For Love or Money

For Love or Money

By:  Eileen Sheehan, Ailene Frances, E.F. Sheehan  Completed
Language: English
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Will she discover the truth before she makes her choice? When Theresa returns to her home town in Montana with her veterinary degree in hand, she finds her childhood heartthrob divorced, embittered, and sworn off women. It isn't until she becomes engaged to his younger brother that he steps forward to declare his love. Now she must choose. One brother wants her for love while the other wants the inheritance she brings with her.

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20 Chapters
Chapter 1
It was an early summer morning when Theresa first set eyes on Jeffrey Holmes. He’d come to help her father put the first hay of the season into the hay loft.  She was convinced that he was the handsomest man on earth, bar none.  He was tall, dark, gorgeous, and oh, so strong.  She watched the way his powerful muscles flexed as he hefted bales of hay onto the conveyor belt with star-struck eyes. Theresa was in love for the first time.Years later, she could still feel how her heart practically fluttered out of her body when he turned his handsome face her way and flashed a smile that caused the dimples in his cheeks to deepen, while his sparkling blue eyes gave a quick wink.  His large, calloused hand felt warm and powerful as he playfully tousled her long, sun-kissed hair.She wasn’t deterred when she discovered he was a whopping twenty-one years old.  Age didn’t matter when you were in love.  Theresa followe
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Chapter 2
Jeffrey did his best to stay removed and balanced as he led Theresa toward the mares his father wanted her to inspect.  He remembered her as a gangly, young, flat chested, freckle-faced girl with braces.  The woman whose company he shared was anything but gangly and flat chested.  Her braces were long gone, leaving a beautiful set of pearly white teeth. Her freckles had either faded or were cleverly concealed with makeup that had that natural effect of looking like she had no makeup on at all.He’d deliberately concealed his face and body when he first approached her in order to hide the effects she’d had on him, both physically and emotionally. She was the most stunning woman he’d seen in ages and he was hard because of it.  He needed his baggy coat to cover what his tight jeans would certainly reveal. His body longed for her, even if his mind resisted.  His divorce had devastated him to the point he’d sworn off w
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Chapter 3
Theresa paced the length of her office while she waited for the phone to ring.  It had been almost a week since she’d visited the Holmes’ ranch to see the stud and mares and she still hadn’t heard a “Yay” or “Nay” from Henry Holmes or his sons about moving forward.  She needed to get her business off the ground and doing so with a job such as the one Henry offered would be a fantastic springboard. She’d attracted a few small animals as patients and was concerned that, if she wasn’t careful, her business would evolve into the standard, stereotype veterinary office she’d wanted to avoid. The thought of being stuck in an office from morning until night caring for dogs and cats made her shudder.  She wanted the variety and freedom large breed animals provided. She wanted the scents and ambiance of a stable, not an office.  She needed the word to spread about her competency and skills.  She
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Chapter 4
David walked as close to Theresa as he could without seeming obvious.  He found her energy overwhelmingly alluring.  It was more than just her looks that drew him to her.  She radiated a sexy vibe that he just couldn’t get enough of.  The fact that she didn’t do it purposefully only enhanced its sexiness.Ordinarily, if he found himself in the presence of a woman as hot as Theresa Burk, he’d be working on a way to get her into bed.  It crossed his mind on more than one occasion since she came to the ranch to meet with his father and Jeffrey. He’d actually battled with himself to maintain control and not ruin things.  Theresa may be smoking hot, but she was also an intelligent, well-bred woman who he’d have no hesitation bringing home to Sunday dinner. The fact that she would bring an attractive fortune with her certainly didn’t hurt matters; especially since he’d had a recent reversal of fort
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Chapter 5
Jeffrey paced his kitchen while he watched out the window for his brother’s return.  He’d lied through his teeth when he told David that he had no feelings for Theresa.  Ever since he’d walked up to her on that rainy afternoon in the stable, he could think of nothing else. The entire afternoon and evening were spent in torment as he wondered what David and Theresa were doing.  Knowing his brother like he did, it took little imagination to think what he might be up to, but he didn’t believe Theresa was the type to dive into a sexual relationship so quickly.  Yet, his brother was gone far too long to simply be at dinner.  He had to be up to something else as well.  His blood boiled with jealousy at the mere thought of David’s hands touching her.He and David couldn’t have been more opposite in the way they dealt with women. It stemmed beyond his resolve to refrain from a relationship after his divorc
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Chapter 6
Theresa tossed the keys to her truck onto the kitchen counter next to the mail she’d just brought in.  A sigh passed her lips as her fingers slid the envelopes apart for her to get a better look at them.  Bills.  Lots and lots of bills.  She’d been hoping to see a big fat check for the breeding service she’d provided for the Holmes by now.  She hadn’t thought Henry Holmes the stingy sort, but getting him to pay his final bill was beginning to become a burden.  Fortunately, she had the income from her steadily growing veterinary office to offset the lack of payment for her larger jobs.  She’d pay the bills on time, but would have minimal left for her personal comforts.She’d been on at least a dozen dates with David over the last few months.  Little by little she was beginning to look at him as an individual instead of someone who resembled her childhood obsession so remarkably that she found it diffic
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Chapter 7
“That can’t happen again,” Theresa said as she walked into the living room and handed a beer to David.“You didn’t like it?” David asked with surprise.“I liked it just fine,” she said as she eased herself into the chair. “Although it was a little rougher that I’m used to.  What I’m talking about is the absence of a condom. That can’t happen again.”“I take it you’re not on the pill,” he said softly.“That isn’t the point,” she said firmly. “We don’t know each other’s medical history.  Having unprotected sex in today’s world is just too dangerous.”“I know my body, baby,” he assured her.  “I’m clean.”“So, you’re telling me that you’ve been celibate?” she said with a tone of disbelief. “Or, are you saying that you always use a
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Chapter 8
Jeffrey looked at his reflection as he wiped the remains of the shaving cream from his face and sighed. His mother somehow managed to railroad him into yet another dinner for the purpose of introducing him to a nice young girl.  He’d suffered through several of them since David starting dating Theresa in hopes of distracting his mind from them, but it hadn’t worked.  He’d decided enough was enough and asked his mother to stop setting him up.  Somehow, she’d managed to finagle yet another dinner out of him.  He smiled at her craftiness. He had to admit that she was good at getting what she wanted.  It made him wonder how much of his father’s story about having to chase after her was fact and how much was a figment of his imagination.  As crafty as Glenda Holmes was, he was tempted to believe that she’d orchestrated the illusion of Henry chasing her to make him desire her all the more. He slipp
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Chapter 9
Disappointment, jealousy, rage, hate, anger, sadness, and insecurity… these were among the myriad of emotions that flooded Theresa while she watched the way Jeffrey fawned over Linda’s every word.  He’d never hovered next to her in that way.  He’d never hung on her every word, laughed at her ridiculous jokes, smiled back at her with his alluring, sexy mouth whenever the occasion called for it, or kept his body scandalously close, yet far enough away to remain in the respectable category the way he was doing with Linda.  She had to fight back the tears as she choked down the brandy enhanced, cherries jubilee Glenda had taken great pains to prepare for their casual dessert setting.It was clear that Jeffrey found Linda to be everything he thought Theresa wasn’t.  It was like a slap across her face with a spiked glove. She needed to wake up and face reality.  Jeffrey Holmes had never and would never feel about
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Chapter 10
A frown formed on her brows as Theresa watched the exchange of hugs and giggles between Glenda and Linda from the opposite side of the room.  She had to admit to herself, if not to anyone else, that she admired the confidence Linda possessed.  It took Theresa the better part of the summer to open up to Glenda in the way she saw Linda doing after just one dinner.  Then, Theresa never did possess the confidence of most women, which was why she remained a virgin until she met Scott while in college.   Scott may have been a dog when it came to women, but he was thorough with his education in the bedroom. This fact was proved by the complements David repeatedly gave her about her sexual prowess.  She knew David was no stranger to sex; not just by the acts he performed for her pleasure, but by the way he was able to abstain from climaxing for such an extended period of time.  It took practice to accomplish such a thing.   During quiet times, sh
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