Mr. Montero's Filthy Secrets

Mr. Montero's Filthy Secrets

By:  Kate Granada  Ongoing
Language: English
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Warning: This story is based on true events. Rated SPG. What if you are the thorns among flowers? What if these flowers are related to each other? Mr. Montero's filthy secrets were exposed when they found out that he's living with his two wives. Margaret Aldana, the mother, and Harley Aldana, Margaret's daughter. After getting married again with his second wife Margaret, Evo Montero became Harley's stepfather. But as they lived under one roof and when Harley started to go to the university, filthy things started to happen and it turned out to be very nasty.

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5 chapters
1. A sudden marriage proposal
P.S This story is based on true events. I used different names and locations to protect the owner's privacy. ***"Forbidden"- banned or not allowed.- tabooHarley scratches her head while facing her laptop. Their research is all about forbidden love and she was having difficulty comprehending their group topic. "Urgh! Fuck! Shit! Why was Professor Lee loves giving us a hard topic?", she looks irritated while fidgeting with her pen on her hair. " Sweetie! It's time for breakfast!", she heard her mom calling at her. "Coming mom!", she replied as she got up from her bed. Harley become independent even at a young age because her father died when she was ten. After her dad's death, her mom grieved for it and even close her heart to every man that wanted to take her hands. It's better than having a stone-hearted and harsh stepfather. She sniffs deeply after she smelled the aroma of her favorite potato soup. " Hmmm, smells good mom. Let me guess, you cooked my fav soup right?", she
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2. Meeting my stepfather
Harley POVThree days ago after I told mom that I am not against it anymore. I mean her relationship with Mr. Evo Montero. After researching this stranger man, I was dumbfounded to learn that he's not an ordinary old guy. He was known as the famous Mr. VIP in Moonstar Magazine. I have no idea how mom found him or how he became attracted to my mother but I am glad that she's happy and planning on having a new partner in life. My main concern was that his marriage proposal was sudden and that made me feel worried. So I decided to meet him personally. Mom agreed to it after we talk about him yesterday. ***FlashbackMargaret wrapped her arms around her daughter Harley and felt relieved after her daughter agreed to accept Evo as her boyfriend. "Thanks, sweetie. I'm sorry if I lied but I did it because I don't want to shock or hurt you. You're in your fourth year in high school, soon, you'll go to college." She muttered with her sudden sniffs. Harley face her mom and took her hands. S
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3. Mix Emotions
Harley POVShould I let my mom marry this man? This was my question inside my head while the three of us were sitting at the dinner table. Of course, he won to have our dinner inside this huge and glamour hotel called Musa Hotel which he owned too. He looks superior and manipulative to me. Being a girl in her junior year will feel uneasy about his behavior but I haven't known this man for years so I can't judge him yet. "Harley, do you like the food?", I was startled after hearing his voice because I'm too focused on my thoughts. " Oh, yes, it's good." I simply replied without looking at him and continue digging on my plate. "Thank you, Evo for this wonderful dinner," Mom added but while staring at my plate, I raised my eyebrows for being against him. I looked up and I saw him letting out his grin like he was so well pleased that he was being praised for doing favors to others. I felt awkward about it so I excuse myself from the table and went to the bathroom. I washed my face a
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4. Welcome Home
Margaret POV I know being a single mom wasn't easy and maybe some of you can relate to me. Yes, I am a single mom for eight years and I raise my daughter Harley alone without dating anyone in my entire mid-thirties until Evo Montero came. He's known as Mr. VIP, one of the business tycoons, he's famous and a well-mannered person but I never thought that he will become the reason too how our life turned upside down. ***PresentNews reporter:Mrs. Margaret Montero, did you ever regret being Mr. VIP's fifth legal wife?Margaret: No, I am not. I'm happy to be one of them. I loved him. I'm grateful to have him in my life, in our lives. ( There's a tension in between her answers. The whole media are watching the live broadcast of one of Evo's fifth wife Margaret.)The news reporter cleared her throat and ask her another question. News reporter: How about being your daughter's rival? Margaret's eyes widened after hearing it. Everyone started booing at her while all their faces are laugh
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5. My Billionaire Stepdad
Harley POV Having a multi-millionaire stepdad seems a challenge for me. I'm not comfortable being an instant daughter of a rich stepdad. ***"Wow, honey, this place is incredible. It's huge and spacious!", my mom squealed in excitement. I just raise my eyebrows trying to hold my happiness too but my stepdad Evo noticed me. " Don't be shy Harley. This is our home now, your home. Get inside and let us check your room." He was the one who escorted me and I'm a bit against it but mom let him. "Go, sweetie. Just talk to your dad casually, okay? I'll just check the other rooms too." Mom said and I just rolled my eyes behind her but my stepdad saw it. "Are you okay, Harley?", he asked me. I blush a bit because he saw me but I just nod my head and told him about my room. " Hmmm, can you show me my room?", I said and he lead me the way upstairs. Mom didn't come after us because she wanted to check the garden first. She's a nature lover so the first thing she did was visit them. While
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