Not My Type Of Guy

Not My Type Of Guy

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Summer is here which means one thing for Allison Brooke and her friends, the Hawaiian trip they've all been planning since they were freshmen. Allison thinks this is just another boring school trip but with new friends along the way, bitchy queen bees, fun pranks and a haunting past, Allison’s life is about to be filled with what her life lacked for the 18 years of her life; drama. Add a sweet Asian guy, some bloody rude hottie to the picture, and you can say Allison really is ready for an hilarious summer romance.

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50 Chapters
Chapter 1.
Maybe if we tell people the brain is an app, they'll start using it.I'd like to see myself as brainy, but there are times when I put the spoon into the dustbin and place the actual trash in the sink. That wouldn't be much of a surprise if you've known me for a long period of time. The thing is, no matter how much I'm being crowned the Queen of awkwardness, I still managed to also get crowned Prom Queen during the last prom instead of Alexa Stratham.Who is Alexa Stratham?That's not the point.I have bigger problems. Senior year went by fast this year, and as I had previously planned, I didn't make the most of it. Another year of high school wasted. College could make up for it but that's still months away from now. I topped my last exams, so candidate scholarships barreled out from different angles I never expected.I chose PreLaw, definitely not because my Pops asked me to, but I've also chosen Theater. The University of Albuquerque
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Chapter 2.
"Ladies and gentlemen, flight 666 to Hawaii, Honolulu is now ready for boarding. Please proceed to Gate D for departure. Thank you." The PA system signals that our flight is ready for boarding."That's us!" A very ecstatic Simone chirps as we start to queue along with the rest of the school. I hear a commotion happening behind the queue and turn around to look at what's going on. Not a commotion. It's just Cory giving some group of guys bro hugs and conversing in loud voices. I don't recognize them from school. I don't even recognize them anywhere. "Who are they?" I nudge Simone slightly with my elbow."Those are the Kingston boys.""The who?"She brings out a lip balm from her purse and applies it on her chapped lips, smacking them sleekly. "They're our neighboring school. We've played a couple of games together before. They beat us." Simone is the captain of the Basketball team. Her brother was until he graduated h
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Chapter 3.
I wake the next morning to the sun shining through the drape covered windows, warming my pillows and blanket comfortably.The pretty perfect way to wake on a morning isn't it? Too bad that's not how my morning began."I swear to all things sweet and holy, if I find out it was stolen there would be bloodshed," I fume with indescribable rage. "Relax. I'm sure it'll be around here somewhere."The room is a mess. All three of our single beds are turned upside down and our boxes are spread out open on the floor in search of my silver neck chain. I was just about putting it on to go for a morning walk when I discovered it was no longer in my bag. I haven't seen it since I arrived in Hawaii but that doesn't mean I forgot it back at home. I always carry it in my bag so I'm still trying to figure out why I can't find it anymore. "It's just a neck chain, I can get you a new one," I shoot Lacey a hard glare from her statement and walk
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Chapter 4.
One word: Silence.The music stops, gasps are heard, followed by the sound of someone's fart. I'm not that much of a fighter, neither do I have anger management issues. In fact, I can count the number of times I've gotten mad throughout my human existence but this tops it all. It also tops the time I went for a house party Junior year and got dared to go home during a game of Truth or Dare. Teenagers are evil.Noah doesn't make any move and stays still after the first punch lands on his jaw as if trying to process in his brain what just happened. Before he can fully react, I pounce on him."You bloody thief!" I screech, continuously driving my fists into his face. He uses his arms to dodge my blows as I aim for his chest area instead. I'm about to aim for his face again when I feel large arms wrap themselves around my waist and yank me off him. "Let me at him!" I struggle against Cory's tight grip. "What's your problem?!" C
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Chapter 5.
I sink down the water like a rock.As I sink, I look up the water above me. Distorted lights dance at the top of the water and it feels warm against my skin. It would have been peaceful, except for the fact that I swallowed in gallons of pool water already into my mouth and nose and is struggling for my life. How deep is this damn pool?My lungs begin to ache for air as I use my hands to flap and yank myself upwards. I cough out water from my mouth like a fountain and take in a breath of fresh air, reminiscing how I could have could've died seconds ago I didn't know how to swim. With a hand, I wipe off the water running down my face to glare at an unconcerned looking Noah. "You pushed me!" I yell. "Tell me something I don't know." I'm still trying to gasp for air, not believing he's cool with almost killing a person. "It's smaller than I thought." I frown deeply. "What?""I can see through your shi
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Chapter 6.
I force another spoonful of food into my mouth and smile awkwardly at Simone. "So? How is it?" She asks. "It's great, never tasted anything like it." I'm not a very good liar but I'm sure that comes out as believable because she beams. I glance at the rest of the guys on the table and we all share awkward looks.You might be wondering what's going on. Well for starters, I think any meal Simone cooks should come out of the pot with a label that says: Eat me if you want to die. The Salmon resting on my plate stares at me and I stare back. So earlier today, we came up with the idea of learning new traditional Hawaiian foods. We see the hotel chefs doing their thing every time in the kitchen and we got inspired. I mean, if they can, why can't we?I found out the answer to that question today. They have a Culinary art diploma while we have a High school diploma.We went for the Lomi Salmon because it looked the easiest to make.
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Chapter 7.
"You shouldn't have texted in the first place," I say and exit the lounge with Lacey behind, saying something about what outfit she'll rock to tonight's club party but I block her out when the evening wind hits my face. I take a few steps into the parking lot and look down at the water, which looks almost orange in the glow of the sun. I spot a few surfers out in the waves who looked like they weren't about leaving anytime soon.It's going to be Friday night within a couple of hours, which means everyone is ditching their works already to get ready for clubbing tonight. I'm not going. As much as I love just the sound of the word 'party' itself, I'm going to have to bunk in on this one. Mom and Mabel have already scheduled out tonight to Skype with me. I didn't talk to them yet since I arrived in Hawaii, only random texts from Mabel telling me about Mom's attempt at a dating site and her stupid Kermit the Frog memes.The sun disappears behind t
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Chapter 8.
Silence to me, is torture. It seems like an ordinary Friday night, so to speak, except from the fact that I'm boxed up in a truck with a boy who doesn't look too thrilled to be breathing in the same air with me.The silence stretches between us like a long, fat rope, tightening me around the neck as if to suffocate the living daylights out of me. I shift uncomfortably in my seat before outstretching my arms to turn on the radio. The sound of music might keep me alive for awhile.Marvin Gaye's Sexual healing blasts loudly through the speakers and I realize I shouldn't have turned on the radio. Baby, I'm hot just like an ovenI need some lovin' And baby, I can't hold it much longerIt's getting stronger and strongerMy hand goes up to awkwardly scratch the back of my neck, my eyes darting in all corners of the truck to find something that'll catch my attention and keep me away from staring at him. A
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Chapter 9.
My cellphone blares at some ungodly hour of the morning, waking me out of my blissful slumber. I roll over and slap a hand on my nightstand till it finds my phone. It takes me some seconds to figure out how to answer the stupid call, then I bring it to my ears and grunt out an hello."I can't sleep.""Excuse me?" I take a peek at the caller ID and see Mabel's name boldly written there. "Have you tried closing your eyes?""Sometimes I wonder how we're related. Anyway, I've got big news.""Can't it wait till when every normal human being is awake?""Zach asked me out."I sit upright on my bed, suddenly very awake now. "ZACH DID WHAT?!"There's going to be a funeral when I get back home to Florida. "Calm your tits, I didn't give him an answer yet. What do you think?"A sharp pain jabs at the walls of my stomach and I wince, scurrying out of bed into the bathroom as I flicker on the lights. I groan when I see my pajama
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Chapter 10.
When I'm done in the bathroom, I step back into the room and set our alarm clock to go off in five minutes, then lock it up in a box and shove it under Simone's bed. She'd be so thrilled.I step into the hallway next and head for Cory's room. I can't be the only one having a bad morning. A few girls are already up and loitering in the hallway and lobby, taking orders from Renee before scattering out to get to work. I burst open the door to Cory's room without knocking even after reading the sign Do not disturb. I'm know I'm acting like an annoying little sister right now. The boys room is decent and well kept unlike what I originally had in mind. I wasn't exactly expecting a dumpster of a room and I also wasn't expecting it to be so well organized. All three of their beds are neatly made and the soft music playing at the background makes the serenity feel more warm. Noah is already awake but still on his bed, holding a book
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