One Night With Devon

One Night With Devon

By:  Elixir Winters  Ongoing
Language: English
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『 18+ Only, Mature Content 』 "Devon... I can't do this... We shouldn't be doing this". I moaned, my mind slowly losing all the little common sense I had left, forgetting all my morals. "I know. But you wanted to see my dark side, so here it is..." He agreed, his voice sending a shiver down my spine, those dreadful words escaping his lips did nothing for him to move away from me instead, he came an inch closer if that was even possible. He connected his lips to me again, making me writhe in ecstasy. This was wrong. It was forbidden. He was my boyfriend's brother and my boss, and right now, he had his head between my legs. ~ Fiona Rodriguez, had a nightstand with a stranger after she saw her boyfriend with someone known to her. She had forgotten everything about that nightstand but when that desirable beast Devon Brennan steps into her life again she finds herself extraordinarily frustrated. Falling for her handsome BOSS, who happened to be THE BROTHER of HER BOYFRIEND it was something forbidden, dangerous, and wrong. It was never on her To-do-list.

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° FIONA RODRIGUEZ °I was stretching my arms while lying on the couch. This was the last day of my blissful vacation and then I’m off to my summer internship tomorrow. “I’ll be in my room doing some research.” I got up from the couch. While My best friend Linda AKA my roommate was busy getting ready to go over to her boyfriend who goes to the same college as us. His apartment was a few blocks away from ours.“By research, you mean searching the pictures of that hot billionaire on browser and ogle at him all day.” I rolled my eyes at her, “By research, I mean getting enough information about the company I will be working for three months.”“You Know, that I know you are into older guys than college guys that’s why you are googling some old hotties to work under them. If I might say, that Devon Brennan” She quivered her eyebrow.“No, it’s not like that. Besid
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