Hot Men Society Series: Desire of Mr. Fuck boy

Hot Men Society Series: Desire of Mr. Fuck boy

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Florantina Del Fierro was not your average twenty-four-year-old girl but she had much more experience than any other would have in her age. Her tough persona makes herself feared by everyone who crosses their paths with her. You could say she's like a coconut, hard and tough on the outside but soft inside. But ever wondered what made her the way she is now? Will she be able to be that once a bubbly and cheerful girl she was before she met him? Is there someone who intends to break her tough exterior and look at someone who is broken beyond repair? Before he turned her into the monster she is, who's left with nothing but disaster in her head.

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Chapter 1
Exhausted, I looked up at the wall clock which now reads 6 pm. Wow, it's already been 3 hours since the meeting started, I thought to myself. Smiling vaguely at my colleagues, I gave them my final thought on the project we're about to invest in.Trust me when I say this will be the biggest achievement for this company if we manage to convince the clients and would take the Del Fierro business to another level. I can see my father looking at me proudly, proving to him that his little girl was not always just a pretty face.Shortly after, everybody started leaving and exchanged pleasantries. Sighing, I got up and started walking towards my office. The sky was in various shades of orange and lavender as I looked from my floor to ceiling windows. I stood there, watching people hurrying home from a long day of work to their loved ones, who probably waited for them.I always used to picture myself getting married by now, to the man of my life and have little kid
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