The Blind Heir

The Blind Heir

By:  sybth  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sally had been looking for a job when her aunt introduced her to a lavish mansion that was looking for a maid to look after a young man at the time. She had no idea when she walked inside the house that the person she would be caring for was Zeus Lorax, the son of a well-known businessman and one of the wealthiest heirs. But what startled her the most was the fact that he is BLIND. Ever since he became blind, Zeus has refused to leave his chamber, believing that his life has come to an end because he is no longer useful to his family. When he was young, Zeus was already considered as capable of controlling the corporation and there were big expectations for him. However, all of his dreams collapsed on the day he lose his sight, that also cause him lose hope to continue his life as a result of the accident. Zeus believes that everyone has abandoned him due to the burden of having to take care of him, which correlates to his ex-girlfriend who also left because of his condition. Sally, on the other hand, is adamant upon helping Zeus, even if he refuses to accept help and support from anyone. Will Sally be successful in her efforts to rescue the Prince from drowning in life? Or will she eventually get tired and abandon him just like everybody else?

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    4 chapters
    Chapter 1
    PROLOGUE ''What have I done wrong to you Zeus? Huh!? All I ever did in this house was to help you!'' Sally yelled angrily at the top of her lungs. The two's raging argument could be heard from inside the room. "How many times do I have to tell you? I DON'T NEED YOUR MERCY HELP!!" Zeus shoved the vase that was sitting on the table that made a loud noise echoed as it shattered on the ground. Sally began to pick up the glass that was scattered on the floor, even though she can't see it quite well due to the blurring created by her tears. "All I want to do is to help you, Sir...'' Sally felt the passage of glass on her finger that caused a cut into it as she was picking up the sharp glasses one by one using her bare hands. "But it's hard to help someone who doesn't want to help themselves," Sally added. "If you don't want to have any troubles, Sally, jus
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    Chapter 2
    She ran her fingers through her hair, trying to fix it. She collected it in one of her hands and used her teeth to grab a small knot off her left hand, nibbling the knot and pulling her hand down to get it. Sally brushed herself lightly after tying her hair. Before exiting the room, she put her phone in her waist pocket. Sally had already taken a few steps into the living room, looking over at the house. She paused for a moment because she was drawn to some photos in the corridor. In the center of two couples' photos, she noticed a portrait of a young man, she picked it up to look more closely. "Oh my god... He's so... hot..." Sally's hand rose slowly to her mouth. "Is that you, Sally?" The old woman's voice startled her, and she nervously returned the portrait to its original location. She noticed that its position was still a little awkward, so she adjusted it out before fixing her uniform and walking over to the head of the maids. "Yes ma-
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    Chapter 3
    She stifled her sobs and regained her composure before heading downstairs with the spattered tray. "Here he is again..." Sally overheard a maid in the kitchen say something. "What do you mean?" Sally asked politely as she laid the tray next to the washed plates. "That's how Sir L's son always act. He yells at everyone. He breaks things and scolds those who become his assistants just because he doesn't want their help. What's the point of having an assistant if you don't want their help? Like he seriously became nuts after he got blinded.'' Sally wasn't surprised by what she heard because she'd seen the behavior earlier, but there's one thing that caught her attention. "He became blinded? You mean... He's not born with it?" Sally asked in curiosity. "Yeah, the night before his father turn over the company to him, he was about to propose to his girlfriend, but unfortunately, the tragedy happened that ruined his perfect life." Sally could
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    Chapter 4
    "Because that's what they're used to." Sally simply nodded, even though she knew that he couldn't see him. "So that means I have to call you Prince, right? It’d be embarrassing if-" "Do whatever you want." Sally was taken aback by what she heard before cracking a thin smile. "So... I can call you Lorax!?" she ecstatically exclaimed. "NO." His answer was strengthened, the young man noticed that Sally became silent. “Sorry... Just call me Zeus.” Even though she was frightened, Sally kept her composure and just shifted the topic of their conversation. "Don’t you get cold? Why aren't you wearing a top?" Sally noticed that Zeus had been naked earlier. "Your air conditioning is on full blast in this room, it's freezing." "I'm cold but I have to endure it." Sally got confused as to why he has to endure the cold. “I have no idea where my clothes are, and no matter how hard I try, I can't find them.” "Whe
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