Unwanted Wife

Unwanted Wife

By:  White Butterfly  Ongoing
Language: English
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When a wife does not get her rights because of a social status, she is insulted and trampled on like trash. Will Zeroline be able to survive and get her love and rights from her husband? Or did she give up and go far away from her husband?

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2 chapters
“I am indeed a servant of your family, sir. But, sir... you need to remember that right now I am your wife.” Zerolin looked into those sharp eyes which showed a flash of anger. She lowered her head again, holding back the tears in her eyes. She did not expect that her self-esteem was actually trampled on by her own husband.“Hahahaha...! You are really very funny, Zerolin. Look at yourself in the mirror, do you deserve to be side by side with me? Don't you ever dream of becoming Mrs Salvador, owner of the famous brand Salvador Davinci, owner of the largest company in Europe! With a wealth that can't be counted with your disgusting fingers.” Rafael really really hates the woman in front of him right now. The woman his grandfather chose to be his wife, the wife of Rafael Salvador Davinci. Because of his anger, he pushed Zerolin to the ground. He pulled Zerolin's hair until she whimpered in pain. Zerolin tried to remove Rafael's hand from her hair with gr
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Part 01 Graduation Ceremony
 As a student, the thing that they look forward to the most is the time they wears their graduation gown and boasts about their achievements, but that's different with Zeroline. She didn't feel the happiness that her friends were feeling right now. Wearing graduation clothes, Zeroline sat quietly on a park bench. Her beautiful face she deliberately covered with thick bangs and large glasses perched on her nose. Often her friends for Zeroline’s outdated and unfashionable appearance ridicule her. After getting a call from Mr. Davinci last night, Zeroline could not help but return to his residence, devoting her life to being a servant at his house like her late father and mother. She herself felt indebted to the Davinci family. Because thanks to that family, she was able to experience school until now. Although Zeroline also often gets scholarships at her school."What are you thinking?" Zeroline was so shocked when someone tapped her shoulder from behind, whi
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