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Julia Anderson is 23 year old girl. She kind independent and loving person. Her parents loved her. But one mistake of her father lead her to a new life that she never seen with unwanted feelings. Roman knight 30 year old billionaire. He is the ceo of the knight enterprises and underworld Don of the Italian mafia. Everyone fears him. "I fucking hate you Roman" I screemed at him.His low chuckle send chilled down my spine and I involuntarily took a step back from him as he took menacing steps towards me." You didn't said when I tied you to my bed with my face buried between your thighs. "He sneered on my face. Fury took on me and took my hand to hit him. Before my hand could touch his face he hold my wrists What happened when these two meets. Will sparks formed or any disaster happened.

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    Chapter 1
     Julia POV:  Sound of ringing the alarm clock made me starred in my deep sleep. Oh God am so tired why morning came so early  i thoughts as snooze my alarm.  "Wake up Ju...wake up" came the sequeling voice of my little sister who enters my room banging the door.  Urggggg  I groaned. She get in the and start to jump up and down.  "Julian...stop that and go from my room , let me sleep"   That's my little cuties pie sister Julian. She's 9 year old well quite the difference between us both. But she's quite a trouble maker of our house.   "No Ju please wake promised to take me to the park.."  Oh what I will do with this girl.  I groaned sitting up I
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    Chapter 2
    Julia pov.     I was in my office doing my work when my PA enter th office and tell me that I have a meeting. This is a weekly meeting where everyone is presence that are the head of each department.      My PA Sam said everyone is present so I got up from my chair and goes to the meeting room.     I sit beside my father George Anderson ceo of the Anderson enterprises. Everyone start to report their progress and loss .      In the middle of meeting...conference room push open and frightening Joan my dad PA come rushing to my dad. He say something in his ear. Hearing him my dad face got pale. I got to up but then again door open with really hard force and their enter three man.     Wow first man is the most handsome man. He was build like a fucking God. He seems to 6'4  with bulging muscle and lots of
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    Chapter 3
    Julia pov.  "Are you fucking kidding me father" I yelled at my father.  "You fucking watch your mouth" he barked at me and I roll mu eyes at him.  "Well how would you expect me to react after finding out that my own father sold me out to save his company" I barked at him.  "It's not that simple for me ok I tried my best to save you ....but you know I don't have a choice in this" he says.  I glared at him"i told you that I will help you but no you love your company more then your daughter ".  "It's not true...if I don't do that then he will kill me your mother and Julian also" he whispered looking defeated.   "Ummmm...."I sigh.  "He will be here in three hours go pack your bags".  
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    Chapter 4
    Julia pov.Everyone start to walk towards the door except me.Roman seems to notice that I don't follow him he turned and glared at me."Are you fucking deaf I said let's go" he said with gritted teeth. I don't move from my place and look at him with hatred. He came forward and throw me on his shoulder and start to going out from the house with me screaming and kicking."Put me the fuck down" I screemed at him. But he didn't listen. In return he spank my ass hard.I got still. He start to walk fast then we are out from the main door. Then I heard the opening of door and next he throws me to back seat of his range rover.I got up quickly and go to other side to open the door."Don't you fucking dare.."he said and pull my ankle. But I kept screaming and kicking him.I feel a cold metal placed on my temple "don't you fucking dare to move now or I will blow your brain right here"he said with gritted teeth.My ey
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    Chapter 5
    Julia pov. After sometime he dial a number on his phone. "Get some snacks and drinks here". "You can say that with please" i muttered under my breath but he listened anyway. "I paid her for doing this so I don't need to say that"he replied me. "Well that's called manners". Then the door open and a very pretty blonde about my age enter the room. She look at me with hatred for me and I match her glared like seriously come on girl you just see me for the first time. Then her eyes shifted to Roman and they spark with happiness. She strolled the food tray with her and start putting the drink on the two glass. She bent over to show her tits to Roman. "Hey capo how's your days" she asked him while battling her eyelashes at him.  "None of your fucking business "he growled at her not even spearing her a glance. She adjust her facial expression and smiled again. Handing him his drink she turn to me and litera
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    Chapter 6
      Julia pov.   "We will land in 15 minutes "came voice of Enzo.     I looked out of the wondow. Roman sat next to me and he kept his hand on my thigh. I slapped his hand off. He smirked at me and again hold my thigh.   "Will you stop" i glared at him.     "Nope....never".   I glared at him and turned my face again looking out of the window. Italy is so beautiful to up here. I always want to visit.   When we landed he hold my hand. We came out of the plane. Their stood three man. Maybe they are work for him.   "Good morning "I murmured to all.   "Julia let me introduce them these all are work for me and very good man. They will keep you safe when I am not around. "Roman said.     "This is Tristan "he said pointing at a very bulky and lots of tattoos guy.
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    Chapter 7
    Julia POV     We pulled in a long driveway.  It will take five minutes to us reach the main doorway. I gasp when I see a white mansion. It's humorous. It has two stair cases to It's either side. Their are so many suv are standing in the driveway. Roman also parked his car and came towards my side. Opening the door for me he gives his hand to me.    "Thank you "  taking his hand I mumbled softly.      After I was out he took me to main door where a man in suit open the door for us. Then we entered the house.   "Julia this is Maria she's head maid here she'll get you anything that you want". He said .   "Hello miss Maria "I said to her.   "Hello mam" she replied.    Before I can say more Roman pulled me with him to the staircase and a long hallway.  Their are three doors one in the lef
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    Chapter 8
        This house is so fucking big. It's has a beautiful view of Italy I have ever seen.the house has three floors. A big living room opened dining area that's so big. A huge library with so many book shelves. Their is so much more I really like this house. I took a book from the shelves and start to checking this. It's in Italian. So I just put it back because I don't know Italian. Then I roaming around all the shelves. I looked up and she Roman's staring at me.   "What happened?"I asked him not sure why he's staring at me.   "You're beautiful "he replied.    I looked away from him my cheeks tinted red.   Then he start to walk away I followed him.   "This is my office"he said.   "Can I see"i asked him.   "No unless I told you so"he said.   I nodded at him but I know I'll go their whenever
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    Chapter 9
        Roman POV    I get up from my chair after doing some paper work in my office. It's 12 in the night. I goes to my floor and decided to check on Julia. I opened the door and found it locked. Fuck!   I smirked.   Ragazza svegila.(smart girl)   I goes to my room and take the spare key. I opened the door and goes in. The room is dark and I make the small figure curled in the bed. I looked at her. Her chest goes up and down when she breath.   Fuck!this girl going to be death for me.   I returned to my room and poured myself a drink of whiskey. I sighed running a hand through my hair. I sat on the chair and unbutton few buttons of my shirt. I gulped the drink in one go and poured one one. I grabbed my phone and dialed the familiar number.    "incontriamoci all'attico tra 15 minuti
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    Chapter 10
        Julia POV    He stared at me.   "I think you forget that I don't like disrespect" he said in gritted teeth and gave more pressure to my neck blocking the air.    My eyes rolled back and I start to struggle in breath.  Then he let go of my throat making me gasp as I tried to catch my breath.   "I'm sorry" I panted wrapping my own hands around my neck.   "That's better and don't show me your attitude again".   I again ignored him and stood up. I go to my room as fast as I can and lock the door. I hope that I'll not see him again.  Then I got up and get ready to go.   I wear a black high waist ripped jeans and white crop top with spaghetti. I wore light makeup and red lipstick to look bold. Then I wear white heel shoes. That's look good on me. Then I wear a necklace with smal
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