Adventures of Youngsters

Adventures of Youngsters

By:  Erick  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sinopse: Em uma escola teen,em formato que se assemelha ao norte-americano, Artur Donetes, um jovem de 17 anos, enfrenta inúmeros desafios na turbulenta relação com sua família, os atritos com o colega do clube de natação Patrício.

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3 Chapters
Chapter 1
 Presentation Dear reader, I want to share with you the experience of launch my first book, a dream, finally accomplished.At first, I would like to emphasize that this is a fictional narrative and any coincidence with real life situations is just a reflection of my creativity. In this perspective, brands, like the mall where two characters meet, are my creations, in other words, they are fictional and exist only for the purpose of composing the scenarios of the plot. It is also worth remembering that due to the description of some strong scenes, this plot is not recommended for under the age of 16.In addition, I believe it is necessary to emphasize that this story takes place in Brazilian lands, more precisely in the Northeast of Brazil, in the popular city of Recife, located in the state of Pernambuco, one of the most famous in the country and which was one of the host cities of the Men's Football World Cup in 2014,
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Chapter 2
Chapter 4—You surprised everyone with your scored 9, the highest grade in the class! Well, I should tell your parents everything, but as you studied a lot, I think you learned the lesson. I just hope that this episode doesn´t  repeat. — The teacher oriented.— Don´t worry, teacher. — The euphoric protagonist said with his excellent result.During the break, the colleagues, including Yasmim, commented in the school hallways about what happened.—I got 7 , Alex 7.5, and you, man, did very well, 9! I want to see if someone will make fun of you now. —Aurélia said.—It was amazing! Sanyelle was so serious at that time, so I thought I was going to receive bad grade . — Arthur recalled.—Congratulations, colleague. I was already happy with my grade 7, and you received that great grade. — Yasmim praised.— Thank you, darling.—Artu
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Chapter 3
January 25th, 2018. While they anxiously were waiting to get into university life, a tragic and unexpected event occurred. Alex and Alessandra's sister had an accident and was hit by a driver who was drunk. He was arrested for manslaughter, and Aurélia and Artur went to visit their friend, with the intention of comforting him. — Alex, my friend, I know how traumatic it is, but if I can help you with anything, don't hesitate to contact me. - Aurelia reported, tense with the context and sympathizing with Alex. —Thanks friend, but you don´t have to. —Brother, sometimes, we cannot understand what life brings us. I know that words will not console your pain and only time will relieve this pain, but I will always be by your side in any circumstance. — Artur said, trying to console him. —Give me a hug, bro. — Pediu Alex. Artur and Alex hugged each other and started to cry. On the day of the funeral, a fact drew everyone's attention. A
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