I Bought A Neko

I Bought A Neko

By:  Katlynn Clark  Ongoing
Language: English
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First off my name is Derek Cambell. I own one of the biggest company's ever. Im a very rich man and can have and want anyone or anything. So as of right now i have a thing for nekos. You know the little human kitties. I like them as pets. So i buy them. I start off with one pet and end up with four and then three. Now there is a human girl involved. I meet the lovely Cameran. Everything gets more and more complicated. Werewolves and vampires and witches end up in my life. Cameran ends up with three other men. No she isn't a slut it's pretty hot. We even have a little BDSM going on. Will it all work out in the end or will it come down to me losing the love of my life? So join me to find out what happens.

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50 chapters
Chapter 1
My name is Derek. I have a huge thing for nekos. You guys know what they are little human kittys. Well i own one already and I'm looking to buy two more. So right now my little pest is in her cage locked away while I'm gone to the auction house. When i finally arrive I walk in to see they haven't started the auction yet thank god!So I'm just standing in the back as they start bring human slaves onto the stage. Yeah i know who would want a human slave. So after all the humans are gone. They bring out five nekos. Yes! This is what i want. As soon as they walk out one catches my eye right away. He is a male about 16 years old and he is holding on to a female neko.So as the bidding starts the bed is at 1000 dollars for the male I want so I start bidding and some man jumps it up to 5000 dollars.

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Chapter 2
  I look down at them both and tell the to follow me as i jerk on their leaches. They start to follow and I tell them about my home. "first off the room i put you in will be locked when i leave. You have to earn your freedom inside the house." I tell themI continue to walk to the room where my other pest is locked in her cage. I open the door and yell at her."wake up pest" i say.She jumps awake and bangs her head on the top of the cage and all i do is laugh."Jake, Sasha say hello to Carrie." I sayThey reply a simple "hi" and thats it. "Carrie tell Jake and Sasha what happens if you
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Chapter 3
Sasha's (pov)I was still sitting on the bathroom floor when I heard master shouting at Carrie. I got really scared then the bathroom door flew open and master walked up to me. He looked down at me and told me to strip out of the old raggy dress I had on. I got scared about what he was going to do to me. So i slowly stood up and took off all my clothes. I stood there with my arms and tail wrapped around my body trying to hide my private parts from him. When all of a sudden he grabbed my arms and told me to NEVER hide myself from him.All I could mumble was a " yes sir" He then picked me up and sat my on the counter, and turned to pull out a towel and washcloth for me. Now I'm afraid of water my last owner tried to drown me
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Chapter 4
Carrie's (pov) As soon as the whip hit my back I screamed like crazy. Master then dropped the whip and walked over to a table to grab a rope. I then realized what he was going to do. He came back to me and tied the rope to my tail right at the top. He said ' the more you scream the harder I'm gonna rank onyour tail got that?" i manganed out a ' yes sir" He went back to the grab the whip and out of the corner of my eye I seen sasha and jake looking terrified for what was about to happen. He flicked his wrist and the whip cracked and hit my back again. I let out a slight "urghhhh" and he ranked on my tail which made me start crying. You see our tails are very sensitive and if you rub it just right we get horny as hell. He whipped me twenty times and yanked on my tail eight times. I was blubbering like a little 2 year old but i
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Chapter 5
Finally Jake's (pov)After leaving sasha's room master told me to follow him to my room. I followed behind him where he then opened a door and I slowly crawled in. I looked and around and it matched Sasha's room expect mine was a little smaller  than her room. I looked up at master and he looked down and asked " do you like it?" "yes master" i replied"We will go over some more rules tomorrow that you have to follow. But til then we need to dicuss something." master said"yes sir" i replied" tell me jake are you a virgin? well for both male and female or are you gay?" master asked

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Chapter 6
still Derek's (pov)I tuned around real quick to see a man pulling on Sasha's tail. She had tears streaming down her face and was asking the mad to please stop. I stormed over to the man and yanked him off my pet." she told you to stop and why the fuck are you touching what is mine. As you can see she has on a collor and leach which means you dont touch what is someone elses. now get lost" my voice boomed at him.The poor man scrambled away and I looked a Sasha and whiped her tears away. She was still holding her tail." sasha are you OK?" I ask her"yes master it hurts really bad but i promise i didnt do it. he just wouldn't
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Chapter 7
Carrie's (pov) I jumped startled by masters voice. Damn it I got cault again. I just looked as master rushed over and pushed me out of the way to open the door for Sasha. Damn that bitch I hate her. Master picked her up and carried her to the bed and just scowled at me. " carrie your slutty useless ass is mine. now back to your room now while i hlp Sasha and figure out what to do with you." my voice raised at her.I ran as quick as I could back to my room. A few minutes later master walked in with a belt in his hand. Oh no he's gonna beat me. Just as I looked up he slapped me hard making me fall to the floor. He pulled me up by my hair and threw me on the bed. He started hitting me with the belt making me scream stop at him. " stttop please it hurts." i told him. he just kept going saying " what the fuck is your problem? thats it
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Chapter 8
Still Derek's (pov) I ran down to the kitchen and bursted through the door. I seen Jake laying on the floor crying and shaking really bad. He looked so scared. "What the fuck happened to my pet?" my voice boomed at them all.No one said anything. I picked Jake up and sat him on the counted when I heard someone huff." so is anyone going to tell me what happened?" i asked them. no one still answered me so I just asked Jake. "Jake can you tell me what happened please?" i asked him calmly"Yes master. I came down here to ask for some food and some chicken soup for sasha like you asked me to. When all of a sudden that
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Chapter 9
Skipping to Sasha's (pov)As I lay in the bed with Jake, I thought about my family and how I ended up here. I miss them so much. I wonder if I was good if master would help me look for them and maybe they could come live here with us. I know Jake has no family left I feel so bad for him. As I look out the window I can see the sun start to come up. And Jake starts to stir. Hopefully he is feeling better today. As he wakes up he realizes that I'm in bed with him and freaks out." Have you been here all night?" Jake asksI look at him and nod and blush at the same time. wait why am I blushing I'm a lesbian. "Master said I could stay here with you to make sure you were ok." I
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Chapter 10
Lily's (pov) I was standing on stage shaking. I was so scared I would get a mean owner. Just then a man in the back yelled out 10,000 dollars and just then I was sold to him. I was pushed to the back and was crying. The guard went to slap me for crying and then my new master saved me from him. He then took me to his house where I met his other pets. And then took me to the mall to get me clothes. I was so excited. I had only ever owned one dress and it was the one I was wearing. Then he saved me again cause a mean woman picked me up by my tail. He took me to get a car seat cause he said I was to small to just ride in the seat by myself he even let me pick it out myself. Just as he put me back in the car he told all to close our eyes that he had a surprise for us. Dere
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