The Love Triangle

The Love Triangle

By:  Katlynn Clark  Ongoing
Language: English
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So my name is Theo. My sister decided it's a good idea to buy me a toy as in a werewolf/neko pet. Well come to find out my girlfriend is a whore and my toy is my mate. I refuse to love him but what happens when he worms his way into my vampire heart? What happens when my sisters best friend comes into the picture? What happens when my rival comes after me and takes my sister away from me. Follow along on the journey to find out what happens.

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15 chapters
Chapter 1
I was sitting in a cage completely naked and shaking. When we are born we live with our parents in house lockdowns til we turn thirteen and then we are sent to obedient houses so they can teach us some things. When you turn sixteen you are put into a cage to be sold to a new master. The disobedient houses were all awful. They taught you how to please a male and female. Me being a male and being gay was put onto my tag around my neck but it didn't matter if I was gay. A female could buy me and use me as her toy. Yes we were known as toys not slaves. Toys were lower than slaves. We were taught to read and write. We were taught how to use every electronic that was avalible. We were all virgins whatever that means. They taught us about sex but didn't explain what it was used for. Well today I was finally sixteen and was up for my first auction. A guard came in and pulled us all out and lined us up.

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Chapter 2
I walked to my office and sat in my big leather chair behind my desk. I put my hands in my head and sighed. I leaned over and grabbed Wesley's file and flipped it open. I was reading through it and noticed something I didn't know. He can get pregnant and it normally happens after they lose their virginity. I slammed the folder shut and walked to the bedroom. Mandy was laying in bed watching tv and I started pacing."He is my mate and is pregnant" I said"WHAT" She yelled"Yeah. I didn't read his file til now and they get pregnant the first time they have sex. Are you ready to be a mom? I mean it's not like he will ever see the baby. Toys aren't aloud to be in relationships or keep their kids" I tell her"Sure. I'm taking a break from
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Chapter 3
She looked at me with wide eyes and hopped down off of me. She walked over and sat down in a chair and put her head in her hands and sighed. "What about kids I want to be a mom?" She says not looking at meI laugh and stare at her."Baby we can have kids if you want them" I tell her"You mean you can?" She asks "Yes baby I can. The baby will be vampire but yes I can have kids" I tell her"Can I think about it?" She asks"Of course. But now that you know what we are and that you are human you could be in danger so it would be best if you moved in with me. You practically
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Chapter 4
After getting some blood in her and feeding her a healthy meal we went to lay down."Babe you know with all this going on I was thinking we could look into age play. They now have puppy and kitten hybrids that are fully grown but act like babies. I mean you aren't using Wesley and Trent is a slave so why not? We can see how it goes and if we want kids or not?" April says"Sure we can give it a try. Its only two now do you want to go in town and have a look?" I ask herShe nods and we stand up slipping our shoes on. We get in the car and drive the thirty minutes to the hybrid shop. We both walk in hand in hand and here meowing and barking but mostly whimpering."Hello can I help you?" A woman asks"Yes we want a baby kitten hybrid" April says"Alright. Well they are over there. Go have a look and let me know when your ready" she saysWe nod and walk over checking all of them out when I see a little girl k
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Chapter 5
I was shocked to see April standing there looking at me through her eyelashes."What do you want?" I hiss at her"I j-just want to t-talk" She stutters out"Well I don't have anything to say to you. What you did was sick and to a baby girl who was looking for a loving home and a mommy and daddy. Those girls and boy nekos choose to be babies instead of toys or slaves. They want the attention and love. What you did broke all my trust for you. I can't be near you anymore" I say slamming the door in her face"Dude maybe you should talk to her. I know your mad and upset but April has been in love with you for years. She loves you so much and I know you love her. You can't just forget about her being a newborn to. What if another vampire ma
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Chapter 6
Amy was standing at the front door with Luka and I just looked at her. She was crying and shaking and her clothes were torn to hell and back. She swayed and fainted and I caught both her and Luka and Luka started sobbing. "James" I yellHe comes running in and gaps. He takes Luka and tries to calm him down. I pick up Amy and carry her over to the couch. I picked up my phone and called the doctor. He come running in my front door without knocking but I ignored it. "What happened?" He asked"I don't know. She showed up with Luka crying and looked like this" I tell him"Talk to Luka see if he can tell you" Doc saysI nod an
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Chapter 7
I woke up the next morning and rolled out of bed and went for a quick shower. After showing I walked in my closet and bulled on a black suit with a silver silk tie and then pulled out some clothes for Justin. I walked back in the bedroom to see him still sleeping naked. I walked over and smacked his ass hard and he shot of looking around panicked."Get dressed" I say tossing the clothes I picked out on the bedI walked out of the room and down to the kitchen to see Trent placing breakfast on the table. I take a seat and Wesley comes down pouting and sits down. Soon Justin walks down blushing and I smirk."Morning" Trent says"Morning. So tomorrow i'm taking a sick day and we are going to get your sister and get your tutor" I tell him<
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Chapter 8
April was still tied up in the basement and I was walking around cleaning up the kitchen. Louis was still wandering around whimpering like she fucking broke something and he was getting on my nerves. "Louis come here" I roarHe jumps and scurries over to me. He lowers his head and stares at the floor. I grab his kitten ear and drag him to his closet. I open the door and push him inside."You are to stay in here til I say otherwise. She barely hurt you not shut up. Worthless whore" I roar at him"Mean to Louis" He says"I am you Master I can treat you how I want to. You are pathetic, useless, a slut, whore, a cumslut. Everyone hates you. Your a freak" I hiss in his earHe starts sobbing and shoots over to his bed and lays there crying. I smirk and walk over to him and strip him of his clothes and collar. He whimpers and reaches for it and I slap his hands away."Pwease give Louis collar back" He says"no only good toys get
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Chapter 9
As I crawled in bed with her I thought about how we left her submissive in the play room alone. As I laid down she snuggled into my chest and I closd my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I was woken up the next morning to someone knocking on the door. I sat up and stretched my arms over my head and told them to come in."Sir?" Trent says"Yes?" I say"Breakfast" He says"OK. We will be right down" I tell himHe nods and shuts the door and I look over to see her still sleeping. I smile I lean down kissing her forehead."Madison" I say"Hmm?" She says

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Chapter 10
My parents were standing there looking livid. "Mom, Dad how can I help you?" I ask them"When is April crying saying you left her?" Mom hissed"Come in and take a seat and i'll explain" I tell them They nod and walk in and into my living and look around and then take a seat. "Ok explain" My dad says"Eliana" I callShe walks in looking beautiful as ever and I smile and her and she sits down in my lap."Mom, Dad this is Eliana my MATE" I say grinning"Oh" Mom say
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