Love Begins with the Hot Summer

Love Begins with the Hot Summer

By:  A,berFullMoon  Completed
Language: English
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Damian has a dream - he wants to produce an excellent series that will win the hearts of viewers. To the main role he employs the popular Rafał. The first meeting is unique because Damian rescues Rafał's life. Both men begin to like each other and look for their friendship. Do their relationship stay here? Meanwhile, Rafał hides some painful secrets that tragically hurt his heart and ... the body. Do the relationship with Damian let him deal with a painful past that does not want to leave? Does Damian manage to protect Rafał from current threats? Friendship, fascination and ... something more? The life of both men will start to change in a direction, which none of them predicted.

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73 Chapters
Chapter 1 Burning Sun and Man on the Roof
The second half of June was suddenly struck by a heat wave completely alien to the temperate climate zone in which Damian Radosz was located. Well, maybe not completely, because in summer the temperature could reach up to 40 degrees in the shade, but this was usually the case at the turn of July and August, not mid-June. After an endless winter, which lasted over eight months and a short spring that lasted a month, summer attacked definitely prematurely pouring real heat from the sky and sweeping through this part of Europe violent weather phenomena such as sudden, strong storms and even almost completely alien in this climate tornadoes.The sudden unpredictability of the weather must have spoiled the plans of the filming team for the historical series The Fifth Capital. Although the series belonged to the historical genre and told about the relocation of the court of Sigismund III Vasa to Warsaw in 1596, it was rather an exciting and adventure story with a strongly developed
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Chapter 2 Hang on there
The ropes stopped Brylski's fall for half a second, two meters above the ground, because the jerk caused by the stopping unhooked the harness and the young actor, losing his momentum only a little, kept falling...Damian Radosz was not the closest to the scene of the incident, but he was the first to notice it, so before the others even started to understand what was happening, he found himself on the line of Brylski's fall…He caught him in his arms.The speed of the fall was not high and Radosz was a strong man, yet he painfully felt the weight of the inert body in his arms and fell to his knees under it.They were immediately surrounded by dozens of frightened people.Damian looked at the actor's face, unnaturally red even under some heavy makeup. He touched his hot forehead and recognized the symptoms immediately: heatstroke.Feeling his heart die, Radosz found the artery on the actor's neck with his eyes. Thank God it was throbbi
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Chapter 3 Anxiety
Anita heard that the producer of the series The Fifth Capital is to appear on the set today. She didn't know much about him. The man was less than thirty (or maybe he was already over?) And terribly rich.She never cared where the money came from, but she heard rumors that Radosz had made a fortune on some internet project. Because Radosz, while still a teenager, was very active on the web, he learned a lot about e-commerce, e-promotion and all kinds of e-goods, about the needs of the consumer market, and he boldly decided to kick the moldy old stuff of Polish cinema and television in the ass and invest a large sum of money in the show they were just shooting. He met the audience's expectations to such an extent that he offered the main male role to an unprofessional but talented actor like Rafał Brylski.Rafał never talked to Radosz, he never met him. The contract was signed with someone else. However, he heard - and Anita with him - that it was Radosz who was the ini
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Chapter 4 "I Wanted to Prove to Everyone that I can do it.”
"I've heard of that, too," the recording guy said. “The man appears to be conscious, but his mind is no longer in contact. He usually collapses completely shortly thereafter.”“I saw it” added Mońka. “The guy is shot or badly beaten, after the car accident... People think he's okay, they try to talk to him, but he doesn't react. This is one of the phases of unconsciousness. Sometimes it only takes a moment, sometimes a little longer. Hell, I shouldn't have left him alone. I should have stayed and secured him!”Tobiasz Mońki's remorse was sincere. Accidents happened on the set, it could not be completely avoided, but it was possible to minimize the risk, and when an amateur was to shoot stunt scenes, he should be under the constant supervision of an experienced colleague. Tobiasz, who was responsible for the safety of the people working on the set, failed to fulfill his duties, failed, and the young actor almost lost his life.
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Chapter 5 There is Something Innocent and Alluring in Him
“Do not worry about it. The production is insured” Radosz announced. “I have already talked to the insurer and the director. Now we're going to shoot scenes without you. The plan won't collapse for three days.”"Three days ..." groaned pale Rafał.“The doctor said it was enough” confused Radosz looked at Anita, then at Brylski. “But if you need more...”"No, no," assured the actor and, intimidated, bowed his head. “Three days will be... just right.”At this point, Anita decided that her heart was about to break. She was really sure that during the several years she had known Rafał, she had become immune to his charm of a defenseless little bear, but she was wrong. At that moment, she felt like a mama bear who wants to tear Różycki to shreds for having hurt her baby.***Before Damian Radosz decided that he wanted to see Rafał Brylski in his series, he saw him in this small, p
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Chapter 6 Someone Here Abuse His Power
“What do you mean by that?” Radosz asked further. “Did Mr. Brylski spend too much time on the set?”“On the set, outside of it...” Anita Janiszek gritted her teeth but she was already in the place from which she could not withdraw, so she continued “Make-up at five in the morning, although during the day he shoots three scenes and the first is at ten. Rafał spends his time on the set until eleven o'clock in the evening just to do some reshoots that could have been done two hours earlier. Yes, six, sometimes seven days in a row. The director changes his mind every five minutes and tells him to repeat scenes endlessly, although even old actors say that Rafał played well... And Różycki's comments...”A cold sweat splashed over Radosz's back. If Janiszek's words are not very exaggerated (and it will be easy to verify), it meant that the production of The Fifth Capital really had a problem. And it was not only one.
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Chapter 7 Lamb, Sheepdog and Bad Wolf
Anita Janiszek nodded. She seemed to have reached a state where she didn't want to or couldn't hide anything anymore.“Różycki suggests that Rafał's incompetence costs everyone additional work and time. As a result, many people have become hostile to Rafał and the atmosphere on the set is a bit… heavy.”Damian didn't get to notice it while on set, but he was only there for half an hour and he focused on the shooting itself rather than the atmosphere. Anyway, at that moment, I think everyone just wanted to do their job and get out of the scorching sun that attacked so suddenly. People were too rushed to have time to linger.However, if Anita Janiszek is not exaggerating, if everything she says is true, the actor playing the main character in Damian's series is really not easy.Radosz adhered to the principle that although dozens, sometimes even hundreds of people work for the success of the entire series, the actors playing the ma
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Chapter 8 Sweet Innocence and the Adversary Hiding in the Dark
“Me?” Rafał was surprised honestly, in fact a bit naively, Brylski. “Mrs. Marzena is more experienced, she is a real actress...”‘Mrs. Marzena’ was Marzena Skierska, an actress older than Rafał by a year, with a diploma from the Łódź Film School at the Acting Department. She had already starred in one movie and had a supporting role in one series that ran on for five years now. She was far from being a star and Radosz was not convinced of her potential for the future, but Skierska was Różycki's choice. Since Damian really did not have any candidates for this role, he agreed to Marzena.Poland is a country where polite relations and polite forms of "mister" and "missis" are normally maintained, but usually at work, when the difference in age and positions was not large, young people quickly switched to "you", i.e. they resigned from the official polite form. It seemed that despite six weeks of shooting, the young woman s
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Chapter 9 A Fiancée He Loves
Already another day of the heat from sky as strong as if they had just experienced the heat of the century. Soon, it was supposed to turn out, that this indeed was one of the two most hot June in Poland in the last two centuries. None of the living did not remember this month was so hot. Damian Radosz instinctively hid under the trees looking for a bit of shadow and cool. He suspected that if not for a cool wind, which caused that the air did not happen in place, in a few minutes the heat would be unbearable for him. He remembered the scene when dressed in a costume from the sixteenth century Brylski stood on the roof in full sun for more than half an hour. At an air temperature reaching almost forty degrees in the shade, the actor could not withstand such working conditions. It was simply impossible. Nevertheless, Brylski stood patiently and waited. He dripped then, breathed, but he waited for the word ‘action’ with such a focus, as if he was just preparing
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Chapter 10 When a Man Says Such Compliment to a Man…
“To some extent, yes,” Radosz admitted glancing towards the man sitting next to him, “but that was not the decisive point. You see, in Poland there are a lot of people famous for being famous, but nobody gives them a chance to play the main role. Do you watch k-dramas or c-dramas?”"Er," Brylski hesitated, and then helplessly admitted, "I'm afraid I don't know what it is."“These are series produced in South Korea and China. There are also J-dramas produced in Japan, but we are not talking about those yet. Have you seen any series of this type?”“I don't remember seeing anything like that...”“I am not surprised at all, because no Polish television shows them and people watch them primarily on the web, on internet platforms. In addition, these dramas rarely have Polish subtitles, so they are watched almost exclusively by people who are good with the English language” Radosz explained further. &ld
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