Alpha Ridge

Alpha Ridge

By:  Saree  Completed
Language: English
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Tyra is an orphaned pup, adopted by a good family after her father, a brutal Alpha was killed. She's obsessed with escaping her blood oath, made at just ten years old, requiring her to marry an Alpha's son. Tyra dyes her hair, gets tattoos and piercings, anything to change her body and show her arranged mate that she alone is in control of her body. She's waited patiently for her wolf to claim her, but she knows that when it happens, Alpha Zachary is coming for her, to make her his Luna. Tyra's entire world is turned upside down when she meets Zachary, only to feel the mate bond. She is livid to discover that she wants him, and can't control her body around him. What's worse is, he is actually a nice guy. Alpha Ridge is a 26 year old who has waited a very long time for his mate, and is just about to give up when he meets Tyra on the very night she gets her wolf. How are their fates intertwined? Did the Goddess make a mistake and give Tyra two mates? Find out on this whirlwind story that will keep you guessing! *This is a spin off of my Shadow Warrior series. This book follows Alpha Ridge and Tyra, and provides more background on the Blood Claw pack. It can be read as a stand alone book. This book contains strong sexual content and violence.*

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103 Chapters
1 - The Oath
*Blood Claw pack lands, seven years ago* ~Alpha Gunner’s Point of View~ “Have the arrangements been finalized,” I asked, looking at my Beta. “Absolutely Alpha, they should be here tonight, about four hours,” he responded.“Perfect. Ensure the kitchen staff has a large enough feast,” I furthered.“Already on it, our warriors got six deer this morning just for tonight. It is all being prepared. We got this Gunner, don’t sweat it,” he said, trying to calm me down.One of my biggest rivals, Alpha Zander of the Long Tooth pack, was comi
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2 - A Weird Invitation
Present Day ~Ridge’s Point of View~ “What’s the point of playing catch if you don’t catch the ball,” I yelled at my Beta.“I didn’t exactly get much sleep last night, you know the pups are due any day now. Mindy is just tossing around all night, uncomfortable so I don’t sleep either,” Pike responded, running to get the ball I threw.I sighed, jealous as hell. My Beta found his mate last year at a party and now both he and my Gamma had their mates.I was 26 and still hadn’t found my mate, which was just insane. The only thing that made sense was that she was still maybe a pup, that’s why I couldn’t find her. I did everything pos
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3 - Tyra
~Tyra’s Point of View~   “Again,” I yelled, staring down at my bloody opponent. “Screw that, we’re done,” Vanessa said, spitting a mouthful of blood. I lowered my boxing gloves and smiled victoriously.  “So you’re giving up,” I grinned. “Girl you know I never win against you, I don’t know why I let you knock me around. I guess I live for those couple of punches I manage to get in,” she said, getting to her feet. “It’s good training for us both and you know it,” I said, wrapping my arm around her shoulders. “Yeah yeah, well not all of us come from Alpha stock,” she said, sticking her tongue out at me.
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4 - Good-Bye
“Tyra, phone for you,” Vanessa yelled at the top of her lungs. “Fuck Vanessa I don’t think they heard you in China,” I laughed. It was just after breakfast and I’d been out training early this morning. I was tired and ready for a nap already. I stared at the phone laying on the counter, knowing full well who was likely on the other end. My heart began to race and I desperately wanted to hang it up. I sucked in a deep breath and slowly exhaled. I couldn’t put him off any longer, or just my luck he would show up. “Hello,” I said, finally picking up the receiver. “Tyra? I don’t appreciate hearing you cuss baby, that’s hardly the perfect girl I remember,” a voice said. I immedia
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5 - Zachary
“So I’m Ryan by the way,” the Beta said after we’d gotten to the end of my pack’s lands. “I’m Tyra, but I guess you already know all about me,” I said, staring out the window. “I do know a lot ... didn’t know about the pink hair though. And in all the pictures we have I didn’t see any tats or piercings, so Zach’s gonna be pissed,” he said, laughing himself into a frenzy. “It’s my body,” I said, plainly. I had on a sort of t-shirt, it was sleeveless and cut low in the back, showing off some of my colored skin. “Sure sweetie, for what, another three days until you get your wolf,” he said, grinning. I didn’t reply, just kept my head turned, even though I’d felt his eyes on me c
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6 - Now What?
“Here we are! This is my room, my office is at the end of the hall. We’re moving into a house that’s a little more secluded, it’s still being furnished. But it’ll be all ready for us to move in soon, not long after you get your wolf,” he said, laying me down on a large bed. I immediately sat up straight, and fixed my shirt that had ridden up. “Here’s her things,” Ryan said, popping his head in.“Thanks dude, have dinner brought up to us in about an hour okay,” Zach said.“You got it,” Ryan said, and I looked at him long enough to catch him winking at me.I looked down at my hands, never more confused in my whole life. If Zach truly was m
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7 - More Confused Than Ever
Dinner was awkward, but Zach tried to make the best of it, I could tell. He had a small table brought into the room and we sat on the edge of the bed and ate. He made small talk about different things going on in the pack, mentioned some of the top people I should know. He talked about our house and how excited he was to show me, he wanted to take me to see it soon. He was really trying. He was doing everything he could to make me comfortable. And yet I was sitting here fantasizing about jumping him. Thinking about what was under his clothes. Wondering if we were in fact staying together in this room tonight, and I was pretty sure I already knew the answer. I was so ready to hate him, I wanted to hate him. I hated that I couldn’t hate him. Fuck this was so confusing I couldn’t stand it!When
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8 - So It Begins
~Zach’s Point of View~   Last night with Tyra was the best night of my life. I hated that I hadn’t saved myself for her, but I had urges I couldn’t resist. I made it very clear to the she-wolves I did fool around with that it would never be anything more than just casual, and I always wore protection. Actually allowing a woman to feel me fully, that would only be for Tyra. My beautiful mate, my Luna.  She was everything I could have wanted and more … well a lot more. The piercings and tattoos were a shock. I knew she did it to piss me off, to let me know she was in control of her body, not me. I knew she probably hated me, had a ton of preconceived notions about what her life here would be like. I knew my father’s reputation, and I knew she was forced into our blood oath. But she was my real, fated mate so none of that mattered. I just had t
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9 - The Alpha Ceremony
~Tyra’s Point of View~ I hated to take out my piercings and something just told me that he wouldn’t let me put them back in. I had mixed feelings about it, but I was sure his parents definitely wouldn’t approve. Now that I thought about it, I was feeling ridiculous with my pink hair. I was going to make a fool out of myself. How the hell could I be presented as a Luna to the Long Tooth pack looking like a damn troll toy?The she-wolves were busy in conversation, I had just gotten out of the shower. I bit my lip and sighed.“Do any of you guys have dark brown hair dye, do you think we’d have time to do it,” I asked.“Oh my god … yes I do. Would you really? Zach would love that. I mean I haven’t heard him
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10 - The Run
Zach quickly led me to a large tree and we hid behind it, even though it didn’t hide much. “You can lose your shoes babe, you won’t need those,” he said, licking his lips, his eyes focused on my cleavage. I wasn’t fully gifted in the boob department but the girls gave me a hell of a push up bra.I kicked off my shoes and looked back at him for the next direction. He grinned wide and pulled down his shorts. My eyes instinctively looked away but he grabbed my face.“I can’t tell you what it means to me that you fixed your hair. I mean the pink was hot but I want you pure,” he said, kissing my forehead. I felt my body heat up all over at his praise, his touch and I felt … helpless. Suddenly a mist surrounded
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