Burning Memory

Burning Memory

By:  J. Crown  Ongoing
Language: English
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Typha has no memories prior to ten years old, but at the age of 20 she begins to experience strange, obsessive dreams. Bloody, gruesome creatures, and even stranger people- do these dreams hold the key to her past? With the help of her best friend, Typha discovers that her entire reality is different than she was led to believe.

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6 chapters
Tails and Heads
        "Do you remember anything Typha?"        I swept the room; the blue walls, the framed pastel daffodil.        "Typha- do you remember anything from back then?" My attention snapped back to Mrs. Shiva, my counselor. Remember anything? From back then? My mind wandered for a moment; I could feel something. It was a hint of something- a vague, fogged feeling. It was not of any place or face, but the emotion was there- that feeling that was bad to have.        "No." I answered; after all, that was why I was here.        "What has happened since then Typha? It'll help me help you if I have a basic understanding of your past." The smile on her face was supposed to make me feel less uncomfortable telling a stranger about the things I had always kept locked inside my chest. My fingers pulsed with anxiety, and though I wanted to flicker them, I reigned my
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Hellish Evenings
        My arm felt as if it weighed 10,000 pounds, and though I continued to fight it, I felt as if I was sinking through the floor. My eyes flickered up to the radio- it was only one PM. Even when I was this tired, I could usually carry myself until 7 PM. I turned my head back towards the packet, but my eyes refused to focus.        No. I tried to pick myself up from the floor. No, no, no.        In a burst of panic I managed to get up and trudge into my room, looking for the caffeine pills I kept on my desk. My lungs threatened to sink as I sprawled my hands in search of the bottle, desperate. As nothing rattled except the papers which were spilling to the floor, I pressed my forehead against the cool wall.        My teeth threatened to crack each other as I viciously fought against my mind. I will walk until my legs buckle, I will keep going until my heart murmurs.Read more
Even Love Lies
      Though the week continued with the dreams, I decided to fight the dream less in hopes of remembering more details that may be useful. As per Kayla's suggestion, I kept a notebook by my bed so that the first thing after I woke up, I could jot down details that had grown more clear- even the silly vampire ones.         "Do I really have to record them?" It was embarrassing to share them with her as we tried to decipher them. "I feel like they're just little kid fears that my mind replaced with things I didn't understand."         Kayla turned around from making hot cereal.         "See what you just said?"         "What?" She rolled her eyes.         "Even if the actual event seems silly, you can record what you think they mean. You should write down what you feel about them. Your adult brain can, hopefully, understand better
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Upsides and Insides
        By the door, Kayla had left me a pile of clothes, as promised. It felt nice to finally be in something dry, and the warmth of our apartment made me want to roll up and watch a movie. Clattering and soft music flowed from the kitchen, and I watched from the walkway as she hummed to herself.         Today was a good kind of not good day. It was not a perfect description, but after being in the rain- the biting torrents that stung my veins like fire- I was here. I was every bit in the present that I wanted to be.         "Typha." The look on Kayla's face caused my throat to dry. Did I do something wrong? She looks like she could murder me right now.        "What took you so long? Did you die and come back to life?" Maybe I shouldn't have laughed at her rhetorical question when her gaze could dice and splice me into sli
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Never Sharper
        Autumn break was just a few days away, and I began to feel more awake. While Kayla was in classes, I decided to visit the park from before often. It offered me a sort of peace, and I selfishly wondered if I wanted to ever share it with anyone else.        The haze in the morning that delicately weaved between every blade of grass- the shadows which resembled the strokes of an artist's brush. The perfume of the purple-bell flowers of the proud hostas; they spoke of rest without closing your eyes. It was rare that anyone passed through, and in so I took up the opportunity to draw vague images of the creatures from my dreams, and in interludes, the beautiful flora of the park.         Crouched over, fur-less, and round mouths which reminded me of sea-lampreys. Did they have eyes? My hand hesitated, I couldn't remember. But their skin- their bones; they were like skelet
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Didn't Hear Myself
        Heat was choking my skin, and I brought a hand to my face. Sitting up, the tears rolled down my face though I couldn't quite remember why I had been crying. Stillness was the best treatment after waking up, so I covered my eyes and took a deep breath.        The carpet beneath my feet, my weight sinking against the couch cushions, my fingers against my eyebrows, my eyelashes fluttering against my palms. Here- Tired again. Here- each sensation attesting that I was in the apartment, not that I just believed I was. Pressing my hands against my face, I picked my phone off the coffee table and unlocked it.         "Hey guys, do you think I can come over for Autumn break?" I forgot I had asked Kayla to text them for me. My heart felt fuzzy for a moment.         "Of course- and you always know you don't have to ask! We miss you lots
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