Get me married

Get me married

By:  Tori Johnson  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You are not my wife, you can never be my wife do you understand me?" his eyes filled with hatred shot daggers at her. "You are an imposter, a nobody, a thieve. During your days in this house, I don't want to feel you close, don't ever look at me, don't ever talk to me. When you hear the sound of my footstep, you run far" "Now get out." Genesis an average girl with plans ahead, she forged to achieve those dreams of hers after graduation. But the news of her upcoming marriage to Jordan Chase, the son of the most influential man in the state shattered those dreams. Her dreams were used to pay the price for her sister's medical bill. What happens to Genesis when it hits her that she was a trophy wife? How will she fight for her marriage when her husband is a cold hearted demon who loves another? Can a girl live such lonely life? Or would she rather run away than face her husband? Will love blossom or will this be another failed marriage?

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209 Chapters
Make it work
GENESIS"We are over this, finally we are over this shit" I said loudly against the music that threatened to kill my hearing."Cheers to a new world" another guy who I didn't really know much in school yelled against the music."Not just a new world" I interrupted."Cheers to fulfilling our dreams, cheers to getting good jobs, cheers to having a family, cheers to getting rich" I yelled."Cheers" they yelled back and we clang our glasses together and drank in merriment and enthusiasm. A new music began playing in the club and I found my body moving to it. Within seconds I gulped down the drink in my hands and dropped the glass before moving to the dance floor."Oh hell yeah, go rock that stage baby girl" Tiana yelled. "Oh, I'm coming to show my booty work" Tiffany yelled and soon found herself close to me, dancing to the beat of the song without a care in the world. We danced and danced and laughed, it f
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The beginning
LEONA CHASE I was totally dumbfounded by the way things turned out. As I walked down the stairs, my thoughts travelled far and wide for a solution to my pending problem that came in the name of a person. Jordan. How could he have demanded for such an outrageous thing? He was clearly making things difficult on purpose for me. The maids scurried away immediately they saw me, they always did that and it was flattering. Maybe I would have taunted them for a while, but I was in a deep dilemma to even bother about them. I came down the stairs and walked through the large sitting room before I came out at the entrance. My escorts and security guards that were all dressed in a black suit and shade immediately went over to their position, while one of them opened the back seat of my car for me and I stepped in. He opened the front door of the car and sat next to the driver. The driver waited till the first car moved before he folllowed and then the car behind us. When we started moving, my
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Genesis Connor
  ABIGAIL CONNORThe moment the car arrived at the hospital, Connor ran out with Ava in his arms. I ran in front of him and called the attention of nurses and doctors but most of them seemed busy and stared at me like I was a mad woman."Help, she is dying, she is...." my voice was hoarse from crying so much, I could barely hear myself. I ran to the receptionist and and banged on the canter."Please, why isn't anyone helping" I cried. The nurse at the desk raised her head up from her computer and gave me a split second look before she returned to what she was doing with her computer."Have you been registered in this hospital before ma'am" the nurse at the reception asked without looking at me once and I stared at her in horror. How could she be asking that when someone was dying?"No.   no...." I replied her quickly."Ma'am you need to get registered" she said unconcerned."Come-on please, someone
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   LEONA CHASEI had a restless night, how could I sleep when my son's future was at stake, how could I blink when I knew that if I didn't act quick, everything was going to fall apart for him and his birth right would be snatched away from him. He might not have actually cared about it the way I did, but I still cared, his future was my priority and I wanted to do anything to make sure he had everything that would secure his future. Sleep ran away from me as I thought of how to go about getting him a wife, which I knew wasn't going to be a problem. My problem was actually going to be Jordan. He wasn't like the other young men around but I couldn't tell if it was a good thing or a bad thing for him to be so different. He wanted Samantha Brandon and it was clear the young lady didn't want him, I couldn't let him loose those properties because he was adamant about a childhood crush. But how was I supposed to go about it? If I
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Selling out
   Two days after ABIGAIL CONNOR"Mom, I want ice cream" Ava pouted at me and I rolled my eyes at her. Ever since she came out of the operation room, her father had been spoiling her none stop with gifts and snacks and she was getting too used to it."No, baby girl. You have taken enough, no more sweet or candies. Nothing" I said to her and ran my hands through her hair gently while seating beside her bed."Dad....." she called and turned to her father who was sitting at the other side of her bed. He seemed to be the only one who did what she wanted."Darling, your mom is right, you need to cut down on those things for a while" he replied her."But dad ...""My hands are tied here baby, your mom is even glaring at me" he gave her a pout of his own and I laughed at his pathetic attempt."Don't do that again" Ava chuckled."But I do it amazingly well' he said playfully.<
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The proposal
   GENESISGstared at my sister with an amused look in my eyes while my lips remained jammed together, so to suppress the urge to laugh at how ridiculous she sounded but I couldn't hold it in for too long, it was just so far fetched, I couldn't help but laugh so loud. My sister and parents stared at me with weird eyes but I didn't stop, I laughed till my stomach began to hurt.  Then I had to stop, I relaxed and took deep breathes before turning to them."What? did you hear you daughter speak?" I said and surpressed the laughter that threatened to come out of my loins again."I am saying the truth" Ava said in annoyance to the way I was laughing at her silly jokes.... I pouted at her. "of course I believe you....." I said and sat close to her, her eyes brightened and she smiled widely."In our next life"I added and the smile washed off her face, it was replaced with a deep frown. "Mom...
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Wife to be
  TWO DAYS LATER GENESISI sat down at the chair at the skin clinic, completely relaxed at thesame time exhausted. The marriage thing was happening so fast, there was no time to talk to my family or even my friends, I didn't even find the opportunity to talk to Nate yet and damn, it made me feel so guilty. I was getting married without his knowledge, it broke my heart. I didn't love him, but he was a friend and companion, I knew too well that what I was doing was going to hurt him terribly, but I couldn't sum up courage to tell him even when we spoke on phone. It was terrible but what was more terrible was the fact that I still didn't find the time to even ponder over my guilt."Genesis, you have to taste this" Mrs Chase gave me a piece of cake. It was the third one for that day. She had been all over my face in the past two days and didn't stop hovering around me like a wicked shadow about to take my life fro
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Father inlaw's tension
  GENESIS I stared in my sleep and became conscious of my environment but I was too lazy to open my eyes just yet. Left to me I was going to force myself back to sleep but the call I had with Jordan came creeping back to my consciousness making me alert.  I smiled at the thought, with my eyes still closed, I recalled most of his words and it sent butterflies to my stomach.  "Are you still dreaming sweet?" my mom's voice interrupted me and I snapped my eyes open. She was sitting at the side of the bed with her eyes on me. "Mom..." I grumbled. "How long have you been here?" I asked in a grouchy tone. I wanted to have my alone time and sleep but I knew her sudden presence was going to make it impossible. "Long enough my dear" she said and gave me a warm smile. "I want to sleep mom" I whined and turned to the other side of the bed. "You will be leaving the house to a new home, a home that would be cal
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Pre_wedding drama
    A day later 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 GENESIS "Get up, we have to go to the hotel already" I could hear Tiffany yelling as I stared in my sleep.  "Get away..." I mumbled  "I don't think she knows she is getting married tomorrow" Tiana muttered to Tiffany. I felt the bed dip and smelt Tiana perfume. "Get.......up......." she yelled into my ears and I jumped up. I jumped up too fast and hit my butt on the floor. "ouch..." I whimpered. " you want to bruise her" Tiffany scolded and helped me off the ground. "Are you hurt?" she asked and I glared at her. She moved away scared of my next reaction and smiled sheepishly at me. "Okay girl...sorry" she muttered as I sat back on the bed. "What do you guys want?" I asked angrily. I needed sleep and they were not allowing me have it.   I was already nervous with the wedding that was shove
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The wedding
 GENESIS"Oh my word..." Tiana shrieked when she saw me, making me blush a little. She was as shocked as I was too, I hadn't even gotten over the shock yet when she stumped into my room in her bridal gown."Shit...." Tiffany muttered when she saw me too, they were speechless and so was I. Not because I was too beautiful, well yes I was beautiful, really beautiful with my hair and makeup and lashes and nails. When a girl in her teens wishes to be beautiful, she wishes to be as beautiful as I was. I was not just beautiful, I was breath taking. But enough of my flattering.They didn't just scream and looked shocked because I was too beautiful, it was also because of my gown. Yes, my wedding gown.  They had seen the gown some where, they all knew they had seen it somewhere but couldn't just figure it out as they stared at me in awe."You look....""I don't think there is a
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