The Golden Calix

The Golden Calix

By:  Lucy Nobher  Ongoing
Language: English
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Celyn has been through many lives, and this is her life number twenty-one. This time she wakes up in the body of Irina, daughter of Viscount Everleigh, who is treated poorly by her family. She and Irina’s younger brother, Adiel, are forced to leave the mansion and go to the Magic Academy of Velhoja. In the academy, she makes many friends and falls in love with Edward Winterbourne, one of the most popular students. But everything starts to go sour when her first love, Noah, appears in the academy. As if that was not enough, the Goddess Nadezhda tells Celyn she has to stop the Church’s evil plans and break her curse before she fades into nothing. But does she care anymore? What is someone like her supposed to do when everything starts to fall apart for the twenty-first time?

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8 Chapters
Attempt number twenty-one. It looks like I failed again. I slowly open my eyes, and look at my hands. They are small and delicate. This is a person that hasn’t worked a day in her life. A lady, I suppose. I sigh. You would think I am already used to it since I have repeated this countless times, but waking up in a new body always gives me the same kind of uneasiness. I slowly get out of my bed and look around. It’s a pretty decorated room and spacious enough for at least three people to live there. But everything is kind of… old. I don’t know how to explain it, except that it looks like the room hasn’t been taken care of in a while. But I don’t care much about it right now, I am just looking for a specific item. I search the room and… Oh, there it is. I get closer to the big, kind of dusty mirror in the corner of the room, and look at my new body. A, probably, fourteen-year-old girl stares back at me. Her skin is so pale she looks out
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The light pours through the open window, shining on the small boy on the bed. He looks as fragile as a doll, with pale skin and dark circles under his eyes, but I have never met anyone as strong as him in all my past lives. “I am so glad. You have to take care of yourself,” Zane says looking at me with his big, bright eyes. “Mina, sometimes I worry what will happen when I die and leave you alone.” I hold his tiny hands with mine, trying to convey how much I care for him. “Stop saying that. You will not die. I won’t let you,” I declare, blinking to prevent the tears from forming. He chuckles softly, but that is too much effort for his frail body, and he starts coughing. I quickly raise from my chair and hold him. When he calms down, he rests on my chest. “Promise me that you will keep on living when I am gone. Promise me, Mina,” he says. His voice starts to fade, his hold start
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In the beginning, only the Kingdom Empyrean existed, but, after the war, it divided itself into three countries. The Kingdom of Aldrich where the monarchy has all the power, and there is no Church. The Country of Velhoja where people are either magicians or merchants and where the Magic Academy of Velhoja resides. The Realm Sanctus of Nadezhda where the Church has absolute power, and magic is seen as a bad thing. The Viscount Everleigh’s mansion is in that last country.    That’s the reason why, when Adiel shows me his powers, my first reaction is to be scared. Not for me, but for him. I call him, and he stops his powers to come to my side. “Adiel, have you shown anyone else this?” I ask him, worried. “Just once to Indira, but she told me it was a disgrace and to never show it to anyone again, so I didn’t.” I sigh in relief. I am not sure why Indira didn’t tell anyone about it but I am thankful. “So, you only showed it to me.” <
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The escape
We have only one choice and that is leaving today at night. If we wait even a day more we will be doomed. If I could, I would escape right away but I haven’t gathered all the things we need and my logical mind knows that escaping at night is the best option. We can take advantage of the darkness and I have enough time to get everything.Just after Isabella stormed out of Adiel’s room. Irina’s father came shouting and ordering the servants to lock us in our rooms with two guards standing at the door of each room. Well, maybe calling them guards is a bit of a stretch. In front of Adiel’s room are two servants and neither of them poses a treat. Of course, only Indira and I know about Adiel’s magic powers, so they didn’t bother to get actual guards.My room was a totally different thing. Pretty much everyone in the mansion already knows of my powers and they made sure to put actual guards at my door. The thing is even if they are actual
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“I’ll give you five golden coins,” the pawnbroker says. “Five golden coins? What a rip-off. Seven golden coins,” I insist. “Six golden coins and four silver coins. Last offer.” I bit the inside of my mouth. Who knew Indira’s golden hairpin was not completely made of gold? I should have suspected it since Viscount Everleigh was not as wealthy as it looked. Not only because of the condition of Irina’s room but the whole mansion seemed a bit worn out. In some of my many lives, I had been surrounded by riches, so I knew real wealth when I see it. Well, not always apparently since I didn’t realize the truth about Indira’s hairpin. “Fine. But add the small dagger that’s on that shelf,” I say. The pawnbroker thinks about it but raises his hands in defeat. “Ok, deal. You sure are a good dealer.” He takes the hairpin and then gives me my money and the dagger. I take the bag with money and put it inside my sleeve. I hide the dagger in my
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Magic Academy of Velhoja
There are only two ways to get out of the Realm Sanctus of Nadezhda. The first one is through tight security with guards who ask for a special permit to leave the realm. Said permit is only given by the Church, so as you guessed that was not our way to leave. And I am too tired to keep dealing with guards anyways. The other way involves a ravine with sharp rocks at the bottom and a torrential river. If you fall, well, your life is pretty much over. Guess which option I took? If you said the deadly ravine, you are absolutely correct. I know it doesn’t make sense to you, but it does to me. Using Adiel’s and my magic we can cross over easily enough. So, I chose nature over human beings, it’s usually easier that way. We got up early that morning, had a delicious breakfast made by Margaret, and took our leave. Before we went, Margaret squatted down to be at Adiel’s level. Adiel hid by instinct behind me, but Margaret smiled and gave him a basket. Adiel took the basket and
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The enrollment exam
I turn to see where the voice came from and I see an old man with a gentle smile and a cane in one hand walking towards us. If you looked at the definition of an old wise man in a dictionary his image will definitely be there. “But, director, they can’t…” Abigail continues, like a broken machine. In a “blink and you miss it moment”, I see how the director flashes a strong look at Abigail who immediately turns quiet. Then, he turns to look at us. “So, who may you be?” He crouches down to Adiel’s height. Adiel, still scared, is hiding behind my back. “Come on, young boy. I won’t bite.” Adiel looks at me as if searching for approval and I give him a soft smile and a nod. He stops hiding and looks at the old man. “My name is Adiel, sir.” “Hello, Adiel. How old are you?” Adiel fidgets a bit. “It’s ok, I won’t get mad,” the old man assures. Adiel looks at me again and I nod. “I am ten years old, sir.”
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New beginnings
It’s our first day at the academy and Adiel is strongly holding my hand. We need to part ways. Even though classes don’t start until tomorrow we have to get settled into our rooms. The academy has a dormitory for girls and another for boys, so we can’t be together and Adiel is not taking it well. His eyes are all tearful and he is shaking.“Are you sure you can’t come with me?” He asks me for the fourth time today.“I am sure. It goes against the rules.” I lower myself and use my other hand to pet his hair. “You are a big boy know, Adiel, and I am sure you’ll meet some amazing friends.”“Friends?” He asks, confused. “What are friends?”Damn it, now I don’t want to let him go. It makes sense since he has never been allowed out of the mansion and he has been alone most of his life but it still hurts to hear that.“They are like family, but the good k
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