saw them in the house.  Mila had ensured that her daughter’s room would be covered in the shades of blue and green. The drapes, bed sheets and even the small rug on the floor were either blue or pink.  Suddenly her hand touched something very cold and sharp—her dagger. She picked it up immediately. “If we ever see him again, we are going to kill him, Grisha!”  This time Grisha didn’t answer.  She was about to reach the o
Read more Protection Status