His Rogue Luna

His Rogue Luna

By:  pinkfantaxxy  Ongoing
Language: Filipino
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His Luna Series #2 Her father was only using her to kill whoever he wanted to kill that’s why to keep her twin sister safe, she has no choice but to obey him. She has a miserable life since their mother died and when she thought that she will be forever her father’s tool and they would forever suffer from his cruelty, that's when they found a way to escape from their father. However, it looks like her destiny was playing with her because she just learned that she was mated to the alpha of Crescent Moon Pack—her father’s biggest enemy.

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2 chapters
Prologue:Isa siyang rogue—ang kalaban ng mga packs at clans sa Crimrose City. Ang ama niya ang namumuno ng mga masasamang rogue at ginagamit siya nito upang patayin kung sino man ang gusto nitong ipapatay. She’s like a killing machine and in her father’s eyes, she’s just a tool that he can use to kill whoever wants to oppose him and once she disobeys him, her twin will have a severe punishment that’s why he leaves her no choice but to obey him even if it is against her will.Her life and her twin sister’s life became more miserable when their mother died because of the attack that happened when they were young. Since then, their father became crueler to them, especially, to her twin sister who isn’t useful like her. In their father’s eyes, her twin sister was only nothing but a useless weak being. She’s also wolfless but she has the characteristics of a werewolf at idagdag pang mayroon siyang abilidad na wala ang ibang taong-lobo. Matagal na rin sila nagtitiis ng kaniyang kakambal s
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Rogue 1: Chance to Escape
Rogue 1: Chance to Escape I only have one mission left then I am done here. I was done killing the right hand of Ryan Burna and now, I am in front of their hideout. Malas niya lang dahil kumanta ang kaniyang dating kanang-kamay kaya nagawa ko silang mahanap. Ryan Burna has a huge amount of debt from my father, and he was refusing to pay his debt that’s why my father sent me to kill him and his whole people. Just like us, he’s also a rogue who chose to go against my father and I am here to make him regret it.I sneaked in his office without alarming anyone. I planned to kill him first before the rogues under him. Alam kong nandito ngayon si Ryan Burna that’s why I waited for him in his office until he came na ikina-ngisi ko na lamang bago humarap sa kaniya at kitang-kita ko ang gulat sa kaniyang mukha. I noticed how he paled and started to tremble, especially, when he saw my infamous smirk that already welcoming him in hell.“Hello, Ryan Burna,” I greeted him, and when he tried to lea
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