Evil Designs: Rebirth of the Urban Cultivator

Evil Designs: Rebirth of the Urban Cultivator

This is a 《Rebirth of the Urban Cultivator》 fanfiction

By:  Magmatide2021  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rexford made the deal with Destiny to make sure his friends had a chance as they were whisked away to be Champions. The bargain was surprising on the other end, however. Destiny's words were that of the most freedom one could expect. Even more so a champion. He just had to kill who it said as well as keep training. When asked why only one answer was given. It will be needed to save his friends later.

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22 chapters
We all serve in some way Part 1
A group of friends have gathered around for the first time in a long time this month. Still, more of them were supposed to arrive but were hung up with one problem or another. Whether it was a wreck, a stopped train, or just a flat tire, things were terrible and prevented them from meeting easily.The one who called the meet-up was their friend Rexford. Surprising since he was always busy with work or traveling for one thing or another. Most of them had known each other for 10-15 years. But the closest of the group knew each other for 20-30 years.Drinking and carrying on as they caught up, some just couldn't wait for the others to make it and have fun.Rexford looked on as the World slowed down. The sober one currently for the night between his friends as they celebrate revealing new achievements that were made in the last week. The only time they needed someone to be completely sober was when Michael and Katy were in the party mood. It let things work out for
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We all serve in some way Part 2
"Stopped by a train that broke down, said she will be here eventually." Richard yelled. He already had his tie around his head in a drinking contest with Katy. "I am going to dethrone you today!""Fat chance!" Katy picked up her pace drinking in bigger gulps now. It was slightly maddening to see her put away so much booze. Where did he keep it all?!"Hmm, maybe I was wrong." Rexford opened his phone checking a few text messages as they talked. He even received one from Rachel that asked if Lery had made it already. 'Man, these two are going to have it bad in the future.'*Zoop!* The environment started to slow down once more. Rexford, had forgotten about it until just now, he looked to the street seeing the old-timer again. A bright gold light burning where eyes should be shining met his gaze.The old-timer's clothes turned into golden robes that hid its figure. Blinking once, Rexford watched time catch up quickly. The old-timer was none other than Destin
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Day 1 My new Life
"He belongs to mine." Destiny answered. Gaia felt to her butt looking dazed. "The cost... is you can never tell anyone. Even if war happens." Gold energy wrapped around the area as the two left the Dimension. 'I wonder if that fool will speak?'Destiny was referring to the other Deity that watched from the shadows. Xiwangmu, of the Chinese Pantheon whose Aspects were that of creation and destruction, tapped into quite a few other Pantheons, stepped away with an unusual look on her face.As they talked, Rexford went through a cazy time.A teen with brown hair and a tracksuit stood up on a bus unexpectantly. It was a good thing it made a stop to fill up on fuel and to give the passengers a chance to take a breather. His eyes wide looking around at what happened to him. Fear and surprise dancing in his eyes until he could come to terms that he was back in the past somehow.'Isn't this the bus I took that summer vacation from Sishui County to Chuzhou my senio
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Day 1 Evening time
"Xiao Fan, Ranran is going to be a senior like you. You should look after her at school.""Haha, you are so funny." Rexford laughed. He did not plan on getting involved with this little... girl's life. She was very off-putting since he got in the car. "I am going to her school, so she should look after me normally. But I rather not ruin her senior year. Her friends are her friends and shouldn't have to associate with me due to this. It is quite rude to them if you think about it. How about we just stay our separate ways when at school. After all, I am here for education not to make friends with her friends.""Oh! Nonsense." Ms.Tang felt a little awkward. On one hand, he was right on another as an adult she wanted him to make friends with her daughter's friends."No, I insist. If not, maybe it best I stay somewhere else." It was not a question but a statement. Rexford gave a smile that was not a smile to them both. "I do not want to interfere with her school life
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Day 1 Encounter with a certain family
 Encounter-.Finding a good spot that was over-saturated, Rexford sat down crisscross and started to devour the rich spirit energy quickly. In a few minutes, his Qi Condensation Realm was destroyed, reformed, and destabilized then it expanded. The Black Gold Vortex growing in size each time.Slipping into the Foundation Establishment stage early enough, it was spread wide with several methods in place to support it later. One does not build a foundation without making room for support and adjustments later.As the Black Gold Vortex spun, it churned the dregs in the area into viable energy. The ratio was not ideal but, it gave useful energy from useless material.Unknown to him, a few of the trees and soil lost nutrients. But they also lost a good bit of the pollution that infected the roots."Haaaa!" Exhaling deeply he took a large inhale afterward. Black and gold spirit energy came into his body. 'Just a little more!' A few tr
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Day 1 Pills with a change
"I am very interested actually." Rexford placed his hand on the man's chest. "Tell me while I work something out. I can not provide any medicine since I do not have the ingredients currently. And they are quite expensive at that." He was not a doctor like most of his friends but his eyes helped along with his personal knowledge on how the body worked and the knowledge taken from the soul of Chen Fan.*Schup!* Dredges left from Wei Fu the moment Rexford's hand touched him. It left a burning sensation in the old man. He felt like he was able to breathe better but also felt weaker to overall. All the muscles in his body were exhausted. As if he came from running a triathlon.  They talked for a few minutes before all was done."I still have not mastered the method but this should help for a few days." The Black Gold Vortex had more mysteries than he could understand in such little time. 'It sucked up all the discarded cells and toxins in the body.  Hmm, a very od
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Day 2 Pills and a Party
All the herbs in the boxes were used up. He created a decent batch of the regular Spirit Enhancing Pills which he would give to Wei Fu. With one set of the New Spirit Enhancing Pill, that he named Vortex Spirit Enhancing Pill. It was a simple name but it would work for now."Huh?" The destroyed box's energy was swallowed up again by the mini version of him. But this time it opened its mouth and spat out a different box in return. It then left from the center of Rexford's chest landing right in front of him. "Well.. at least it is not covered in drool or anything. What is so different about this box?"A few pokes let him know it wasn't fake. Or an illusion.Pulling on the material, the only thing he could tell is that it was a little tougher than standard cardboard. Opening it up, made him jump back in shock. To die by a box... would suck."What in the blazes is going on with this box!?" As the box fell over nothing weird happened but the fact that when he
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Day 2 Problems
As Rexford let them get back to talking, Rongfei kept taking glances at him. Almost drawn to his eyes. But the overall presence around him was very mysterious. Ranran stubbornly looked away at Mengmeng to keep her happy.It wasn't long before the girls' ride showed up."Darling!" Mengmeng ran out with a slightly wronged expression on her face. She faked tears whining about what Rexford said to her. "You have to get justice for me!" Ran and Rongfei didn't say anything to the girls' antics. They were used to it a little.Her boyfriend, Yang Chao listened to every word she said taking a few glances at the young man she bad-mouthed on the phone. Right before he could make a move, a hummer rolled upon them.The Wei family sent another driver to pick up the medicine. Rexford moved to the back of the hummer and pulled out a set of the pills. It was just better business to give them some that he had right now."Magic treasure?" The Wei bodyguard just assum
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Day 2 Difficult choices
"Well, I will make sure to be careful next time when making the pills. Might be better to make more of the lower quality to issue." Drinking the tea by itself, Rexford couldn't help marveling at the gold energy that connected the members of the Wei Family. 'Ok.. Wei Ziqing is defintely the focal point that connects them to me. But if she dies.. what will happen?"In his Internal Space, the mini version of him was muttering something. The words were unintelligible to Rexford. Not any language he ever heard before.When the meal came, they didn't even touch the food and mostly meditated to control themselves. Well, Rexford started eating. The food was pretty damn good in his opinion. It was a quiet occasion until his phone went off."Hello," Rexford answered excusing himself from the table. "Aunty Tang." A wave of his hand and all the food for him that was on the cart disappeared. The waiter didn't notice a thing as he was in a daze from the rich qi aroma in the r
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Day 2 End Day 3 a meeting
"Hey Aunt Tang, do you know anyone in the entertainment industry?" "You crazy boy, where are you!? Did you run away!? Who phone are you calling from?!" Aunty Tang was frantic. The driver had insisted on driving this time. They rushing to the hospital still. Receive the answers she was still not calm. "I will have the driver go back to pick you up after we drop off Mengmeng's friend." "That is not necessary. About what I asked." Rexford didn't want her wasting time. "I will keep in touch later, have some matters to see to. Stay safe." Hanging up, a thought popped up to check on someone. "A few pictures here and there and that should help." Talking with the staff to have them take a few pics for him, Rexford thanked them and sent the pics to his email. Then to An Youya, and the friends of the original Chen Fan. Out of all the people from the series, he felt a small weird disconnection with her when pulling on memory regarding specifacally her. Whether i
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